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Video: Canadian dude wins trip to Vegas by downing six-pound burger

This is one of the more impressive conquered eating challenges we've seen. It went down in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario at a joint named The Harp Bar & Grill. Jonathan Clarke took a 12-hour bus trip from London, Ontario for his shot at a trip to Las Vegas.

The Harp offered the trip to the first person to complete the challenge inside of 60 minutes. Twenty-one people had previously tried and failed to down this monstrosity of a meal:

The Harp Attack is a six-pound burger made up of six patties, two grilled cheese sandwiches, a pound of bacon, cheese and a couple onion rings, as well as a pound of poutine that must all be consumed in one hour.

Clarke, who has a Youtube page named the Junkfood Bodybuilder, crushed the patties in 20 minutes.It took another 23 to eat the two grilled cheese sandwiches and all the bread. If that wasn't enough, he had to finish it off with a pound of poutine. What's poutine? A Canadian treat with french fries, a light brown gravy and melted cheese curds.

If you'd like to take this on, the owner said he has 10 more Vegas trips to give away to future contestants who can finish the seven pounds of food.

This Clarke kid is a lunatic. He's doing one of these challenges EACH week! He also beat "The Bomb" challenge at Paddy Long's in Chicago. This one is ridiculous. It's basically a five-pound football of meat that has to be finished in 45 minutes. You win. You get a t-shirt and it's free. You lose, it's $60.

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The Time the Secret Service Threatened to Kill Mr. Met

The old assassin in the mascot trick, eh? The Secret Service is not falling for that.

Usually Mets fans spend their season wanting to kill themselves, but Mr. Met was almost lucky enough to pull it off in 1997.

In his new book, "Yes, It's Hot in Here: Adventures in the Weird, Woolly World of Sports Mascots" a former Mr. Met, AJ Mass, shares his interaction with the Secret Service prior to President Bill Clinton's appearance at Shea Stadium for Jackie Robinson Day.

"We have snipers all around the stadium, just in case something were to happen. Like I said, do whatever it is you normally do. But approach the President, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?" the agent reportedly said, while looking into Mr. Met's "very soul with his blank, unblinking stare."

The agent then repeated himself. "Approach the president, and we go for the kill shot," the agent told Mass. "ARE–WE–CLEAR?"

The life of Mr. Met is just as glamorous as you thought it was.

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Nick Young Talking To TMZ Is Symbol Of Lakers' Season

Now that the Lakers' season has ended it's time for players to unwind and relax. Playing 82 basketball games is no small feat. Luckily, TMZ caught up with LA forward Nick Young as he was getting ready to go home to unwind.

Young covers a lot in his 52 seconds that sheds some light on the self-proclaimed "star" of the Lakers, how what he will do to his female companion is "illegal" and the shame of what happened to head coach Mike D'Antoni

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Video: "It's a stereotype!" Italian-American 1B forced to hit meatballs in BP

When will the persecution of Italian-Americans end?

First it was Tony Soprano having to deal with constant accusations about his mafia ties, and now Anthony Rizzo.

In this video, the Cubs first baseman whacks around some meatballs in a Chicago-area parking lot. Some poor schlub's Mercedes is now covered with pork, beef and gravy.

Next month, "Off the Bat," will feature Shin Soo Choo head-first sliding into a pit of soggy Kimchi.
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Video: Old horndog Hernandez marvels at big-breasted fan downing a hot dog

Keith Hernandez, the man with the sultry brown mustache, is unstoppable these days with the ladies.

The borderline Hall of Fame first baseman from the 1980's New York Mets lost it for a second when watching an Arizona fan take on the Diamondbacks' infamous 18-inch weiner.

Gary Cohen and Hernandez were clearly focusing on different aspects of the giant hot dog shot in the Arizona crowd.
Hernandez: "My goodness."
Cohen: "How much meat is in a twenty-five dollar hot dog? Has to be a few pounds, right?"
Hernandez: "I wasn't talking about the hot dog."

Tip via Fansided for video and The Big Lead for the quotes.
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Joy to Sorrow: Uggla's Grand Slam Crushes Phillies Fans In Seconds


Confidence, passion and utter defeat. All of those emotions captured in one shot by ESPN cameras last night during the Phillies-Braves matchup last night.

After dropping five runs in the bottom of the eighth the Phillies fans sure thought things were in the bag, until Dan Uggla smacked a grand-slam and silenced almost every fan at Citizens Bank Park. The reaction of the fans is priceless and shows how quickly a swing of the bat can change a game.

Tip via: Deadspin

Video via: Philly Mag

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Video: Conan Plays Video Games on the Jerry-tron in Dallas

Conan O'Brien was in Dallas last week for the Final Four and decided to use the Jerrytron for his "Clueless Gamer" bit.

Basically the bit is Conan O'Brien making jokes about the video game he is playing with some gamer nerd trying to explain to him how to play it. It's a pretty solid bit and one of the last few things that's actually entertaining to watch Conan do.

For the trip to AT&T stadium, Conan played a bit of Madden 25 and handled himself admirably while adding dialog to the Patriots huddle. I think he nailed it assuming the Patriots just ask Brady about Gisele in the huddle.

Seems like a good way to play some video games, but good advice from Conan not to go any smaller than a basketball stadium to get your gaming in.

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Video: Jon Stewart Destroys NCAA on Student-Athlete Treatment

The concept of college players being paid has been one of the most discussed topics in the sports world for quite sometime. Since the Noorthwestern football players can now vote to unionize the subject has been pushed to the forefront. As always, Jon Stewart attacks the matter head-on with wit, humor and some great political references. He also eviscerates the NCAA.

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A Tradition Unlike Any Other: The Time Arnold Palmer Crapped On A Golf Course

Golf is a very rigid sport. Do not clap too loud. Silence is an absolute must while players are setting up their swing. At Augusta National you're not even allowed to run. So, with the Masters beginning today it's only fitting that a story about the great Arnold Palmer surfaced on the Internet today.

Palmer, honoring great Japanese tradition many years ago, decided to take a deuce on the green of a golf course in Japan. I don't think Augusta National has a rule for doo-doo on the green, but they have to have one about dropping trou on the fairway.

Shockingly, that wasn't the only time Palmer crapped all over a golf course.

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8 Games In & The Angels Appear Headed For Disaster, But There's Still Time

Volcanic Lightning Is Quite A Rare Occurance In Nature
Photo via: Listverse

Volcanic lighting is an amazing natural phenomenon that is rarely seen in person. Waterspouts, columnar basalt, fire rainbows and an Angels pitcher not giving up multiple runs are all things you should soak in, should you get a chance to see it in person; it's an occurrence that is rarely seen by the human eye.

Eight games have been played in the MLB season, so yes, this article could be a bit premature. However, where there is smoke there is usually fire and my lungs burn every time I watch the Angels play.

It's not a stretch to say that the Angels pitching has struggled so far in this fledgling season. The Halos staff has accrued a 5.01 ERA in the first eight games, while surrendering 14 homeruns. The bullpen of the Angels struggling isn't exactly breaking news, but the starting rotation struggling is a bit newsworthy. Jered Weaver gave up four homeruns to Houston in his last start and Hector Santiago can't stop walking guys.

Despite Horrible Picture Taking Wilson's Last Outing Was Dominate
Photo via: Celebrity Carz

C.J. Wilson seems to be the best starting pitcher after tearing through the Astros on Monday, scattering four hits over eight innings and giving up only one run, but he did struggle in his season debut so the jury is still out on him.

So far the backend of this rotation is what is keeping the Angels afloat this early in the season. Garrett Richards and Tyler Skaggs are the only other pitchers in this rotation with a one in the win column. Both Richards and Skaggs picked apart the Astros in their starts, combining for 12 strikeouts and only two runs given up.

Pitching is a glaring weakness for Anaheim so far this season. A season ago the Angels finished with a record of 78-84 in part because of weak pitching. The Angels ranked 24th in team ERA last season and opponents batted .261 against the Halos. Anaheim is in danger of repeating the disappointing season they had last year, but there is still hope.

Weaver Has Struggled Horribly This Season
Photo via: CBS Sports

Jered Weaver was a 20 win pitcher two seasons ago. He consistently kept his ERA under 3.00 and while he did not rack up strike-outs like other dominant pitchers he kept batters of the bases giving up only 147 hits, his second lowest total as a full-time starter.

So what's the problem?

"It just hasn't been consistent mechanically for me," Weaver told the LA Times.

Weaver has been dealing with tendonitis for the last few seasons, so getting his arm back to one hundred percent could be how Weaver improves his game. Coming into the season Weaver felt that his arm was better than it had been in sometime, so maybe time is all Weaver needs to get back to form.

Wilson seemed to find his groove against Houston. Besides striking out seven batters he also was finding the strike zone time and time again, throwing 71 strikes of his 120 pitches. Wilson can pile up strike outs, as shown in 2011 when he racked up 206 with the Rangers.

Santiago was pulled in his loss yesterday early due to tightness in his back. If his struggles are just health related time off the mound could heal what is ailing Santiago. In limited action this season he has not impressed, but we will be able to tell what he is really made of in more than just four innings of action.

If Weaver can return to form, if Wilson keeps his game consistent, and Santiago can remain healthy this could be a turnaround season for the Angels. The backend of the rotation has shown they can put in quality starts, if the top can balance itself out this could be a great pitching staff.

Nobody Is On A Hotter Seat Than This Guy
Photo via: MSN Sports

However, another season like the one last year could spell trouble for manager Mike Scioscia. The Angels have not made the postseason since their run to the ALCS in 2009. Missing the postseason for the fifth consecutive year while the front office spends almost $155 million dollars in payroll is something that cannot happen.

The Angels are only eight games into a 162 game season. There is still plenty of time for this team to turn things around. If the mediocre pitching continues though, the Angels in the postseason will be as rare as a brinicle at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.
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The Shadow Creek Experience

The Magnificent View I Had From The Box On Hole Four

The sun was perfectly warm from my spot on the fourth hole. I just watched Aaron Rodgers tee-off and the huge crowd following him Stuart Scott, John Smoltz and Brian Baumgartner filed away as the group of celebrities jumped into their golf carts and headed out to the fairway. As I sat Julius Erving and Vince Coleman pulled up, ready to attack the gorgeous, 553 yard long par five.

A fan asked Dr. J, "Who ya got, Kentucky or Connecticut?"

"Connecticut," Erving replied, "What about you?"

"Kentucky!" the fan rebutted emphatically, the excitement of talking to Dr. J himself seemed to drip off of his words.

Erving asked three more people, whose responses altered between the two teams. When he walked by me perched on the slope he looked at me and simply asked, "You?"

"Kentucky." I said.

"Well that's why we gotta play the game," he said "All these different opinions."

Interactions like this is what makes the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational worthwhile. Sure it was only twelve words, but it was twelve words from Dr. J, the same guy who rocked the baby over Michael Cooper, while enjoying one of the most beautiful venues I have ever seen.

Arizona CB Patrick Peterson Enjoying The Day

In cartoons, when a character has been out in the desert too long he begins to see a mirage of beautiful oasis in the middle of all the sand and dirt.

Shadow Creek Golf Course is that oasis.

View Of The First Fairway At Shadow Creek

The grass is so bright and green you would think it was fake, until you sit down for the first time and feel the moisture in
the dirt with your hands. The trees stand so tall throughout the park there is not a hint of the bustling hive that is Las Vegas. According to an article on there are over 200 types of trees at Shadow Creek, and I can tell you that no two trees looked similar.

To the north are the mountains, tinged with purple and so close it looks like a short walk would place a person right at the base. Throughout the course are water holes, some occupied by swans relaxing in the sun. Ducks walk across fairways, oblivious to the potential danger of flying golf balls. If there is a more beautiful golf course in this country I would love to see it, because I was blown away by the majesty of Shadow Creek.

His Airness On The Fairway

As I enjoyed my beautiful surroundings at hole four Michael Jordan arrived. By far the group following Jordan was the largest, and as he emerged from his baby blue, North Carolina customized golf cart you could hear the buzz from the crowd. In Jordan's group was Dwight Freeney, Patrick Peterson and Ken Griffey, Jr all of whom spent their time shooting the you-know-what and entertaining the crowd. When Jordan's group finished at the box the crowd milled away, following the six-time champion and I was left with silence, waiting for the next group.

As the day went on and I found myself following the final group of the day: Eric Dickerson, Ozzie Smith, Brian Urlacher and Roger Clemens. After finishing the fourth hole the groups saddled up in their golf carts and went on to tackle the next one. I happened to be standing next to the golf cart of Eric Dickerson, and as he walked by I summed up enough courage to say, "How are you Mr. Dickerson?"

"Good. What's up man?" he replied before driving off.

Sure, only four words, but for a Colts fan and a budding sports broadcaster that's all I needed to make my day.

The Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational is a great event that helps many charities across the country. The 2014 event beneficiaries included Make-A-Wish, the James R. Jordan Foundation, Cats Care, Keep Memory Alive and Opportunity Village. According to the MJCI website in 2013 over $500,000 were raised for all the charities involved that year. Though I do not know how much the 2014 event raised, I do know that there is no better way to contribute to those less fortunate.

Next year go out and watch your favorite celebrities play golf. Memories that will last a lifetime will be made, someone in need will receive some much needed charity and if the course is anything like Shadow Creek it will be a venue worth visiting.
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The Aaron Hernandez Effect On DeSean Jackson's Release

Hernandez Being Taken Into Custody Last Summer
Photo via: The New Yorker

On June 26, 2013 Aaron Hernandez was arrested for his alleged connection to the murder of Odin Lloyd. The shockwaves that Hernandez sent through the NFL would be felt by many in the Patriots organization. Bill Belichick held a 22 minute press conference before camp last season just to address the situation. Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, told reporters he felt that he had been tricked:

"I've been duped and our whole organization has been duped."

The Patriots organization as whole was questioned. The "Patriot Way" was called into question by almost every reporter with a voice. Did the Patriots put on-field performance ahead of character off the field? It was a complete dumpster fire for the Patriots that took months to extinguish. Teams around the NFL surely took notice of what happened in New England last summer, and a circus similar to that was something every franchise wanted to avoid. Hernandez now sits in jail facing five charges related to guns and a first-degree murder charge.

In September he was sued by Alexander Bradley for an alleged incident that took place in which Hernandez shot Bradley in the eye. The list of people of affected by Hernandez's foolish actions seem to grow every few months, and he just claimed his latest victim a few days ago: Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson.

Jackson Signed With The Redskins After Being Released By Philadelphia
Photo via: Redskins Blog

Jackson was released on March 28 by the Eagles amid rumors of his alleged connection to gangs in the L.A. area, according to an article on I believe Jackson's release was a financial decsion. He would have counted for $12.75 million against the cap this year had he stayed on the Eagles roster. That's big money for a guy who really isn't a X-receiver. The article states that an anonymous source was quoted as saying:

"[The Eagles] are concerned about having him around the younger players."

Yes, the Eagles have every right to release Jackson should they not like the way his contract is structured, but to use his ties to old friends out in L.A. as a crutch for their reasoning is foolish. Jackson committed no crime in his time out in Philadelphia, and having friends who do the wrong things are not warrant for his firing.

Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks and writer for Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback thought that there were different reasons behind Jackson's release. Sherman believed that Jackson was released because of the color of his skin and the company he kept:

"I can't tell you what DeSean does with his time, because we play football on opposite ends of the country. I can only tell you that I believe him to be a good person, and if you think, say or write otherwise without knowing the man, you're in the wrong. And if it's true the Eagles terminated his contract in part because they grew afraid of his alleged "gang ties," then they did something worse."

"Commit certain crimes in this league and be a certain color, and you get help, not scorn. Look at the way many in the media wrote about Jim Irsay after his DUI arrest. Nobody suggested the Colts owner had "ties" to drug trafficking, even though he was caught driving with controlled substances (prescription pills) and $29,000 in cash to do who-knows-what with. Instead, poor millionaire Mr. Irsay needs help, some wrote."

What Would Have Happened Had This Been a Player In This Mug Shot?
Photo via: CBS Sports

In my opinion Sherman raises valid points in his article. I was of the thought group that Riley Cooper did get off light for his actions at a Kenny Chesney concert. And I believe that Jim Irsay's recent arrest should be looked at as more than a "cry for help", because it is true, if a player would be caught with $29,000 in cash and an assortment of prescription drugs he would be looking for a new team the next day. However, I think the reasoning behind Jackson's release lies not within his race but in the actions of Hernandez the summer prior.

In Sherman's article he talks about Jackson's old friends sticking by him during the death of his father in 2009. Sherman goes on to say Jackson should not abandon his friends just because of the choices they make.

"And if they're accused of a crime, as DeSean's friends have been, should that reflect poorly on me?"

Of course not, but what happens when the friends that you keep become an influence on you? Do you not do things for the people who are considered your friends? In Rolling Stone's article last year Aaron Hernandez's friends are named as a huge influence on the activities he engaged in. From bar fights to the alleged murder of Odin Lloyd. What should happen if the Eagles kept DeSean and he became a victim of the same influence that Hernandez succumbed to last summer? It's a crime to murder someone, but is it a crime to support the people closest to you?

DeSean Jackson Has A Long Career Ahead To Show He Is Not The Problem He Was Made Out To Be
Photo via: Jaccpot Records

Jackson has yet to commit a crime of any sort. Yet, the Eagles deemed it plausible to use the company he kept as an excuse for his release, not their own foolish contract with him. The actions of Aaron Hernandez a summer earlier caused fear in the Eagles organization, and they used that fear to kill two birds with one stone. Release a potential future problem, and still get out of a contract that would have them owing Jackson over $12 million dollars. The only problem is Jackson never was an issue. Sure he threw up some signs, and sure he had a mouth that would run, but he never hurt a single person to our knowledge. He shouldn't have to suffer for the actions of a man who ruined his own career the summer before.

I don't believe this was a case of old white millionaires hating a young talented African-American. I believe it was a case of millionaires jumping to conclusions and getting something in return. They used the example of Aaron Hernandez to get out of a paying $12.75 million to a player who might not have been worth that much. Hernandez's actions ruined his own career last summer. A year later his mistakes appear to be affecting the lives of others still.
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Video: Charles Barkley Goes on Conan Figures Out Shaq Buick Commercial Secret

Nice to see Sir Charles taking the high road on this one.

Tip via Conan
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Final Four Predictions from an ESPN 1100 Blogger

Sixty-four Teams Have Been Whittled Down To Four
Picture via: The Source

Twelve days ago, 64 teams stood ready to embark on a journey toward a national championship. Sixty-four teams, all with the same chance as any other to win six games, and be crowned a champion.

That was 12 days ago.

Since then No. 6 Ohio State was bounced by No. 11 Dayton. Dayton themselves made things interesting making a great run to the Elite Eight, dismembering Syracuse and Stanford along the way. No. 3 Duke was shocked by little known No. 14 Mercer in the first round. No. 8 Kentucky ended No. 1 Wichita State's dream of a perfect season. The Wildcats also had to take down three of last years Final Four participants on their way their own berth. No. 7 Connecticut tore through two, three and four seeds on their way to the Final Four. There were nail-biters. There were blowouts.

All in all there was madness.

So here we stand. The dust has settled and all eyes are on North Texas for what should be as entertaining a Final Four as any in recent memory.

No. 7 Connecticut vs No. 1 Florida 3:09 PM (Broadcast Begins 12:30 PM on ESPN 1100/98.9 FM)

Scottie Wilbekin Will Have a Tough Matchup Against Shabazz Napier
Photo via: BleacherReport

If you're wondering, no they are not just playing repeats of the 2011 NCAA tournament. This is a different UConn team with a different coach and a different guard taking the team on his back. Shabazz Napier has been absolutely outstanding this tournament, averaging 23.3 points and 6.0 rebounds per game and helping UConn take out St. Joe's, Villanova, Iowa State and Michigan State on the way to the Final Four. They meet Florida, a team whose last loss was to this UConn team back in December. The Gators are a physical bunch on defense, and they make it very hard to score in the half-court, which is where the Huskies found some success last round. Scottie Wilbekin will matchup against Napier plenty of times throughout the game, but the Gators play team defense so don't expect a one-on-one matchup all night long. Napier and Ryan Boatwright form a great backcourt duo for the Huskies, but I'll take the Gators strength as a team in this one.

No. 8 Kentucky vs No. 2 Wisconsin 5:49 PM (Broadcast Immediately Following UConn/Fla)

Bo Ryan Is Ecstatic That His Team Is In the Final Four
Photo via: Sportsgrid

The premiere matchup of the Final Four. Kentucky has killed giants on their way to the Final Four. Wichita State, Louisville and Michigan all fell to the Wildcats on their tear through the tournament. I don't think anyone is playing better than this team right here. They won using the 3-point line against Michigan, and they pounded the ball inside against Louisville. The Wildcats have size and it shows when they attack the boards. Guard Andrew Harrison has been playing very well for John Calipari and really makes this squad function. There is no arguing which team has the best talent, but who is better coached can be debated. Bo Ryan's Badgers are a great team, and their shooters could present some problems for Kentucky. Ben Brust and Josh Gasser are a danger from anywhere on the floor. Wisconsin uses a very slow pace, but has the ability to play fast should the game warrant it. Bo Ryan will have his Badgers prepared for war against the Wildcats, but I'll take Kentucky's size and talent over Wisconsin.

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