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Video: The Road To A Nevada State Title: Liberty High School

The regular season ends this Friday here in Nevada for high school football. With the playoffs right around the corner Brittany Anderson, and myself, were lucky enough to sit down with Head Coach Rich Muraco and some key role players on the Liberty roster, Noah Jefferson and Josh Bernard-Lee.

Liberty (6-2) meets Las Vegas High School (5-3) on Thursday, with the Northeast League title and top seed in the Sunrise Region on the line. Las Vegas clinches the top seed with a win, and Liberty with a win and Canyon Springs loss.

Keep it locked in here as the playoff previews keep coming. Next up: Undefeated Centennial High School
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Lakers vs. kings In las Vegas

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Lakers vs Kings in Las Vegas
by: Helen Yee
The final day of preseason wrapped up in Las Vegas for the Lakers and Kings' annual matchup. With over 10,000 in attendance, NBA fans in Las Vegas were eager to watch the game. Ray McCallum's game-winning shot at the buzzer with .01 seconds left helped the Sacramento Kings shock the fans with a 93-92 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.
The home favorite, Los Angeles Lakers, was up by as many as 14 points in the fourth quarter, leading the Kings 82-68 with 8:20 left on the clock. However, momentum quickly shifted with just over four minutes left of the game. After Jeremy Lin's three point jumper assisted by Wayne Ellington, the Lakers began struggling offensively. They missed crucial free throws, committed fouls, and turned the ball over twice.
With 30 seconds remaining in the final moments of the game, the Kings were able to even the score at 91. Sacramento stayed aggressive down to the buzzer to capture the victory.
Even without the help of Lakers' key players Kobe Bryant, Carlos Boozer, Nick Young, etc., I think the Lakers still have the ability to surprise people this season. I believe it.
Players of the Night:

Sacramento Kings defeated Los Angeles Lakers 93-92 led by DeMarcus Cousins' double-double of 21 points and 10 rebounds.
Los Angeles Lakers were led by Jeremy Lin's solid performance of 19 points and 7 assists.
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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 8

Ray Brewer, the lone gangsta in the contest


(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT -- Cowherd's picks revealed at 830a PT.)
Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield WAKE FOREST +14 BC - W BUFFALO +6 C. Michigan - PUSH STEELERS +3 Colts - W JAGUARS +6 Dolphins - L TITANS +3 Texans - L
Winn MICHIGAN ST. -17 Michigan - W Bears +6 PATRIOTS - L COWBOYS -9.5 Redskins - L CARDINALS -1.5 Eagles - W Lions -3.5 Falcons - L
Cowherd CHIEFS -7 Rams - W CARDINALS -2.5 Eagles - W Colts -3 STEELERS - L Bears +6 PATRIOTS - L JETS -3 Bills - L
Brittney C ARKANSAS -27 Uab - W MICHIGAN ST. -17 Michigan - W Miss St. -14.5 KENTUCKY - L Colts -3 STEELERS - L PATRIOTS -6 Bears - W
Teah AUBURN -19 S. Carolina - L WISCONSIN -10.5 MARYLAND - W Ohio State -14 PENN ST. - L Alabama -17 TENNESSEE - L Colts -3 STEELERS - L
Brittany A Oregon -18
COLORADO +14 Ucla - W Oregon St. +13.5 STANFORD - L Bears +6 PATRIOTS - L Seahawks -5 PANTHERS - L
JVT Syracuse +14.5 CLEMSON - W Alabama -17 TENNESSEE - L Ohio State -14 PENN ST. - L Ravens -1.5 BENGALS - L Packers +2.5 SAINTS - L
Ray Brewer ILLINOIS +5.5 Minnesota - W N. Carolina +6.5 VIRGINIA - W PITTSBURGH -3.5 GTech - L ARKANSAS -27 Uab - W Usc PK UTAH - W
Taylor BOISE -6.5 Byu - W Wyoming +19.5 CSU - W Sjsu +9.5 NAVY- L Reno -3 HAWAII - W Unlv +17 UTAH ST. - W
Adam Hill BUCCS -2.5 Vikings - L Texans -3 TITANS - W BENGALS +1.5 Ravens - W BROWNS -6.5 Raiders - W Packers +2.5 SAINTS - L
Chuck Arizona -2.5 WASH ST. - W Colts -3 STEELERS - L Eagles +1.5 CARDINALS - L JETS -3 Bills - L Bears +6 PATRIOTS - L

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Colin Cowherd 23 17 23
Cofield 22 15 3 22
Taylor 22 18 22
Chris Winn 21 19 21
Chuck 21 17 2 21
Brittany C 20 19 1 20
Brewer 20 20 20
Brittney A 19 17 4 19
JVT 18 19 3 18
Teah 15 24 1 15
Adam Hill 15 25 15
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Beat The Gridlock Week #8

Beat The Gridlock Week #8
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams / Texans -3 Mitch Moss / Raiders +7 Ed Graney / Lions -3.5

Colts -3
Seahawks -5 Packers +2
Seahawks -5
Jaguars +6

Colts -3

Brent 2
Eagles +2
Cowboys -10

Colts -3
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Gridlock's Week #8 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #7 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NFL) Lions -3.5 (NFL) Rams +7 (NFL) Jaguars +6

(NFL) Cardinals -2
(NFL) Saints -2 2-3
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Kansas State/ Texas under 48 (NCAAF) North Texas/ Rice over 57 (NCAAF) Navy -9 (NFL) Lions -3.5 (NFL) Patriots -5.5 4-1
Ed Graney (NCAAF) Alabama -17.5 (NCAAF) UCLA -14 (NCAAF) LSU/Ole Miss over 45 (NFL) Buffalo Bills -3 (NFL) Detroit Lions -3.5 1-4
Clay Baker (NCAAF) Kentucky +14 (NCAAF) UNLV +17 (NFL) Lions -3.5 (NFL) Panthers +4.5 (NFL) Ravens -1 3-2
Sean McGhie (NCAAF) Ole Miss -3.5 (NCAAF) Alabama/Tennessee over 46.5 (NCAAF) Ohio State -13.5 (NCAAF) Kansas State -10 (NFL) Texans -3 3-2

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #7 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 2-3 20-19-1 total
Seat Williams 4-1 21-19 total
Ed Graney 1-4 16-22-2 total
Clay Baker 3-2
16-17-2 total
Sean McGhie 3-2
17-21-1 total
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Clay Baker's Tales For The Curious

Las Vegas Haunted Places

I won't say I believe in ghosts but I am willing to consider evidence and accept it if it satisfies me. If you're one of the curious, you might look at Las Vegas as a treasure trove of paranormal activity. It's a town of great wins and losses. People seem to be at their happiest and, also at their worst, on The Las Vegas Strip. If you are keen to investigate hauntings, you start by looking at the places where everyone goes and you might start on Las Vegas Blvd; assessing the history of who has died and where. But Las Vegas doesn't work like that. There's an old saying in the hospitals here, "No one dies at the Casinos." Meaning: Rarely is someone pronounced dead at the hotel/resort/casino. Why? It's bad for business. If you're looking for records on deaths in hotels in Las Vegas, you'll see this pattern.
So if you're looking for haunted places in Las Vegas, you have to go outside of the fabulous lights and dig deeper into places you wouldn't expect. The everyday places, the spots where you often take your family or drive by on the way to work, never giving a second glance. I've seen some of these places and I'm sure you may know a few more, so settle back and take a stiff drink for another of Clay Baker's Tales For The Curious.

Fox Ridge Park. Henderson

When I first moved to Southern Nevada, a friend told me about a swing on a playground that will sway at night for no apparent reason. I didn't believe him but luckily, the park is open until midnight. I figured there are about 10 things that could logically explain this psuedo-phenomena. Admittedly, my friend didn't know any story relating to why the swing moved on it's own, but we checked it out anyway. When we got there, nothing happened other than feeling awkward standing in a playground at 10pm, like a pack of miscreants. On our way back to the car, we turned to look at the playground and our jaws dropped as we saw that particular swing moving on it's own. It was a summer night, listless - no wind whatsoever. Back and forth it swayed with ease, almost arrogantly tossing about by itself. This was before the internet but since then, many people have seen the same thing and it's one of the most recorded paranormal sightings in Southern Nevada on the internet's many haunted location sites. I will say this, even at night, it's a brightly lit playground out in the open -- there is nothing creepy about the place but you can't ignore the many personal accounts from that playground over the past 10 years.

Boulder City Hotel

As far as first hand accounts go, the Boulder City Hotel seems to rank near the top of the list of Haunted locations in Southern Nevada. It's the only place within earshot that will acknowledge they have a "Haunted Room". There's roughly 20 or so rooms available, but if you are curious, stay in Room 209. Boulder City is one of the few places in the area that is honest about the hardships of those who toiled at the Dam and those who died while trying. It's a somber town with modesty and fond reflection for those who sacrificed. I've never stayed in Room 209 but it's a place to consider for the curious ones who desire authenticity.

Redd Foxx House

5460 S. Eastern. It's now a private business, a realty company now owns the property. The office lobby is the only spot where you can actually see this was once a house, a beautiful stone in-lay fireplace; a showpiece spot where Redd Foxx greeted his many guests. Who is Redd Foxx? Shut up, Dummy.
Binion's Horseshoe - Downtown
The hotel hasn't rented a room since Dec 2009. That's when it changed ownership from the Binion family to the corporate world. Recently on Syfy's Haunted Collector, the GM of the casino revealed one part of the hotel is haunted and they've shut it down because no cleaning crew will go in there. Whatever, it sounds good right? TV shows are just that, TV. However, there is something wrong when you look at the rooms from the outside. If no one is occupying the rooms, there sure is alot of activity in the windows. If you look at the tower, the windows of the rooms are all disjointed. Curtains drawn in one room, open in the next. There's no uniformity that normally describes a closed hotel for five years. If you're curious, you need only to take a ride up the Binion's parking garage and see the haunted tower for yourself.

Bonnie Springs

Historically, the path out of the Mojave desert into Southern Nevada is a long and sad one. I can't imagine the desolation the early settlers felt, using the Spanish Trail to find their way through into The Meadows. This well traveled route out of Mojave goes through Spring Mountain Ranch, Bonnie Springs and Red Rock National Park. This was it. This was the trail. It had water and shelter. There is plenty of evidence of black smiths, metallurgy and ovens for baking at these sites proving there were temporary and much needed settlements during the 1800's. Areas that get overlooked because they weren't traditional Native American or Mormon sites. However, there are no cemeteries in the area which usually support a history of some kind of community. I believe anyone buried in this hard caliche would find a proper burial impossible. As their remains were sadly washed away with any rainstorm that likely flooded the valley, the way it commonly did back then.
Bonnie Springs is a recreation of what a western town could've looked like, in that era. But it's not exactly what it was in reality. However, Bonnie Springs has been undergoing a strong paranormal interest. Since the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures crew filmed an episode there, it revealed how strange that place can be at night. I know, it takes a leap of faith to believe this, but the dead who were left behind at Bonnie Springs seem to go about their normal business, as if they never passed on. During October, you can experience this for yourself. It's called Bonnie Screams and you can take the haunted ride from 7pm to midnight and get spooked by their incredible cast of actors and actresses who truly get into their work. On the Weekends, you can investigate the property with EVPS and the last one of the year takes place on October 24th and 25th. Call and make your reservation, 702-685-3777 and you can hunt with the professionals from Midnight to 3am.
Now then, I hope you are inspired to leave me comments on hauntings you may have heard of or experienced yourself. Curiosity is in all of us and Las Vegas is a place that will always welcome the willing.
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Denver Nuggets vs. LA Clippers In Vegas

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NBA Preseason Recap: Denver Nuggets vs. LA Clippers in Vegas
By: Helen Yee @HelenYeeSports
As a local in Las Vegas, one of the highlights for a basketball enthusiast is when the Nuggets and Clippers travel here to play one of their final preseason games. Last year, the Clippers managed to get the win over the Nuggets in overtime, and finished the game 118-111. This year, the Nuggets were not going to let history repeat itself. They defeated the Clippers with the final score of 104-93 on October 18, 2014. With over 8,000 fans in attendance, Saturday night was "game on" at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.
The game started out strong for LA as they developed an early seven point lead. The Clippers were clearly the crowd favorite judging by the audience's cheers each time they scored or saw one of Blake Griffin's dunks. However, late in the first quarter, the Nuggets quickly came from behind with a 16-2 run. They were able to tie the game at halftime where both teams scored 51 points. Once the third quarter began, the momentum shifted in favor of the Nuggets. Moments later in the third quarter, Denver eventually developed a 13-point lead.
The Nuggets continued to play strong throughout the fourth quarter. They displayed good defense and were able to get more rebounds than the Clippers. LA was unable to come no closer than seven points in their comeback attempt. Still, they continued to miss open layups and their small forward, Matt Barnes, noticeably under performed throughout the game. The Clippers were not diving for loose balls, had poor ball movement, and continued to make sloppy plays. As a result, the Nuggets were able to get the win over their opponent's lackluster performance.
Though the Clippers lost in this annual preseason matchup, there were no injuries reported during the game, which is always a great thing when the season is starting less than two weeks away. One thing is for certain, the city of Las Vegas got the chance to enjoy watching the teams' superstars up close and at the end of the day, did anyone really lose?
Top Three Players of the Night:
Perhaps the most valuable player of the night was Kenneth Faried. He posted 19 points and seven rebounds. Arron Afflalo's 16 points and good defense, combined with Randy Floye's five assists also contributed to their team's win.
Leading the LA Clippers was Blake Griffin, who powered his way to finish with 27 points. Chris Paul just missed a double-double with 13 points and nine rebounds. The reigning Sixth Man of the Year, Jamal Crawford, ended the game with 23 points and two steals.
Overall Differences:
Denver Nuggets outperformed the LA Clippers as they accumulated twelve steals in the game compared to six from the Clippers. Denver also had thirteen turnovers to nineteen for the Clippers.
Notes about the Clippers bench:
-Matt Barnes played 28 minutes of the game, yet finished without scoring a single point. He missed all nine of his field-goal attempts, including six of them from the 3-point range.
-J.J. Redick did not play.
-Joe Ingles was the small forward starter for the Clippers. He played 19 minutes, yet managed to have collect more fouls than points. He had four personal fouls and only three points.
Notes about the Nuggets bench:
-Shooting guard Randy Foye scored 14 points, four rebounds, and five steals.
-J.J. Hickson played 14 minutes and finished the game with ten points. It should be noted that despite his setback caused by a torn ACL, he made a significant impact from the Nuggets' bench and proved he was back. He helped the Nuggets surge past the Clippers.
-JaVale McGee did not play.
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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 7


(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT)
Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield Georgia St. +20 S. ALABAMA - W Missouri +6 FLORIDA - W Bengals +3 COLTS - L RAMS +7 Seahawks - W Panthers +6.5 PACKERS - L
Winn Baylor -8 WEST VIRGINIA - L Clemson -4.5 BOSTON COLLEGE - L BEARS -3 Dolphins - L Seahawks -7 RAMS - L REDSKINS -5.5 Titans - L
Cowherd COLTS -3 Bengals - W 49ers +6.5 BRONCOS - L Giants +6.5 COWBOYS - L Dolphins +3 BEARS - W Chiefs +4 CHARGERS - W
Brittney C Michigan State -15 INDIANA - W Baylor -8 WEST VIRGINIA - L COLTS -3 Bengals - W Dolphins +3 BEARS - W Cardinals -3.5 RAIDERS - W
Teah AIR FORCE -10 N. Mexico - L CAL +7 Ucla- W Bengals +3 COLTS - L LIONS -2.5 Saints - L BRONCOS -6.5 49ers - W
Brittany A Fresno St. +17 BOISE - W OKState +10 TCU - L ARIZONA ST. +3.5 Stanford - W COLORADO +21 Southern Cal - L BRONCOS -6.5 49ers - W
JVT ARIZONA ST. +3.5 Stanford -- W ARKANSAS +3.5 Georgia - L BOSTON COLLEGE +4.5 Clemson - W LIONS -2.5 Saints - L Chiefs +4 CHARGERS - W
Ray Brewer WEST VIRGINIA +8 Baylor - W DUKE -3 Virginia - W CSU -5.5 Utah State - L TULSA +1.5 S. Florida - L Iowa +4.5 MARYLAND - L
Taylor Fresno St. +17 BOISE - W SDSU -7.5 Hawaii - W Utah State +5.5 CSU - W Reno +12 BYU - W WYOMING +1.5 Sjsu - L
Adam Hill STEELERS -3 Texans - W LIONS -2.5 Saints - L JAGUARS +5.5 Browns - W BEARS -3 Dolphins - L COLTS -3 Bengals - W
Chuck Georgia -3.5 ARKANSAS - W Cardinals -3.5 RAIDERS - W Chiefs +4 CHARGERS - W Falcons +6.5 RAVENS - L COLTS -3 Bengals - W

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Colin Cowherd 21 14 21
Chuck 20 13 2 20
Cofield 20 13 2 20
Chris Winn 19 16 0 19
Taylor 18 17 18
Brittany A 18 14 3 18
JVT 17 15 3 17
Brittney C 17 17 1 17
Ray Brewer 16 19 16
Teah 14 20 1 14
Adam Hill 12 23 12
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Clay Baker's Tales For The Curious

As we approach Halloween, I'd like to deliver a daily reminder on the scary side of life with a collection of stories that should send you a shiver with my "Tales For The Curious".

"Play Misty For Me"

My very first overnight shift was at an Oldies station in Lansing, Michigan. Just before I went on, the jock before me gave me a piece of advice I never forgot. Jim Stone told me, "Women will call up here, wanting song requests but most of all it's just to talk. The ones who want to meet up afterwards are all scary and the cute ones are even scarier, so beware." Did I listen to him? Of course not.

In "Play Misty For Me", Clint Eastwood plays a bachelor DJ who took one request too many; putting him on a collision course with a psycho listener that should make you THINK TWICE about meeting fans after the show. The seemingly, harmless caller is played by the rather hot, Jessica Walters. She is alluring and seems fine, just a little lonely, right? Wrong. It's a classic movie that hits home to every man or woman that's ever worked in Radio. It also marks Clint Eastwood's Directorial Debut and features a yummy Donna Mills and tons of Carts. You probably don't even know what that means but that's why it ranks and starts us off on Clay Baker's Tales For The Curious.
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Beat The Gridlock Week #7

Beat The Gridlock Week #7
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams / Chargers/Chiefs over 45 Mitch Moss / Colts -3 Ed Graney / Saints +2.5 2-1

Colts -3
Browns -5.5 Seahawks -7 1-2
Falcons +6.5
Lions -2.5
Giants +6.5

Denver/SF under 50
Steelers/Texans under 44.5
Ravens/Falcons under 49
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Gridlock's Week #7 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #7 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NFL) Colts -3 (NFL)Panthers +6.5 (NFL) Chargers -4
(NFL) 49ers +7
(NFL) Saints +2.5
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Texas AM/Alabama over 63.5 (NCAAF) Arkansas/Georgia under 54.5 (NCAAF) Notre dame +12 (NFL) 49ers +7 (NFL) Chargers -4
Ed Graney (NCAAF) San Diego State -8 (NFL) Saints +2.5 (NCAAF) West Virginia +7.5 (NFL) Cowboys -6.5 (NFL) Utah State +5.5
Clay Baker (NFL) Titans +5.5 (NFL) Seahawks -6.5 (NFL) Packers -7 (NFL) Raiders +3.5 (NFL) 49ers +7
Sean McGhie (NCAAF) Georgia -3.5 (NCAAF) Florida -6.5 (NFL) Chicago -3 (NFL) Seahawks -6.5 (NFL) Chargers -4

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #7 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 2-3 18-16-1 total
Seat Williams 2-3 17-18 total
Ed Graney 4-1 15-18-2 total
Clay Baker 2-3
13-15-2 total
Sean McGhie 1-4
14-19-1 total

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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 6

Teah from Jacksons is somewhere in this photo


(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT)
Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield Texas +16 Oklahoma - W KANSAS +21 OkState + W Idaho +24 GA SOUTHERN - W MICHIGAN -1.5 Penn State - W DOLPHINS +3 Packers - PUSH
Winn Auburn -2.5 MISS ST. - L Baylor -8 TCU - L Oregon -2.5 UCLA - W Broncos -9.5 NYJ - W SEAHAWKS -9 Cowboys - L
Cowherd Bears +3 FALCONS - W BENGALS -6.5 Panthers - L Giants +3 EAGLES - L DOLPHINS +3.5 Packers - W Chargers -7 RAIDERS - L
Brittney C Oklahoma -16 Texas - L WISCONSIN -26 Illinois - L IOWA -3.5 Indiana - W Giants +3 EAGLES - L Chargers -7 RAIDERS - L
Teah Old Dominion +2.5 UTEP - L MARSHALL -24.5 Mtsu - W Air Force +8 UTAH STATE - L Packers -3 DOLPHINS - PUSH BILLS +2.5 Patriots - L
Brittany A ARIZONA +3 Usc - W TCU +8 Baylor - W Oregon -2.5 UCLA - W Lions +1 VIKINGS - W DOLPHINS +3 Packers - PUSH
JVT Fresno -9.5 UNLV - L Michigan St. -21 PURDUE - L ARKANSAS +9 Alabama - W Panthers +6.5 BENGALS - W RAIDERS +7 Chargers - W
Ray Brewer UTEP -2.5 Old Dominion - W RENO +2.5 Colorado St. - L UTAH STATE -8 Air Force - W Ravens -3.5 BUCCS - W BENGALS -6.5 Panthers - L
Taylor UNLV +9.5 Fresno St - W Sdsu -4 N. MEXICO - W Air Force +8 UTAH STATE - L RENO +2.5 Colorado St.- L WYOMING +6 Hawaii - L
Adam Hill TITANS -4 Jaguars - L FALCONS -3 Bears - L VIKINGS -1 Lions - L Patriots -2.5 BILLS - W Cowboys +9 SEAHAWKS - W
Chuck Steelers +1.5 BROWNS - L BEARS +3 Falcons - W RAIDERS +7 Chargers - W Patriots -2.5 BILLS - W Cowboys +9 SEAHAWKS- W

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Colin Cowherd 19 11 19
Chris Winn 19 11 19
Cofield 17 11 2 17
Chuck 16 12 2 16
Taylor Bern Brittany A 15 12 3 15
Brittney C Ray Brewer 14 16 14
JVT 14 13 3 14
Brittany A Taylor A 14 16 14
Brittney C 13 16 1 13
Teah 12 17 1 12
Adam Hill 9 21 9
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Beat The Gridlock Week #6

Beat The Gridlock Week #6
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams/ Patriots -2.5 Mitch Moss/ Giants +3 Ed Graney/ Chicago over 54 1-2


Chargers -7
Bengals -6.5 Titans -4 0-3


Bengals -6.5 Seattle -8.5
Bears over 54

Raymond Steelers +1.5

Bears +3

Giants +3
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Gridlock's Week #6 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #6 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NFL) Seattle -8 (NFL) Giants +3 (NCAAF) Oregon -2.5 (NCAAF) Wisconsin -26 (NCAAF) Texas A&M -1.5
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Arkansas State/ Georgia State over 64.5 (NCAAF) Alabama/Arkansas under 56 (NCAAF) UTEP -2.5 (NFL) Chargers -7 (NFL) Cardinals -2.5
Ed Graney (NCAAF) Auburn -3 (NCAAF) North Texas + 6.5 (NCAAF) Oregon -2.5 (NCAAF) Alabama/Arkansas over 56 (NCAAF) Texas AM -2
Clay Baker (NCAAF) Louisville +9.5 (NCAAF) Auburn -3 (NCAAF) Penn State pk (NCAAF) Nevada +2.5 (NFL) Vikings -1
Sean McGhie (NFL) Chargers -7 (NCAAF) Alabama -9 (NFL) Ravens -3 (NFL) Broncos -7 (NCAAF) Baylor -8

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #5 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 1-4 16-13-1 total
Seat Williams 3-2 15-15 total
Ed Graney 1-4 11-17-2 total
Clay Baker 1-4
11-12-2 total
Sean McGhie
13-15-1 total

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Who's Hot & Who's Cold 10/8/14

"Who's Hot & Who's Cold"
Sponsored by Controlled Comfort Heating & Air conditioning

Who's Hot -- Pop Star Katy Perry for going 6 for 6 in College Game Day picks.

Who's Cold -- Los Angeles Baseball. Both the Dodgers and the Angels.

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways

Monday Night Football is back with ESPN 1100/98.9FM & Todd English PUB. Join Gridlock's very own Seat Williams for Seahawks vs. Redskins at the best football party in town. Spectacular food and Drink specials plus tons of giveaways to get your hands on. Don't miss out!! See you there!!

Gridlock Week #5 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 2-2-1 15-9-1 total
Seat Williams 2-3 12-13 total
Ed Graney 3-1-1 10-13-2 total
Clay Baker
10-8-2 total
Sean McGhie
11-13-1 total


Katy Perry stopped by ESPN's College GameDay on Saturday and had some fun. Not only did the pop star go six for six on her game day picks, but she also gave a special shout out to Oklahoma's QB Trevor Knight. On the show today we asked listeners if Trevor may have had to much Katy on his mind, because of his horrible performance in the game. What do you think? Was Knight not focused in the game? Check out the video below.

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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 5

(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT)

Pick 1

Pick 2

Pick 3

Pick 4

Pick 5


Wake Forest +38 FSU - L

Smu +40.5 E. CAROLINA - W

Michigan +2 RUTGERS - PUSH

PANTHERS -2.5 Bears - W

TITANS -2 Browns - L

Brittney C

VTech -2.5 N. CAROLINA - W

Oklahoma -4 TCU - L

Browns +2 TITANS
- W

BENGALS -1 Patriots - L

GIANTS -4 Falcons - W

Brittany A

Texas Tech +14 KSTATE - L

NOTRE DAME +2.5 Stanford - W

AUBURN -7.5 Lsu - W

Chiefs +5.5 49ERS - W

Seahawks -7 REDSKINS - W

Teah from Jacksons

ILLINOIS -9 Purdue - L

Ohio State -7 MARYLAND - W

CINCINNATI -3 Memphis - L

Browns +2 TITANS - W

Bengals -1 Patriots - L


CARDINALS 7.5 Broncos - L

Bengals -1 PATRIOTS - L

Seahawks -7 REDSKINS - W

Browns +2 TITANS - W

Kansas +5.5 49ERS - W


NOTRE DAME +2.5 Stanford - W

MISS STATE -2.5 Texas A & M - W

Bears +2.5 PANTHERS - L

Ravens +3.5 COLTS - L

Chiefs +5.5 49ERS - W


Sdsu +3 FRESNO - L

RENO +4.5 Boise - L

New Mexico +17 UTSA - W

AIR FORCE +3.5 Navy - W

RICE -6.5 Hawaii - W


Bears +2.5 PANTHERS - L

GIANTS -4 Falcons - W

Bills +7 LIONS - W

Jets +6.5 CHARGERS - L

Seahawks -7 REDSKINS - W

Ray Brewer

Ohio State –7 MARYLAND - W

NOTRE DAME+2.5 Stanford - W

CINCINNATI -3 Memphis - L

ALABAMA –4.5 Ole Miss - L


Chris Winn

NOTRE DAME +2.5 Stanford - W

Baylor -14.5 TEXAS W

CHARGERS -6.5 Jets - W

GIANTS -4 Falcons - W

COLTS -3.5 Ravens - W

Adam Hill

Browns - L

EAGLES -6.5 Rams - L

Falcons +4 GIANTS - L

Texans +6.5 COWBOYS - W

PATRIOTS +1 Bengals - W

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Colin Cowherd 17 8 17
Chris Winn 17 8 17
Cofield 13 11 1 13
Chuck Ojeda
12 11 2 12
Taylor Bern 12 13 12
Brittney C 12 12 1 12
Ray Brewer 11 14 11
Teah 11 14 11
JVT 11 11 3 11
Brittany A 11 12 2 11
Adam Hill 7 18 7
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Gridlock's Week #5 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #5 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NFL) Buccaneers +10 (NFL) Ravens +3.5 (NCAAF) Mississippi State -2.5 (NCAAF) Tennessee -3 (NCAAF) Rutgers-2
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Notre Dame/ Stanford under 45 (NCAAF) Texas AM/Mississippi State over 70 (NCAAF) Georgia Southern -19 (NFL) Ravens/Colts over 48.5 (NFL) Bengals -1
Ed Graney (NCAAF) Rice -6.5 (NCAAF) Central Michigan -4 (NCAAF) Rutgers -2 (NFL) Bengals -1 (NFL) Texans +6.5
Clay Baker (NCAAF) Central Michigan -4 (NCAAF) Alabama -4.5 (NCAAF) Notre Dame +2.5 (NCAAF) Rutgers -2.5 (NFL) Seahawks -7
Sean McGhie (NFL) Seahawks -7 (NCAAF) Rutgers -2 (NCAAF) Oklahoma -5 (NCAAF) Rice -6.5 (NCAAF) Ohio State -8.5

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #5 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss 2-2-1 15-9-1 total
Seat Williams 2-3 12-13 total
Ed Graney 3-1-1 10-13-2 total
Clay Baker
10-8-2 total
Sean McGhie
11-13-1 total

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Audio: Snoop Dogg's Newest Bishop Gorman Track Proves Rap Is A Young Man's Game

Sad To See Such A Great Rapper Fall, & Then There Is Flavor Flav...
Photo via: Rap-Up

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Check out Snoop Dogg's latest track for our hometown Bishop Gorman Gaels. It's quite different from his very first studio album "Doggystyle" which was released in 1993 (NSFW), and just happens to be my favorite album of all time. Snoop collaborates with another Vegas local, Flavor Flav to basically shout "Yea Boiii" over and over again.

The intention is good I suppose. I can't wait until Gorman starts blasting this song at home games.
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