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Dana White video: The boss sets the record straight on Dakota Cochrane's goal

On Wednesday, Dana White was firing bombs at critics of Dakota Cochrane making the initial cast of "The Ultimate Fighter Live" on FX. The 15th season of the show is going where no previous TUF has gone before. Fighters, coaches and the promotion have to deal with the issue of gay sex.

Cochrane has a background as a gay porn performer. During his college days, the 25-year-old performed in 16 gay porn flicks. He's admitted it was a mistake and that he did for the $80,000 payday, but that won't keep viewers who are anti-gay from going at the fighting prospect.

White said he was alerted to the issue and said it's no one's business what Cochrane did in the past. What he did wasn't illegal.

He also made clear the dangers of being the guy who rides Cochrane with nasty remarks during the show.

"It shouldn't matter to anbody what someone else does in their life. Who they choose to be with. Who they choose to spend their life with ... it's none of your [expletive] business," said White.

White said it could be potentially embarrassing for any aggressor trying to make a spectacle of Cochrane.

"So if you want to be the guy who wants to talk a lot of [expletive], say goofy stuff like that ... you're going to get your ass kicked on national television by the guy that you're talking about," White said. "The thing that you better be worried about are his fighting abilities because he's NOT coming in the house to [expletive] you. He's coming in the house to kick your [expletive] ass."

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03/08/2012 12:56PM
Dana White video: The boss set the record straight on Dakota Cochrane's goal on TUF 15
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