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Bryce Harper Desperately Wants to Be Mentioned in DC Rap Game

This may be the worst thing Bryce Harper has ever done.

Harper decided to take to Twitter and ask for DC rapper Wale to mention him in one of his songs:

@Wale I gotta be in one of your songs! DC all day baby!

All the bat flipping and kiss blowing can be forgiven, but begging to hear your name put into a rap song by BET's 2011 Best Club Banger is a little too Kardashian to be looked past.

You're better than that Harper.

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11/23/2011 1:35PM
Bryce Harper Desperately Wants to Be Mentioned in DC Rap Game
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06/25/2012 6:45AM
Way To Be Harper
There is no doubt that Bryce is going to be a great baseball player so he needs to learn to deal with the reporters and sports analysts! But the "That's a clown question, bro" was funny!
06/25/2012 6:48AM
Your already in HOF
Stay healthy and keep practicing because you are going to be great!
06/25/2012 6:52AM
Harper is awesome!
I just got the official Washington Nationals flat bill with 34 on the back d:)
06/25/2012 6:55AM
Stay Cool
I don't see why there is anything wrong with wanting your name is his rap song, if I were famous I would want to be known worldwide!
06/25/2012 6:58AM
Don't be desperate
It's ok to ask be in Dc Rap Game just don't beg and sound desperate about it! Maybe just let him ask you!
06/25/2012 7:01AM
Don't be compared to a Kardashian
Whatever you do, don't be compared to a Kardashian
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