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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 12

Brittany doesn't like babies or her Rutgers pick

(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT -- Cowherd's picks revealed at 830a PT.)

Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield Tulane +19.5 E. CAROLINA - L Smu +28.5 UCF - L Indiana +35 OHIO ST. - W Rams +5 CHARGERS - W Jaguars +14 COLTS - L
Winn IOWA ST. -1 Ttech - L Ole Miss -3.5 ARKANSAS - L FALCONS -3 Browns - L BEARS -6 Buccs - W Cowboys -3.5 GIANTS - L
Cowherd (830a line) FALCONS -3 Browns - L Lions +7 PATRIOTS - L Dolphins +7 BRONCOS - W 49ERS -9 Washington - L Cowboys -3.5 GIANTS - L
Brittney C Cincinnati -9 UCONN - W Miami FL -6 VIRGINIA - L MICHIGAN ST -22 Rutgers - W Wisconsin -10 IOWA - L BRONCOS -7 Dolphins - W
Teah Missouri +3.5 TENNESSEE - W MICHIGAN ST. -22 Rutgers - W NEBRASKA -10 Minnesota - L Ttech +1 IOWA ST. - W SEAHAWKS -7 Cardinals - W
Brittany A Colorado +32.5 OREGON - W UCLA -3.5 Usc - W Rutgers +22 MICHIGAN ST. - L Arizona +4.5 UTAH - W BAYLOR -29.5 OkState - L
JVT Kansas +25.5 OKLAHOMA - L Boise -12.5 WYOMING - W Titans +11 EAGLES - L Cardinals +7 SEAHAWKS - L Ravens +3 SAINTS
Ray Brewer Virginia +6 MIAMI - W Ole Miss -3.5 ARKANSAS - L Usc +3.5 UCLA - L RENO -7 Fresno - L NOTRE DAME -3 Louisville - L
Taylor Air Force +5.5 SAN DIEGO ST. - L Sjsu +14.5 UTAH ST. - L New Mexico +22 CSU - L BOISE -12.5 Wyoming - W RENO -7 Fresno - L
Adam Hill FALCONS -3 Browns - L TEXANS -1.5 Bengals - L Buccs +6 BEARS - L GIANTS +3.5 Cowboys - W SAINTS -3 Ravens
Chuck Titans +11 EAGLES - L Cardinals +7 SEAHAWKS - L Ravens +3 SAINTS Boston College +17.5 FLORIDA ST. - W Vtech -14 WAKE FOREST - L

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Taylor 34 26 34
Cowherd 32 28 32
Chris Winn 31 29 31
Chuck 31 26 2 31
Cofield 32 25 3 32
Brewer 31 29 31
Adam Hill 27 32 27
Brittany A 28 28 4 28
Brittney C 28 31 1 28
JVT 26 30 3 26
Teah 27 32 1 27
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Gridlock's Week #12 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #11 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NCAAF) Baylor -29.5 (NCAAF) Iowa +10 (NCAAF) Boston College +17
(NCAAF) Louisville/ND Over 53
(NCAAF) Michigan State/Rutgers over 57 2-3
Seat Williams (NCAAF) San Diego St. -5.5 (NCAAF) Minnesota +10 (NFL) Jets PK (NFL) Falcons -3 (NFL) Patriots/Lions under 48
Ed Graney (NFL) Chargers -4.5 (NFL) Cowboys -3 (NFL) Vikings/Packers over 48.5 (NCAAF) Hawaii -10.5 (NCAAF) San Diego St. -5.5 2-2-1
Clay Baker (NFL) Vikings +9.5 (NFL) Jaguars +14 (NFL) Cardinals +7 (NFL) Rams +5 (NFL) Dolphins +7 4-1
Sean McGhie (NCAAF) Cincinnati -9.5 (NCAAF) UCLA -3.5 (NCAAF) Ole Miss -3.5 (NFL) Patriots -7 (NFL) Cowboys -3 3-1-1

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #12 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 2-3
29-30-1 total
Seat Williams
28-27 total
Ed Graney 2-2-1
27-30-3 total
Clay Baker 4-1
29-24-2 total
Sean McGhie
29-28-2 total
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Beat The Gridlock Week #12

Beat The Gridlock Week #12
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams / Texans -1.5 Mitch Moss / Titans/Eagles over 49 Ed Graney / Chargers -5 1-2

Cowboys -3
Dolphins+7 Lions+7 1-1-1
Browns +3


Patriots -7

Cowboys -3

Broncos -&
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UNLV Basketball Season Opener Recap

UNLV Basketball Season Opener Recap
by: Helen Yee @HelenYeeSports
The night started off with a "bang" as fireworks lit up the Thomas and Mack Center for the official start of the 2014-2015 season. The crowd was electric, as it was the continuation of a joyous weekend for UNLV sports fans. Over 12,000 gathered in attendance to support their Runnin' Rebels' season opener. This was just one day after small forward Derrick Jones, a 4-star recruit from Archbishop Carroll High School, committed to UNLV over Auburn and UConn. Friday night's opener, with American Indie rock band Imagine Dragons cheering from the crowd, added to the excitement as the home team narrowly captured the victory over Morehead State, defeating the Eagles 60-59.
The game started out strong as UNLV had many great newcomers. With just eight players on rotation, they went into halftime down by five, with Morehead State up 36-31. However, after trailing by as many as 11 points in the first few minutes of the second half, it was a combined team effort and their zone defense which turned things around for the Runnin' Rebels. Senior Cody Doolin was perhaps the most valuable player of the night, despite a minor struggle early in the game. He showed great intensity, leadership, and passion on the court. He was very aggressive and exuded positivity his team needed to bring them back from being down 33-44 with 17:56 left in the second half. Patrick McCaw made critical back-to-back 3-pointers, both assisted by Doolin, to tie the game at 47 with 9:49 remaining. In the final 1:30 remaining, the Eagles' Kareem Storey made a layup which tied the game at 57. The energy level in the building was high. Rashad Vaughn did not disappoint the fans by making a clutch 3 dished by Jelan Kendrick to bring the Rebels up 60-57. The crowd went wild and cheered on the home team to escape with the win.
Doolin managed to finish the game with seven assists and six rebounds. Freshman Rashad Vaughn led the Rebels in points, scoring 26 points and seven rebounds. Returning sophomore, Christian Wood, ended the night with a double-double of 12 points and 12 rebounds. On the defensive end, freshman Goodluck Okonoboh made his presence strong and proved to be a threat as he gathered five rebounds and blocked seven shots. Patrick McCaw scored seven points, three rebounds, and two assists.
UNLV will return to the Thomas and Mack Center and face Sam Houston State on Sunday at 5:00pm.
Overall Notes:
Morehead State shot 38.9% from the field in the first half and only 21.9% in the second half, whereas UNLV shot 37.5% in the first half and finished the game shooting 45.8%.
The Runnin' Rebels had 13 turnovers compared to the Eagles' six.
The Eagles' Karam Mashour was out of the game with 19:21 remaining in the second half. He totaled seven points, eight rebounds, and one assist.

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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 11


(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT -- Cowherd's picks revealed at 830a PT.)
Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield App State +14.5 ARKANSAS ST. - W Miami-Oh +19 C. MICHIGAN - W TEXAS A & M -4 Missouri - L MINNESOTA +13.5 Ohio St. - W Bengals +7 SAINTS - W
Winn ARIZONA -9.5 Washington - L BEARS -3 Vikings - W 49ers -3.5 GIANTS - W CHIEFS -2 Seahawks - W COLTS -3 Patriots - L
Cowherd (830a line) Patriots +3 COLTS - W SAINTS -7 Bengals - L Seahawks +2.5 CHIEFS - L CARDINALS -1 Lions - W PACKERS -5.5 Eagles - W
Brittney C Lsu +1 ARKANSAS - L Michigan St -11 MARYLAND - W Tcu -28 KANSAS - L Arizona St -7.5 OREGON ST. - L Utah +9 STANFORD - W
Teah ILLINOIS +3.5 Iowa - L Nebraska +6.5 WISCONSIN - L BOISE -14 Sdsu - L Auburn +2.5 GEORGIA - L PANTHERS +1 Falcons - L
Brittany A Oklahoma -13 TTECH - L Auburn +2.5 GEORGIA - L Missouri +4 TEXAS A & M - W Seahawks +2 CHIEFS - L Broncos -9.5 RAMS - L
JVT Clemson -3 GTECH - L Miss St. +9.5 ALABAMA - W Florida St. -2.5 MIAMI - W Vikings +3 BEARS - L CARDINALS -1 Lions - W
Ray Brewer GEORGIA -2.5 Auburn - W AIR FORCE -2.5 Reno - W GTECH +3 Clemson - W Ohio St. -13.5 MINNESOTA L NAVY -2.5 Ga Southern - W
Taylor Reno +2.5 AIR FORCE - L New Mexico +19.5 USU - W Hawaii +9.5 Sjsu - W Sdsu +14 BOISE - W Unlv +26 BYU - W
Adam Hill Florida St. -2.5 - W Texans +3.5 BROWNS - W BEARS -3 Vikings - W PANTHERS +1 Falcons - L 49ers -3.5 GIANTS - W
Chuck Unlv +26 BYU - W Florida St. -2.5 MIAMI - W Eagles +6 PACKERS - L Texans +3.5 BROWNS - W Falcons -1 CAROLINA - W

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Taylor 33 22 33
Cowherd 31 24 31
Chris Winn 30 25 30
Chuck 30 23 2 30
Cofield 30 22 3 30
Brewer 30 25 30
Adam Hill 26 29 26
Brittany A 25 26 4 25
Brittney C 25 29 1 25
JVT 25 27 3 25
Teah 23 31 1 23
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Beat The Gridlock Week #11

Beat The Gridlock Week #11
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams / Patriots/Colts over 57.5 Mitch Moss / Cardinals -1 Ed Graney / Steelers -6

Seattle/KC over 42
Broncos -9.5 Packers -5.5

Packers -5.5
Colts -3

Broncos -9.5

Eagles/Packers over 55
Chiefs -2
Saints -7
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Gridlock's Week #11 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #11 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NCAAF) Kentucky +11 (NCAAF) Duke-6.5 (NCAAF) Georgia Southern +3

(NCAAF) Florida State -2.5
(NCAAF) Arizona State -9.5 1-4
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Duke -5 (NCAAF) Mississippi State +8 (NCAAF) Florida State -2.5 (NFL) Seahawks +2.5 (NFL) Buccaneers/RedSkins under 45.5 3-2
Ed Graney (NCAAF) Air Force -2.5 (NCAAF) Wisconsin -6.5 (NCAAF) Alabama -10 (NCAAF) Florida State -2.5 (NCAAF) Utah + 9 3-2
Clay Baker (NFL) Texans + 3.5 (NFL) Eagles +6 (NFL) Chiefs -2 (NFL) Patriots +3 (NFL) Bengals + 7.5 4-1
Sean McGhie (NCAAF) Arizona State -9.5 (NCAAF) Duke -5 (NCAAF) Michigan State -10 (NCAAF) Ohio State/Minnesota over 56.5 (NCAAF) Florida State -2.5 3-2

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #11 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 1-4 27-27-1 total
Seat Williams 3-2 28-27 total
Ed Graney 3-2 25-28-2 total
Clay Baker 4-1
25-23-2 total
Sean McGhie 3-2
26-27-1 total

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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 10

(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT -- Cowherd's picks revealed at 830a PT.)
Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield ASU -2.5 Notre Dame - W TEXAS ST. +14 Ga. Southern - W Hawaii +18 CSU - L Rams +6.5 CARDINALS - L Panthers +6.5 EAGLES - L
Winn MINNESOTA PK Iowa - W FRESNO -2 Sjsu - W Falcons -2.5 BUCS - W Steelers -3.5 JETS - L PACKERS -7 Bears - W
Cowherd (830a line) BUCCS +2.5 Falcons - L Chiefs -2 BILLS - W LIONS -2.5 Dolphins - W PACKERS -7 Bears - W Giants +9 SEAHAWKS - L
Brittney C WVU -3.5 Texas - L Wisconsin -17 PURDUE - W Florida -14.5 VANDY - W MICHIGAN STATE -3.5 Ohio St. - L Steelers -3.5 JETS - L
Teah KANSAS +3.5 Iowa St. - W WASHINGTON +6.5 Ucla - L Texas A & M +23 AUBURN - W Marshall -26 SMISS - W PACKERS -7 Bears - W
Brittany A K-State +6 TCU - L Notre Dame +2.5 ASU - L Alabama -6.5 LSU - W WVU -3.5 Texas - L Baylor +5.5 OKLAHOMA - W
JVT Duke -3.5 SYRACUSE - W Notre Dame +2.5 ASU - L WASHINGTON +6.5 Ucla - L Chiefs -1.5 BILLS - W BUCCS +2.5 Falcons - L
Ray Brewer UConn -4.5 ARMY L Utep +7.5 W. KENTUCKY - L GATech -3.5 NCSTATE - W Falcons -2.5 BUCCS - W LIONS -2.5 Dolphins - W
Taylor SDSU -20.5 Idaho - L CSU -18 Hawaii - W FRESNO -2 Sjsu - W WYOMING +7 Utah State - L NEW MEXICO +19 Boise - W
Adam Hill LIONS -2.5 Dolphins - W RAVENS -9.5 Titans - W Steelers -3.5 JETS - L BRONCOS -10.5 Raiders - W CARDINALS -6.5 Rams - W
Chuck Notre Dame +2.5 ASU - L Wisconsin -17 PURDUE - W BILLS +1.5 Chiefs - L Giants +9 SEAHAWKS - L Lions -2.5 DOLPHINS - W

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Taylor 29 21 29
Cowherd 28 22 28
Chris Winn 27 23 27
Chuck 26 22 2 26
Cofield 26 21 3 26
Brewer 26 24 26
Brittney C 24 25 1 24
Brittney A 24 22 4 24
Teah 23 26 1 23
JVT 22 25 3 23
Adam Hill 22 28 22
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Beat The Gridlock Week #10

Beat The Gridlock Week #10
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams / Steelers -4 Mitch Moss / Packers -7 Ed Graney / Lions -2.5 2-1


Buccaneers +2.5
Seahawks -8.5 Packers -7

Steelers -3.5
Broncos -10.5
Cardinals - 6.5

Cardinals -6.5 Cowboys -6.5

Broncos -10.5
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Gridlock's Week #10 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #10 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NFL) Lions -2.5 (NFL) BIlls +1 (NCAAF) Michigan State -3.5

(NCAAF) Alabama -6.5
(NCAAF) Kansas State +5.5 2-3
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Duke -3.5 (NCAAF) Baylor/Oklahoma over 71.5 (NFL) Rams/Cardinals uner 43 (NFL) Giants/Seattle under 44.5 (NFL) Eagles -6.5 2-3
Ed Graney (NFL) Lions -2.5 (NFL) Broncos -11 (NCAAF) San Diego State -20.5 (NCAAF) Air Force -4.5 (NCAAF) Michigan State -3.5 3-2
Clay Baker (NFL) Steeler -4 (NFL) 49ers +5.5 (NFL) Chiefs -1 (NCAAF) Michigan State -3.5 (NCAAF) Utah +8 2-3
Sean McGhie (NCAAF) Duke -3.5 (NCAAF) West Virginia -3 (NCAAF) Air Force -4.5 (NCAAF) Florida/Vanderbilt underr 45 (NFL) Steelers -4 3-2

Gridlock Week #10 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 2-3 26-23-1 total
Seat Williams 2-3 25-25 total
Ed Graney 3-2 22-26-2 total
Clay Baker 2-3
21-22-2 total
Sean McGhie 3-2
23-25-1 total
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2014-15 NBA Predictions: Six Teams to Challenge Spurs

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2014-15 NBA Predictions: Six Teams to Challenge Spurs
By: Helen Yee Twitter:@HelenYeeSports
It's November! For some people, that marks the beginning of the holiday season: hot cocoa, snowboarding, family time, presents, etc. But for NBA fans, it's the greatest gift of all, the start of the season! The first question many people like to ask me in regards to the season is: Which team do you think will win the championship this year? Simply put, without any hesitation, I predict the San Antonio Spurs will repeat. However, I do believe a couple teams will be a challenge for them, and limited my own picks to six teams overall. If they can overcome these obstacles, I believe the Spurs will likely stay golden for this next year.
**These are solely my own predictions for the upcoming season.
Why do I think Spurs will repeat as champions?
San Antonio Spurs
Coach. Teamwork. Unselfish plays. These are all the qualities the reigning NBA champions possess. If the Spurs are going to win one more championship before the rise of the LeBron James and Cleveland-era, it will be this season. The Spurs are bringing back their championship roster, and have a strong bench to back them up. Their talent pool includes Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Boris Diaw, to name a few. LeBron James isn't the only one to form a championship "Big Three" as Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili are the dominant and successful trio in the west. They each include their team as a whole unit and the Spurs' undeniable chemistry on the court shows why they are the reigning champions. Reserve point guard Patty Mills is out with a shoulder injury until early 2015, but Spurs have the depth so fans should not be worried. Also, Gregg Popovich is the best coach in the league and his ability to lead his team to victory in '99, '03, '05, '07, and '14 speaks for itself. During last year's NBA Finals, they defeated LeBron and the former "Big Three" in five games, winning the series 4-1. Back-to-back championships is a difficult feat to accomplish but the Spurs certainly have what it takes, though it won't be an easy journey.
Who Can Dethrone the Spurs?
It's already been a week into the season, but my predictions remain the same, with the exception of a few injury updates.
Eastern Conference Contenders
Cleveland Cavaliers
With the summer-of-a-lifetime for the city of Cleveland, the return of James will be a lot more positive this time around than when he first entered the league. In the off-season, the Cavaliers did a great job in signing arguably the top power forward in the NBA today, Kevin Love. His average of 26 points last season combined with Kyrie Irving's talent will be nothing less than an undeniable asset to the team, and the new "Big Three". Though their head coach is an NBA rookie, David Blatt brings his extensive background in this sport and success in the Euroleague to the Cavaliers. He was named their Coach of the Year and also coached Maccabi Tel Aviv to claim the Euroleague title last year. LeBron James was able to capture two titles down in South Beach with the Miami Heat, and this new "Big Three" poses an even bigger threat to the current champions. A lineup which includes LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love screams multiple championships. If the Cavaliers can learn the new system better than the former "Big Three" down in Miami when they first formed in the summer of 2010, then they have a possibility of winning the title this year. I predict LeBron and company will, however, become the Eastern Conference champions.
Chicago Bulls
With a healthy Derrick Rose back in action, the Bulls are not to be overlooked and have the potential to take control of the Eastern Conference, with the help of notable teammates Taj Gibson, Aaron Brooks, and Jimmy Butler. Add in Pau Gasol, the skilled big man and 2-time NBA champion, to join Joakim Noah and their defense is looking excellent. If they will be challenging the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference title, they have an advantage over guarding Kevin Love. Also, not only can Pau Gasol hit the mid-range jumpers on a consistent basis, but his experience and leadership role will help the team tremendously. Lets not forget how the Bulls have been a big threat in the Eastern Conference prior to Derrick Rose's injury in 2012. The season before he tore his ACL, the 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player scored 2,000 points and 600 assists, which according to NBA's, only Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, John Havlicek, and LeBron James had previously achieved. Again, I emphasize on the fact if they can stay healthy, then we may see a possibility of a new Eastern Conference and NBA champions. Coached by Tom Thibodeau, the only thing holding the Bulls back this year will be themselves and injuries. Ultimately, Derrick Rose is his own worst enemy.
**Season update: Rose sprains his ankle playing against Cleveland Cavaliers on October 31, but reassures the injury is not serious.
Western Conference Contenders
Oklahoma City Thunder
Things are off to a rocky start for the Thunder. Kevin Durant suffered an untimely Jones fracture during preseason which will cause him to be sidelined until early December. Oklahoma City Thunder is now dependent on Durant's healthy return. The question which remains is how will Durant perform once he gets back? However, the pressure was on for Russell Westbrook as he was put to the test to see if he could rise up to the occasion and lead his team. However, more unfortunate news happened as Westbrook is out temporarily after suffering a broken hand on October 30, during the second game of the season. My prediction of Thunder being a championship team remains possible if, and only if, Durant and Westbrook are able to recover back to as strong as they were before, and how quickly they can get back into their groove. The team is known for their strong defense, led by Serge "Iblocka" and Kendrick Perkins, which means the Thunder can finally win the title when Durant and Westbrook return.This team was once a title contender in the 2012 NBA finals and defeated the Mavericks, Lakers, and Spurs during the postseason. They have a lot of work to do to get back to that level due to the injuries. Coach Scott Brooks also has a lot of re-evaluating to do this season and should be concerned if his team doesn't perform as expected.
**Season update: Per reports, Russell Westbrook underwent successful hand surgery as of November 1st and is expected to miss four weeks. That is another setback for the team which is always so close, yet so far from the title. It's difficult to tell how the Thunder will perform right now without their two most valuable players. With a competitive Western Conference, the Thunder could easily get lost into the mix depending on how quickly Durant and Westbrook recover.
Los Angeles Clippers
Doc Rivers has been able to successfully turn Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and the rest of the Clippers into serious Western Conference contenders. This team continues to improve each year, although they ended up losing to Oklahoma City Thunder (2-4) in the Western Conference semifinals. However, with the injuries the Thunder has been facing, the Clippers have an advantage so far. They also have reigning Sixth Man of the Year, Jamal Crawford. Their high energy and charisma both on and off the court will be beneficial to them this season. Despite the major controversy surrounding the team's previous owner in the beginning of the year, the team is now in great hands with Steve Ballmer. If the Clippers can work on improving their defense and rebounds, they are looking at their best season yet.
Dark Horses of the League:
It seems like every season there is always a couple of "dark horses" in the league. To me, they are already great teams that perform even better than expected, and can even surprise the fans and experts alike by outperforming the frontrunners. Though these teams are not completely flying under the radar, they are often overlooked as the top contender for the championship in the current season.
Dallas Mavericks
During the offseason, the Mavericks improved their roster with the signing of Chandler Parsons and Tyson Chandler. The pressure is on for Chandler Parsons as Dirk Nowitzki made it known he took a large $15 million pay cut in order to get Parsons signed and to improve their likelihood of winning their second NBA title. Lets not forget the fact that the Mavericks defeated LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and the rest of the Miami Heat to capture their first title in 2011. Behind Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis, the Mavericks are arguably one of the deepest teams in the NBA with Richard Jefferson, Jameer Nelson, and Raymond Felton, to name a few. Last postseason, they also pushed the Spurs to seven games before losing in San Antonio during the Western Conference Finals. Coached under the great Rick Carlisle, they have what it takes to win it all again. One person who we can hear cheering from here? Mark Cuban.
Golden State Warriors
While they are still a young team and now coached by five-time NBA champion Steve Kerr, the Warriors shouldn't be ruled out this season. Under former head coach, Mark Jackson, they were able to win 51 games. Though they lost to the Clippers in the first round of the playoffs, they have the key role players in Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala to developing a championship team. Furthermore, Stephen Curry is one of the best point guards in the league today, averaging 24 points and roughly 9 assists. Shooting guard Klay Thompson, who brings an average of 16 points to the team, recently scored his all-time high of 41 points against the Los Angeles Lakers on November 1st. He also just extended his contract with the Warriors. If they can improve their ball movement and pick up their offense, they will be rising fast among the Western Conference.
With the 82-game season just beginning, so many more teams are hungry, and surprises are bound to happen. However, one thing remains clear: this is an exciting time!
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