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Video: Step up Vegas, time to catch a predator

If the allegations are true, the dirtball on this video is a danger to all of us.

According to police, the victim was driving near the intersection of Durango Drive and the 215 (Durango and Arby) around 2:45 a.m. Tuesday, when she was assaulted.

The man confronted the victim at gunpoint, assaulted her and then took her car.

He is described as a white man about 22 years old. He is 6 foot and 160 pounds. He has dark hair. He was last seen wearing a red shirt and black pants. Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with any information about this sexual assault can contact Metro's sexual assault section at 702-828-3421 or 311. To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 or

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ICYMI: 7/22 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5

Missed out on your favorite ESPN 1100 show? Check out our podcast page. Listen to Tuesday's edition of The Big 5 At 5!

The Newest Trend For Men?
Photo via: TightsForMen

NO 5: Men's Tights

There is no question Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has a questionable fashion sense. That's why it doesn't surprise me that he is investing in a company that will produce leggings for men. Mantyhose. Whatever you want to call them I have to say I cannot believe that this will catch on. I guess Uggs are now acceptable for men to wear, but tights? Please, don't let it become reality.

NO 4: Cofield Is Faked Out

Reading a Norm Clarke article Steve was fooled into thinking that the LVRJ writer won the lottery. To be honest, I don't know.

NO 3: Emmanuel Mudiay Heads To China

The first sports story of the Big 5! Turns out the former SMU recruit will be heading overseas to begin his basketball career. The move could spark fear into the hearts of college basketball fans: Will star recruits now bolt for overseas? Doubtful. Sure it is a better option for those guys who are on-and-dones, but for the most part recruits should still flock to colleges around the countries. Recruits can only head to the leagues overseas if they will be an insane success. If you're going to be in college for only a year, why not get paid for that year?

NO 2: MLS In Vegas

It looks like the Findlay's have some competition and the winner will be the Las Vegas locals. Jason Ader, an owner of a fund management company wants to launch an effort to bring an MLS tem to Las Vegas, and his bid would be separate from the Findlay's bid. Now there are two groups trying to bring a MLS team here, and both seem to have the ability to make it happen. With the situation in Miami going on, that Adam Hill eluded to in the Big 5, it is looking more and more possible that Las Vegas will get its first professional sports franchise.

NO 1: The Yankees

Big news? The Yanks trade away a Class-A advanced minor leaguer in Rafael De Paula, and an average player in Yangervis Solarte to the San Diego Padres, and in return they get a 30-year-old third baseman in Chase Headley. I guess for a team that is 16th in the league in batting average, and 22nd in RBIs it makes sense, but it isn't the splashy name the Yankees of the past used to get. Not a big baseball brain, but the Yankees pitching staff is being held together with duct tape and gum right now. I would be looking for an arm in a division that is completely up for grabs.
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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

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Today on the show we talked about the hype behind Johnny Manziel and if he will be the starting quarterback for the Browns' franchise. Johnny has till August 23 to earn his position on the team over Brian Hoyer, who coach Pettine had already said would be hard to beat as the front runner. Do you think that Johnny has what it takes to start as quarterback? Or is Hoyer the better bet to start the season?

Michael Sam is No.6 in jersey sales so far this year for the NFL, beating out some of the top names in the league. Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player, has caught some more attention after former coach Tony Dungy made statements saying that he "wouldn't want to deal with" drafting Michael, because of his sexuality. Sam's jersey has been more popular than all of the top-round choices except for Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel. On July 16, Michael Sam won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2014 ESPYS and gave an amazing speech explaining his struggle in life and on the field. How do you feel about Dungy's statements towards Sam? Should Sam be accepted by league with open arms, or is this still a touchy subject?

Also on the show Today we talked with Gridlock's Ed Graney out on location at this year's annual Mountain West Media Days at The Cosmopolitan here in Las Vegas. It was exciting for UNLV fans as three of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas players were named to the Preseason All-Mountain West Football Team for the first time since 2006. Also UNLV was the only team this year with more than two players named on the offensive side of the ball. Devante Davis(pictured above), Brett Boyko and Robert Waterman, all seniors, were named after a vote by the league's media. The MW Championship Game is set for December 6, 2014 at the home stadium of the divisional champion with the highest College Football Playoff Committee ranking.
How do you think UNLV will do in the Upcoming season? Can they be No.1 in the West? Or are they destined to be seated far lower?

The Twitter account @mountainwest posted its predictions to win the 2014 divisions early today, putting UNLV in the No.4 spot for the West division. Below is the picture from Twitter.

Photo via:Mountainwest

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Everybody Wants A Piece Of Johnny

Johnny Manziel has had a lot of media coverage since being drafted by the Browns' franchise and it definitely shows. The rookie quarterback has the No.1 selling jersey over any other player in the league according to, from the period of April 1 - July 17.

Manziel tops the list over big name quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, even though he has yet to play in an actual NFL game. The Browns plan to announce their starting quarterback on August 23, which gives Johnny less than a month to secure his job.

Here is the list of the top five names in jersey sales for so far this year:
  1. Johnny Manziel (Browns)
  2. Russell Wilson (Seahawks)
  3. Colin Kaepernick (49ers)
  4. Peyton Manning (Broncos)
  5. Richard Sherman (Seahawks)

It will be interesting to see how the hype behind Johnny will play out over the course of the season. If he plays well he will be one of the most famous and sought after quarterbacks in the league, but if he can't hang in the NFL and performs poorly, he will be crucified by the fans.

How do you think Manziel will do this season? Does he have what it takes to live up to his status, or will he choke under pressure?

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

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Today on the show we talked about some of the new rules and penalties enforced in the NFL, and if the rules are making the game a bad product to watch. Two of the six new rule proposals submitted by the NFL's competition committee to league owners have been passed and put into place. The first rule will be no illegal "peel-back" blocks below the waist in the tackle box, which happens when an offensive player contacts a defender who is moving parallel or backward toward the end line. The second rule states that no more than six players on the defensive side of the football can be aligned on one side of the center when trying to block a punt/kick. This rule is to offer better protection for the snapper. What do you think of the new rules being imposed? Is the NFL becoming to overprotective of players, which might dull the game experience? Or is it necessary to enforce the new rules for the safety of the players?

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced that they will be hosting a Fantasy Football league draft at Arrowhead Stadium for $85 a person. Fantasy league members can sign up to hold their draft in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium on Labor Day, with a buffet provided and tickets to the Chargers game in December, which sounds like a sweet deal. On the show we asked listeners if this is hypocritical of the NFL considering the way they feel about Las Vegas gambling. What do you think?

The University of Memphis has hired Hamilton High School coach Keelon Lawson to help out with the team, apparently because his sons are highly ranked recruits and will follow him to the Tigers. KJ. Lawson, the oldest son, is already committed to Memphis and is ranked 37th in the class of 2015 by ESPN. The younger son Dedric is slotted 7th by ESPN in the class of 2016. The youngest son Chandler, is perhaps the best of the group, he's ranked 4th in the class of 2019 by On the show today we asked listeners what they think about Memphis's move to grab Lawson based on the promise of his sons. What do you think of the plan by the Tigers? Is it wrong to bring on Lawson just to recruit his kids?

Also on the show today we talked about Colby Lewis and his rants about baseball's "unwritten rules" after Colby Rasmus bunted in the fifth inning of Saturday's Rangers-Blue Jays game. Apparently according to Lewis, Rasmus was in the wrong for laying down the bunt after Texas played the shift on him. Lewis was seen yelling over to first-base in disgust with Rasmus. Seems more like he was upset over giving up a two-out base hit. What do you think? Did Rasmus break a so called "unwritten rule?"

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

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Carlos Boozer is headed to the Lakers Franchise to play along-side Kobe Bryant after L.A. won the apparent $3.5 million winning bid according to Boozer is a late add along with Jordan Hill, Ed Davis and Julius Randle to help maximize the potential on the court. Mark Spears, NBA writer for Yahoo Sports joined the show today to talk about the Lakers future with the line-up that they do have, and if it will be enough. You can listen to what Mark had to say here.

Eric Bledsoe has turned down a four-year, $48 million contract from the Phoenix Suns in hopes of getting a max five-year deal at $80 million. As a restricted free agent, Bledsoe averaged 17.7 points, 5.5 assists and 4.7 rebounds last season. Talks of the Lakers Franchise going after Bledsoe have been tossed around but nothing has been offered by L.A., so far. What do you think of Bledsoe's demand for a max deal? Is he worth the money?

Dan Gilbert joined the show today Live from NBA Summer League at the Thomas & Mack. Gilbert talked with Seat Williams court side about LeBrons return to Cleveland, Andrew Wiggins and the upcoming season for Cavaliers basketball. You can listen to the interview with Dan here.


Also on the show today we talked about some weird treats and odd ice cream flavors you can find in different cities and at sports events. Mitch mentioned the Beer & Bacon Milkshake that can be found at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. The Shake 'n Bacon Brew features six ounces of Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Black Lager, six ounces of Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream and two ounces of bacon-infused maple syrup mixed in a blender. NASCAR fans sure love their beer, so why not throw bacon in the mix. The ice cream is where things got a little weird. Bone marrow with bourbon and black cherry ice cream seems to be a hit at the Salt & Straw ice cream pallor in Portland, Oregon. New York City's Laboratorio del Gelato serves a wasabi ice cream that people are said to love. New York is also the home of Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. which serves the awful sounding foie gras ice cream, which is duck liver and vanilla ice cream, yuck. There was one flavor that most of us said we would try, the bacon jalapeno popper ice cream from Amy's Ice Cream in Austin, Texas, which sounds pretty good. What is the weirdest ice cream or treat that you have eaten or come across?

Want more Gridlock? Tune in at ESPN 1100/98.9FM Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT for more sports news and entertainment.
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Video: Skydive to a Slip N' Slide? Check Out This Crazy Daredevil

Niklas Daniel, an American skydiver who has over 8,000 jumps to his name and also runs a flight school in Arizona, attempts to land on a slip n' slide after a jump from 10,000 feet in the air.

A landing strip with a 200-foot-long slip n' slide was set in place and bystanders watched as Daniel came gliding down to land almost perfectly on the slide. Fitted with the latest in camera equipment, Niklas was able to capture the daring jump in all its glory.

I don't have the stones to even jump from a plane at all, but to have the control and precision to actually land on the target perfectly, is an amazing thing to watch.
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ICYMI: 7/17 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5

Missed out on your favorite ESPN 1100/98.9 FM show? Check out our podcast page, and make sure you check out Thursday's edition of the Big 5!

NO 5: Joel Embiid Tweets At Kim

Joel Embiid is good at Twitter from what I understand. The former Jayhawk was caught on Twitter asking Kim Kardashian to "slide in" his DMs over the weekend, and now Deadspin loves him more than Yasiel Puig. I didn't see the awesomeness in Embiid's Kanye tweets, but I will admit he is a funny guy.

NO 4: British Open

Unfortunately, I do not have cable, so I only have the almighty ESPN 3 website. Luckily, they offered a camera on Tiger Wood's group of Angel Cabrera and Henrik Stenson. It was a great first round. After Tiger opened up with back-to-back bogeys I thought I was about to watch a huge implosion. Instead, Tiger settled down, and even birdied five of his last eight holes to finish three-under par on the day.

Other than that there were tons of stories this morning. Ernie Els demolishing a spectator with a hooking tee shot, or Stenson snapping his club in half out of frustration made the Open pretty entertaining. We'll see how tomorrow goes, but something to note: I wouldn't be watching this event if Tiger was not in it. Golf needs him to be great.

NO 3: Hakkasan Promoter Suspended

Justice has been served? Doubt it. The famous promoter who turned down a woman because she wouldn't send pictures of her group was suspended today. At first, a report surfaced that he was fired, but the story was straightened out. Adam Hill had a good point: he can't be fired he was following company policy. I don't doubt that he will be back with Hakkasan in the future, and that nothing will really happen to the guy. By the way, Chuck Ojeda and I agree we found the guy. Too bad for you I don't think I can put it on here. Work people!

NO 2: Bud Selig On Pete Rose

Outgoing MLB Commissioner Bud Selig spoke again, and it's about Pete Rose. Selig was asked if Rose would be allowed to be included in All-Star activities next year when Cincinnati is the host:

"That'll be up to the Cincinnati club, and they know what they can do and they can't do. They've been very good about that. We haven't had that discussion."

This is ridiculous. The topic of Pete Rose is a touchy subject in baseball, and for Selig to approach it so nonchalantly is ridiculous. The fact Rose is still banned for betting on games, while other players who were involved in PED scandals are playing in All-Star games os foolish enough as it is without your useless comments.

NO 1: The Future Of MLB

It'll be exciting to see who replaces Selig as commissioner. The more I try to delve into baseball, the more I realize how great of a sport it really is. If baseball can hit a homerun, like the NBA did with Adam Silver, we could see Major League Baseball flourish. Joe Torre and George W. Bush have been names that have been thrown around, but one thing is for certain: baseball has a great opportunity coming. It needs to strike.
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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

Mike Dunleavy Sr., Former NBA Coach Of The Year and host at SiriusXM NBA Radio joined the show today. Mike gave us his thoughts on the NBA Summer League, Anthony Bennett's future and Lebron's return to Cleveland. You can hear the interview with coach Dunleavy here.

Former BYU and current Sixers player Brandon Davies joined us live from NBA Summer League today. Davies talked about his code violation at BYU and how the whole thing went down. Davies also explained how the Thomas & Mack was always one of his favorite road destinations while playing college ball. You can listen to the interview with Davies here.


Also on the show today we talked about the new movie out in theaters "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." Gridlock's Seat Williams went to watch the new release yesterday and said that its definitely a must see. Over the weekend in South Carolina, two real-life chimps sat alongside their human counterparts in a local movie theater to watch the movie thats all about apes. Vali and Sugrive, both two-year-old chimpanzees, sat and watched the entire film with other movie goers and were said to have even reacted like humans during some of the dramatic scenes, by clenching each others hands and clapping for the good guys. Other attendees of the movie were said to have stated things like "Are you sure they should watch this movie, won't they learn to take over the world?.'" What do you think of the chimps attending the movie? Do they now have a blueprint for world domination?

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT for more sports news and entertainment.

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ICYMI: 7/16 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5

NO 5: Lotus' I.O.U. System

Steve Cofield apparently has a problem with our great break room system here at Lotus Broadcasting. Cofield decided to call out some fellow staffers on their debt. One of them was myself and my whopping $9.75 debt. First, my debt is nowhere near the $20+ debt that has been accrued by a nameless IT guy here at Lotus, and second, I don't carry cash Steve! Maybe if I just drink coffee, and carry around my CoffeeMate creamer in a Jets lunch pail everywhere I go I'll refrain from consuming copious amounts of water and Nutri-Grain bars.

NO 4: No Hippos At Hakkasan

In my two years as a 21+ year old I have never stepped into a club. I, more than likely, will never step into a club either. It looks like a person named Zoe won't be frequenting Hakkasan anytime in the future as well. In an attempt to setup a bachelorette party for herself Zoe reached out to an acquaintance for a table at the club. The man was very accommodating, and for a nominal fee of pictures of every girl at the party it would be good to go. Why the pictures? You can't give tables to anyone, "Then the club would be filled with hippos." Wow. At least the club cares right? I can't wait to see what happens to the club, but I am assuming nothing happens. It makes too much money.

NO 3: Jeter's Commercial

I'll start off by saying: the commercial was way too long and stupid. I know people will probably get mad (If they read this), but really? One minute and 45 seconds of people just tipping their hats? Cofield & Co. asked the question, who shouldn't have been in there? First one that comes to mind is Phil Jackson. Really? The dude was just hired, and he was born in Montana! Terrible commercial.

NO 2: Mayweather On Ronda Rousey

"Who? I don't know who he is." I'm sorry Money but cut the crap. You know exactly who she is, and calling her a "he" just makes you look asinine. I believe that Rousey would in fact destroy Mayweather in an MMA fight, but it's not because he is a terrible fighter, but because he isn't trained. The "he" issue? Please…

NO 1: Erin Andrews Is A B****
You read that correctly. A radio show out in Boston was not happy with the conversation between Adam Wainwright and E.A. about his serving up meatballs for Jeter in the All-Star Game. Kirk Minihane was so annoyed by Andrews comment "Don't you love social media?" that he told her to die. As if calling her a female dog wasn't enough. I always love the response to tell people to die. You really wish death on someone who was actually right?! Pathetic.
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Video: The Future Of Professional Sports Is Here. Professional Video Gaming?

The past week has certainly been an exciting one for sports fans. Lebron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez pulled out a controversial split decision victory over Erislandy Lara Saturday night at the MGM Grand. As the night came to a close Saturday, some true fight fans prepared for the Evolution Championship Series 2014 Finals to take place the following day. The event may have been slightly overshadowed by the FIFA World Cup final round, but fans congregated at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort on Sunday to watch about 2000 of the best gamers from all over the world compete for the world championship in several fighting games such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and more.

I thought I had some skills in Super Smash Bros Melee, but I guess my friends just aren't that good at it. These players are doing attacks and special moves I didn't even know existed in the game. It sounds like these announcers are speaking a foreign language because of all the terms they use. Check out the championship bout above. This match is very close and exciting, and you may get a laugh from the announcers. It seems like this is a fad that is sweeping the nation, and it might not just be a fad for long. The winner of EVO 2014 cashed in on a $10,000 prize! I was told video games rotted your brain, turns out it just fills your wallet.

The rest of the championship matches can be viewed online at IGN.
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Video: Footage Of LeBron's Return To Cleveland

This has to be the best 30 seconds I have spent today. Good find Chuck Ojeda.

Not only is Dumb & Dumber a great film, but add on the big LeBron head? Priceless.

Enjoy, and kudos to whoever made this. You are my hero.
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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

Former Baylor University basketball player Isaiah Austin joined Gridlock today live from NBA Summer League. Isaiah shared his feelings about being inducted in the NBA, even though he will never play due to a recent diagnosis, and the gratitude he feels towards the league for honoring him the way they did at the draft. Austin has been working with NBA TV and stated that he might be interested in becoming an analyst, but first he will be heading back to school to finish his degree. You can hear the entire interview with Isaiah here.

Today on the show we talked about last night's All-Star game and how there was no real mention or honoring of baseball-great Tony Gwynn. "Mr. Padre" recently passed away, due to cancer, and was with out a doubt one of baseball's all-time hitters. The guys talked today about how some sort of memorial or even just a mention of the Hall Of Famer would have been appropriate, but it never came. How do you feel about MLB doing nothing for Gwynn at the All-Star game? Should Gwynn have gotten a final fair well considering he had more All-Star games under his belt than Jeter does?

How much should you tip your cab driver? Today on the show we talked about celebrities and average people here in Las Vegas, and what is acceptable and unacceptable in the world of Gratuity. LV Cabbie Chronicles joined us live to put Wizards PG John Wall on blast for stiffing the limo driver that picked him up from the airport here in Las Vegas. Wall was said to have even sent the driver back for something he left at the airport and again tipped nothing for the drivers extra efforts. We asked listeners today, if you have a certain public image, should you have to tip more than most people? Is Wall just a jerk for not compensating the driver, and then doing it a second time after asking for help? Listeners texted in with all sorts of stories calling out other famous people who are horrible tippers including Madonna, Tiger Woods and R&B singer Usher to name a few.

The guys from Gridlock are out on location tomorrow from 11am-2pm PT broadcasting live from NBA Summer League at the Thomas&Mack. Stop by and meet the crew plus enjoy all the action of the games. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased from or at the Arena.

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT on ESPN 1100/98.9FM for more sports news and entertainment.

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What Would It Look Like If Every NBA Star Went To Their Home-Town Team?

After Lebron James deciding to go back to his home-town team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, have you ever wondered what NBA teams would look like if every star player went to play for their home team? has put together what each team roster would consist of with their home-town heroes.

The Chicago Bulls would definitely be one of the top contenders with Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Jabari Parker, Shawn Marion and Anthony Davis all on the court. With this line up they would dominate most teams.

The L.A... Clippers would be a very different team with Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Jrue Holiday, Brook Lopez and Klay Thompson on the starting line up.

We would hear a lot more from the Wizards if they were running Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Ty Lawson, Roy Hibbert and Rudy Gay.

Philadelphia has a great line up with Kobe Bryant, Kyle Lowry, Tyreke Evans, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Hakim Warrick. They would be a solid team if Kobe could pass the ball. has the rest of the NBA teams and their home-town stars all listed for you to see, except for San Antonio, Utah and Colorado who have no significant stars currently playing in the NBA .
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Video: Class A Yankee Affiliate Hosts 'Destroy Bieber/Cyrus Gear'

It's true history repeats itself.

Back on July 12, 1979 the Chicago White Sox hosted 'Disco Demolition Night' where all attendants of the game got to bring disco records, and destroy them. Not everyone in the '70s liked disco, which is a shock to me considering I thought that's all people from the '70s listened to. The night went terribly wrong, as you can see in the video, and the Sox had to forfeit the second game of a double header becuase of excessive damage to the field.

Fast forward about 35 years, and the son of late owner Bill Veeck, and co-owner of the Charleston RiverDogs, Mike Veeck, is taking after his father.

The RiverDogs are hosting 'Disco Demolition 2' and this time the victims are Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Bieber and Cyrus have been in the spotlight quite a bit in the past year, and most of it hasn't been good news. For Bieber, it's been constant reports of vandalism and irratic behavior. The 'Baby' singer was arrested in January for a DUI, and he turned himself in to Toronto Police for an assault on a limo driver back in 2013.

Cyrus, by most accounts has stayed out of trouble, but her influence on the young children of America has come into question. Cyrus has twerked her way around the world in 2014, and most people feel like she has imploded since shedding her Hannah Montana persona.

Their music is horrible, and they are corrupting our youth, and the RiverDogs are the first people to take a stand. Good on you Charleston. Now if we can only do something about Ariana Grande...

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.


NBA TV analyst and former Laker Rick Fox joined Gridlock today to talk about Canadian Basketball and the state of the Lakers franchise this upcoming season. Rick also talked about leaving his home in the Bahamas at a young age to attend high school in the States, and how most kids on the island have dreams of being discovered in professional sports. You can hear the entire interview with Fox here.

Today on the show we talked about the possible trade between Minnesota and Cleveland which would include Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins. Love is an established player in the NBA already and would help the Cavs move more quickly in the direction of a championship, but Wiggins is young and has the potential to be an even greater asset to Cleveland in the long run. Kevin love might get injured again and could very well have more problems down the road. We asked listeners today what they think the Cavs' franchise should do. Should Cleveland keep Wiggins to play beside LeBron and help him grow in their organization? Or should they focus on the now and go after Kevin Love?

Derek Jeter suits up for the 14th and final All-Star Game of his career today at Target Field. Jeter, the captain of the New York Yankees, is set to retire after the season, but with the Yankees hovering around the .500 mark he is only focused on another championship. This All-Star game seems to be a memorable one for most players involved, but Jeter says he will remember most of all his first one as a starter back in 2000, and the All-Star game at Yankees Stadium in 2008. Derek stated Monday:
"This is a game that I've truly always looked forward to. I've appreciate the time that I've had here. So it's kind of difficult to say that I'll try to enjoy it more."
No plans have been revealed as to how they intend to honor Jeter tonight, but for one of baseball's greats, it will more than likely be amazing.

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT on ESPN 1100/98.9FM for more sports news and entertainment.
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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

LeBron James has been the center of attention lately in sports media following his decision to leave Miami for Cleveland. On the show today we talked about James' Twitter follower numbers and how it trumps MLB players Twitter accounts combined. James has over $13 million followers while all 66 MLB All-Stars have just over $7 million put together. What does this say about the state of Major League Baseball? Has MLB popularity dropped with the younger generations? Or is LeBron just
that exciting?


Kobe Bryant has decided to take the two-year $48.5 million deal and leave no room for bringing any new talent to the Lakers this upcoming season. The Lakers still have no coach, and will surely struggle with the line-up that they do have. On the show today we asked how many games do you think L.A.. can win. Do you think the Lakers have what it take to win 40 games? If Kobe Bryant is 100% like he claims, how many minutes a game do you think he can still play?

The Guys from ESPN 1100/98.9FM's Gridlock and Cofield & Co. will be out at the Cox Pavilion and Thomas & Mack Center all this week for NBA Summer League. We will be broadcasting the shows live and interviewing some of the players. Come on out and meet the crew. For scheduled days and times click here.

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT at ESPN 1100/98.9FM for more sports news and entertainment.
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Video: Watch This Valet Wreck A $500K Super Car

Living in Las Vegas or any major city, you might valet park your car quite often. We trust that when we hand over our keys in exchange for a paper ticket, that the worker parking the car is always very careful. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Surveillance cameras from a hotel in New Delhi, India, show a valet driver wrecking a $500,000 Lamborghini Gallardo into another vehicle and finally coming to a stop after colliding with the fountains in front of the hotel.

Accidents happen but when it is with expensive toys like this, we have to shake our heads in amazement at this idiot valet driver.
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Joey Gallo Smashes Home Run At All-Star Game

Joey Gallo, former Bishop Gorman High School player, Hit a whopping home run on Sunday in the Sirius XM All-Star Futures game at Target Field. Gallo has been known for hitting it out of the park, taking 40 home runs last season and racking up another 31 so far this year.

The Texas Rangers prospect's two-run home runs late in the sixth inning, helping The U.S.. Team take the victory 3-2 over the World Team. Gallo also claimed the title of MVP at the game, making it the first time in the 16-year history of the All-Star Futures Game that a member of the Texas Rangers organization has been selected.

The power hitter was said to have hit 15 home runs in practice, one that even broke the windshield of a car in the stadium parking lot, at the game on Sunday in Target Field.
Gallo has hit 93 home runs and 95 singles in 255 career minor league games, giving him a career average of a steady .273. Joey is setting up to be one of the top power hitters in the game today showing some impressive displays of power on the field.

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

LeBron James has the everybody waiting for an answer! The super-star has yet to announce where he will be playing basketball for the upcoming season, and it seems like every sports fan is glued to some type of media waiting for the news. On the show we talked about Chris Sheridan, and the comments he made on ESPN Radio this morning. Sheridan joined Colin Cowherd earlier on ESPN's The Herd and stated that according to his very reliable source, LeBron James is definitely coming back home to Cleveland. Gridlock contacted Sheridan to get him on air but he was not able to interview, so we played some of Sheridan's statements on the show.
You can here the entire interview with Sheridan and Cowherd at

Sports books everywhere have dropped the odds on the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the 2015 NBA Title. MGM Grand here in Las Vegas has taken the Cavaliers from 50-1 down to 10-1 odds on winning the title. Could this be a sign that they know LeBron is going to Cleveland? Or is this just a way of protecting themselves if he does decide to return to Ohio?


Also on the show today we talked about Javier Mascherano of Team Argentina, who tore his anus in a game saving slide against the Netherlands in the World Cup semi finals. Mascherano stopped Arjen Robben from scoring a goal in the late minutes of the match by sliding in front of him to block the shot. Javier is still expected to play in the World Cup Finals match against Germany on Sunday.

Want more Gridlock? Tune in at ESPN 1100/98.9FM Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT for more sports news and entertainment.
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Obsessed With Tacos? Check Out This New Toy


Love homemade tacos but hate the mess? Nostalgia Electrics has you covered with the new BTS200 Fiesta taco maker. No oil, no mess and no fuss is the slogan for this new innovative taco machine, which bakes flour or corn tortillas inside of it as opposed to the traditional frying method for taco shells.

The BTS200 Fiesta retails for $30 and can be purchased at HomeDepot and other home appliance stores.

This is another great invention for my kitchen. I love to make homemade tacos but generally avoid making my own shells to avoid the mess and cleanup afterwards. With this new machine I could take my taco making skills to a whole new level. The possibilities seem endless.
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Mitch Moss Says That LeBron is Cleveland bound.

What timing. LeBron James happens to be a free agent at the exact same time as his skills academy here in Las Vegas. Everybody in the country continues to wonder what his next move will be and his announcement could happen in our great city! Let's go back to the beginning of the week, shall we? After carefully examining the situation, here is my theory that I posted on Facebook. (It is retroactive to Tuesday).

It sounded solid as oak yesterday. Does it still hold up today?

So, let's see how close I am to reading this LeBron James situation. He met with Nike today to go over a game plan of returning. Nike is buying up all of the billboards in the Cleveland area to get ready for his return and the two parties are working on a new shoe. James is meeting with Pat Riley tomorrow in a neutral location (here in Vegas) at which time James will inform Riley of his decision to go back to Cleveland. The news comes out Wednesday night or Thursday morning as James is at his camp, where it's "all about the kids." He's on the opposite side of the country from Miami so he won't have to deal with local press and he's leaving for Brazil to watch the World Cup, taking him even farther away from the situation. No or limited media the entire time. The exact opposite of "The Decision." Sound about right?
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Lara Says He Will Put Canelo In The Dirt on Saturday

Can underdog Erislandy Lara (19-1-2) defeat Canelo Alvarez (43-1-1) in the WBA Junior middleweight showdown this Saturday at MGM? He certainly seems to think so, and has been trying to get a fight of this magnitude for quite awhile. Lara has also been hyping up the media making statements targeted to Canelo about "putting him in the dirt" on Saturday night. When asked if he was thankful to Canelo for taking the fight he replied:
"Absolutely not. I don't owe him anything other than left hands. I forced this fight. It wasn't't because he wanted to take this fight,"
Lara visited Alvarez's post fight press conference after defeating Alfredo Angulo, and confronted Canelo to accept the fight in front of the media. Canelo being the Proud fighter that he is, agreed to take the match.

Lara told media sources:

"We've been after this fight for two years, and I've been putting pressure on social media or interviews and jumping on stage, that's what pressured him to take this fight. I know he didn't't want this fight, and on July 12 you're going to see the reason why he didn't't want this fight."

Erislandy also made personal statements to the media concerning Canelo:

"Canelo is arrogant and an inflated boxer. I really don't like him for his character, in addition to him being inflated. But it's not something that's personal. He doesn't realize what kind of trouble that he's going to have when he faces me. I am superior to Canelo Alvarez in every area."

Canelo has responded to the media saying that the fight has turned personal. Alvarez told sources:

"Every camp is different because we're always training for a different opponent. And, as always, I've worked very hard in this one. But Lara has said so many things behind my back and on social media for such a long time now that, yes, this fight is and has become personal. He's a good fighter but he talks a lot. He's offended me. I'm going to have an answer for everything he has said. I'm going to shut him up once and for all.''

The drama behind this fight should make for an exciting match. If Canelo wins then Lara will face tons of criticism for all of the trash talk leading up to the fight, but if he can pull off the win he will take his career to the next level.

Canelo is the -185 favorite, with Lara getting odds of +165 as the underdog.

Who do you think will be victorious in this middleweight matchup? Does Lara have what it takes to add another win to his belt?

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

LeBron James is here in Las Vegas for his annual Nike-sponsored basketball camp, which brings together some of the nation's top high school and college players. James is also rumored to have his meeting with Miami Heat president Pat Riley sometime today. Media sources everywhere have speculated that James will return to Cleveland, but LeBron has yet to disclose any information as to what his plans for next season will be. Where do you think James will end up? Do you think that Cleveland fans will hate him even more if he decides to stay in Miami?


Today on Gridlock we gave away tickets to Canelo vs. Lara this Saturday, July 12 at MGM here in Las Vegas. One lucky listener won 2 tickets to the fight valued at over $1000. Lara (19-1-2) comes in as the underdog hoping to take a victory over Canelo Alvarez (43-1-1), in what looks to be a fight turned into something personal for both contenders. Tickets are still available at and

It looks like Carmelo Anthony will most likely stay with the New York Knicks and take a max $129 million deal over five years. On the show today we asked listeners where this would leave the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2014 season. The Lakers still have not found a coach but are hoping that with Kobe Bryant at 100% and new draft Julius Randle on the court, they will be top contenders once again. What do you think that the Lakers will need to be a Champion team again? Can Bryant and Randle get it done, or do they need more star players?

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT on ESPN 1100/98.9FM for more sports news and entertainment.

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Beat Mitch Moss On This Awesome College Football Prop Bet

Here is my idea for a fun prop bet this year in College Football. I did a snake draft based on the favorites to win the championship at the LVH. You get to pick one of four groups and one team in that group must win the title.

2014 College Prop bet

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:
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Check Out Mitch Moss's 2014 NFL Prop Bet Idea

Photo via:13,

Here is my idea for a fun prop bet this year in the NFL. I did a snake draft based on the favorites to win the championship at the LVH. You get to pick one of four groups and one team in that group must win the title.

Which group would you bet on?

Group A:


Group B:


Group C:


Group D:

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Photo showdown: White Sox games are a visual assault

White Sox Coach Aggressively Adjusts Himself
GIF via: Deadspin

Enjoy this for a minute. Baseball in all its glory.

What's worse? Mark Parent's junk jiggling or this misstep by the folks handing out THOSE rain panchos?!?!?!

Photo via
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Video: Roller Coaster Derails At Magic Mountain

The Ninja roller coaster over at Six Flags is temporarily closed after it ran into a tree branch on the track, and was derailed, injuring four people, and trapping 22 for over two hours.

Above is a video of the ride, and how it usually runs without falling off it's tracks.

Interestingly enough, the L.A. Times had an article examining over 2,000 accident and injury reports that were filed in Southern California theme parks from 2007-2012. During the period three men died while riding Southern California roller coasters, but two of the men had a preexsisting medical condition, and the third had heart problems, so if you're worried about dying on a ride you should probably get checked out by a doctor before you embark on a fantastic trip to one of the many California theme parks.

Roller coasters are one of the greatest inventions created by mankind. Some of the best include the X2 and the New York New York roller coaster, and I will continue to ride roller coasters probably until something horrible like this happens.

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Video: Minneapolis bar enforcing 'Jim Crow' policies with dress code?

Just the like the Power & Light District in Kansas City and Ballpark Village in St. Louis, a bar in Minneapolis has been called out for trying enforce a dress code that singles out the attire of many young black males.

Thoughts? Will this Bar Louie really feel any of economic backlash?

Tip via The Big Lead
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Video: Old ladies caught trying to steal beach items, attack the robbery victim

We're seeing a disturbing trend of women turning to violence more often than ever. This attack isn't vicious, but how about the balls on the two women who are caught red-handed in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. trying to steal this dude's canopy and beach items? He catches the women on video, and they're outraged that his camera is running?

No charges were filed? Fox26 in Houston said:

Police told FOX 13 that the man decided not to pursue charges against the women; it appears the viral nature of his shaming was enough. Investigators said the women could have faced charges of simple battery and grand theft. Police said the investigation is now closed.

In a more serious case, watch this Houston woman plow into two men at a gas station. The lady, recklessly pulling into The Fuel Depot, went homicidal when the men told her to be careful with her driving.

What should men do when they're attacked by women?
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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

Prince Fielder is on the cover of the new ESPN Body Issue magazine, showing off more than most people want to see. Today on the show we asked listeners if there was other sports stars or entertainers that they absolutely don't want to see in the magazine. The top three were Cincinnati Bengals' Andre Smith, former Olympian and now reality star Bruce Jenner and boxer Butterbean. What are some other figures you definitely don't want to see in The Body Issue from ESPN?

San Francisco 49ers' head coach Jim Harbaugh has been spotted on multiple occasions wearing his glove at MLB games. On the show today we asked listeners if there is a point where you are too old to take your glove to a ball game. What do you think? Should Harbaugh man up and bare-hand catch fly balls? Or is it perfectly acceptable to have your mitt at the game?
Johnny Manziel is taking some heat again for his recent trip here to Las Vegas. Manziel was photographed rolling up a dollar bill in the bathroom of local club. Allegations of what he might be doing have been all over the news. Is this a stunt by Manziel to spark reaction from the media who has been targeting him since the draft? Today on the show we talked with former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann to see what he thinks of the whole Johnny football situation. You can listen to the entire segment with Joe on our ESPN 1100/98.9FM Podcast.

Also on the show today we brought you some live coverage of the World Cup semifinal Brazil vs. Germany. Brazil seemed to have given up in the match, letting the German team lead 5-0 only 20 minutes into play. TV cameras caught footage of the Brazilian fans who seemed devastated, some even breaking into tears over the situation. Have you ever been heart broken over a loss for your favorite sports team? What is the worst moment in sports history for you?

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT on ESPN 1100/98.9FM for more sports news and entertainment.
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The Brit vs. The Buffoons Soccer Picks Contest

Picks for 7/8 & 7/9
Cofield John Barr Adam Hill Taylor Bern
Pick 1 Brazil PK (-110) Germany Germany PK (-110) Brazil Brazil PK (-110) Germany Germany PK (-110) Brazil
Pick 2 Netherlands-Argentina UNDER 2 (EVEN) Netherlands PK (+125) Argentina Netherlands PK (+125) Argentina Argentina PK (-145) Netherlands

Standings W-L $$s
Cofield 13-4-1 +940
Taylor Bern 10-8 +200
John Barr 9-8-1 -35
Adam Hill 9-9 -160
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ICYMI: 7/7 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5

LeBron Back To Cleveland Is Looking More Likely & I Hate It
Photo via: NBA Arena

NO 5: UFC Weekend

UFC Fight Week in Las Vegas was a great event that prepped every UFC fan for UFC 175 and TUF 19 Finale with BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar. Ronda Rousey continued her dominance with a 16 second fight that ended in a knockout of Alexis Davis, and Chris Weidman defended his title with a five round unanimous decision victory over Lyoto Machida.

The biggest story of the weekend took place on Sunday, with TUF 19 Finale fight between Penn and Edgar. Penn was demolished by Edgar, who took advantage of a new upright stance from Penn. Edgar outstruck Penn 159-60, and it couldn't have looked worse for the UFC legend from Hawaii. It's truly a shame when professional athletes don't leave the game before they decline, and find themselves completely outclassed against a younger, faster star. Edgar, 32, is only three years younger than Penn, but in the ring it looked more like 10. Penn had a heck of a career, but it stinks he had to end it on this note.

NO 4: The Athletics Make A Move

The Oakland Athletics were the best team in baseball and top pick to represent the AL in the World Series (6-1 odds to win it all) before completing the deal for pitcher Jeff Samardzija. One weekend later and the A's sit atop the AL West with one of the best rotations in baseball, the best run differential in baseball and the best offense in baseball. Oakland must be buzzing.

The great part about the trade is that it's truly a win-win for both sides. While the A's add to a roster that is in "Win Now Mode", the Cubs continue to stockpile prospects that'll be unleashed in a few year's time. They have bats at almost every position with Kris Bryant (3B), Javier Baez (SS), newest addition Addison Russell (SS), and enough prospects that they can trade away some for a piece that they like sometime down the road.

If I'm forced to pick a winner in this deal, I'll take the Cubs. I always like building for the future rather than "Win Now Mode" in Oakland. The problem with "Win Now Mode" is just that: you are expected to win now. If the A's get bounced from the playoffs early again this season, and next, and Samardjiza leaves via free agency, this trade will have been for naught and the A's will be considered a failure.

NO 3: Melo To The Lakers?

The rumor mill just keeps churning out "news" regarding free agency in the NBA, and the latest on Carmelo Anthony is that the Los Angeles Lakers are the biggest threat to New York for Melo's services. The thought of playing with Kobe Bryant, if he's healthy, Pau Gasol, if he's there, and Julius Randle seems to have made a strong impression on Anthony. Why is anyone's guess. Gasol is nowhere near a lock to return, and might even leave L.A. to play with Anthony in New York! I don't understand the allure of playing with a rookie like Randle, who has yet play a minute in the NBA. Are the Lakers really hanging their hats on an aging superstar and a rookie? Times are rough in L.A.

NO 2: LeBron's Return

Over the weekend, the possibility of LeBron James returning to Cleveland really picked up steam. Chris Broussard's tweet was part of a wave of blog posts and tweets from Clevelanders who claim to have the inside source on James' thoughts.

Would LeBron really return to Cleveland? It's something that I can't wrap my head around. Sure, the Cavs had three of the last four top overall picks, but even with all of the pieces paired with "The King," the Cavs aren't exactly a dominant force. With LeBron, can the Caveliers compete with the top teams from the Western Conference? Cavs fans are talking about trips to the NBA Finals as of they're a lock. Last I checked, the Bulls were still in contention for Anthony, and paired with a healthy Derrick Rose, that's a team that can push a LeBron led Cleveland squad to the brink.

LeBron shouldn't return to Cleveland, and I really hope he doesn't. The Cleveland fans talk of "LeBron needs to return and bring us a title," reeks of desperation and it shows that Clevelanders don't care about LeBron returning home, they just want a title. I'm curious, if LeBron returns to Cleveland and never wins another title would Cleveland still "love" him?

NO 1: The Heat's Plan Post LeBron

There is none.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski the newest additions to the team, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger, committed to Miami because of a "strong belief" that LeBron is returning. Pair that with the drafting of Shabazz Napier and it looks like Miami's only plan is LeBron James. Marc Stein made an interesting point - What if Carmelo is holding out his decision, so Bosh can sign with Houston and he can pair up with LeBron in Miami? That's a really interesting theory. Melo to the Heat seemed to be the least likely scenario, but if Bosh were to jump ship, it would clear enough space for Anthony to go to Miami.

Miami's plan is unknown at the moment, but one thing is certain: LeBron, Bosh or Melo. The Heat are banking on locking up some tandem of superstars. Too bad that when this is all over they could be on the outside looking in.
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Video: Fireworks Filmed By A Drone In Flight

I'm not really a big fan of fireworks. I never really understood the magnificence behind exploding colorful lights. It makes my neck hurt when I watch them for tooo long, and any worth blowing up are illegal here in Las Vegas, so I have to drive all the way to Pahrump to buy them.

That being said, film the fireworks from the sky with a drone, and add a light electronic music bed? It makes for a really great video.
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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily for listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

Photo via:Blackenterprise
Will LeBron James end up back in Cleveland? Today on the show, we talked to Joshua Teplitz, a Miami Beach personal trainer, who says his source has confirmed that it might already be in the works. James hasn't disclosed his plans publicly, but according to Teplitz, LeBron is coming home. What do you think? Will James go back to the Cavs or stay in Miami?

Ronda Rousey joined Gridlock last week to talk about her upcoming fight against Alexis Davis. On Saturday at UFC 175, Rousey proved that she's one of the best female fighters in the sport by defeating Davis 16 seconds into the first round.

Browns' receiver Josh Gordon and his recent DWI arrest was also a topic. Gordon, who's already facing an appeal hearing later this month for violating the NFL's drug policy, was arrested Saturday morning in North Carolina for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The All-Pro player was already Stage 3 of the NFL's Drug Policy:
Under the terms of the policy, the player remains in Stage 3 for the rest of his career. The league may test him up to 10 times per month; he has the ability to make an annual request to have the frequency of the testing reduced.
It seems like Gordon just doesn't care about the future of his career anymore, or has a bad substance abuse problem. What do you think will happen to Gordon after his latest screw up? Is his job with the Browns' franchise over if he receives a year-long suspension?

In spite of the fact that Jimmy Graham lined up as a wide receiver on 67% of the New Orleans Saints' plays during the 2013 NFL season, Arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled that Graham is a tight end, Gridlock asked listeners what they thought Graham would be worth to another NFL team. In a trade, is Jimmy Graham worth two first round draft picks? Does he deserve to be $12.3 million, the amount Top 5 receivers receive under the Franchise Tag?
Want more Gridlock? Tune in to ESPN 1100/98.9FM Monday-Friday 11a.m.-2p.m. PT for more sports news and entertainment.
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Browns' WR Josh Gordon Is Throwing Away His Career

Photo via:

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested earlier today in Raleigh, N.C. on DUI charges after police stopped him for going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone. The All-Pro receiver was believed to be intoxicated during the stop,and was taken into custody by officers at 3 a.m..

Gordon, whose college career burned out at Baylor because of multiple failed drug tests, also missed the first two games of last season for another violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. He is expected to have his appeal heard later this month for his pending year-long suspension. The new charges he is facing will most likely not help him.

Browns general manager Ray Farmer commented on Gordon's arrest:
"We are aware of the matter and are disappointed to learn of this situation. We will comment further at the appropriate time."
Gordon was released on bail at 6 a.m. pending his court date in Raleigh/Wake City-County. The Pro Bowler has not released his own statement regarding the incident.

Gordon obviously does not take his NFL career very seriously. It is a privilege and an honor to play in the NFL, and it should not be taken lightly. You would think that he would stay out of trouble, and show that he cares about his job with the Browns franchise.

Jonny Manziel seems to get all of the media hea for his partying ways, but has never violated the NFL's drug policies or been arrested since he was drafted by the Browns. Cleveland fans should be more concerned with the fate of their star wide receiver, and if he will still have a job with the Browns after his latest screw up.
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UNLV Head Basketball Coach Dave Rice Looks Ahead To The Rebels' Starting Five

UNLV Head Basketball Coach Dave Rice joined Gridlock back on June 30 to promote the Rebels' newly released non-conference schedule, and the former Rebels, Khem Birch and Roscoe Smith, who missed out on being drafted.

Coach Dave Rice
Photo via: CBS Sports

Most of the buzz from Rebels fans is centered on the new-look Rebel squad, and how Rice will utilize a roster that is particularly deep at the guard spot:

"Certainly we've got Goodluck Okonoboh, Christian Wood and Dwayne Morgan up front, so we've got those three guys who will compete for those two spots. I think you'll see a situation where you have four guards. We've got guys like Jelan Kendrick, Patrick McCaw and Jordan Cornish who are big enough, so they can play a little bit at the undersized four-spot, and I think we want to space the floor and share the ball." (10:30 mark)

Although Rice would not commit to a starting five, I'm sure the starting lineup on November 14 in the Coaches vs Cancer Classic would look something like this:

PG - Cody Doolin
SG - Jerome Seagears
SF - Rashad Vaughn
PF - Goodluck Okonoboh
PF - Chris Wood

Cody Doolin is a lock at the point guard spot. In his time at San Francisco Doolin was a coach on the floor who started all 103 games since he began his career, and 1,000+ point scorer for the Dons. Doolin will be the leader on the court the Rebels were lacking for most of last season. Besides the mental stability Doolin provides, he is a true point guard who is always looking to pass first. Doolin has shown he can penatrate and finish at the basket and is a threat to score at anytime. The guard dropped 33 against Nevada in the Dons season opener in 2013.

At the two and the three spots I like Seagears and Vaughn to fill those roles. Seagears is a combo guard who can play either at the point or the two, but with Doolin as the point in my lineup I'm placing Seagears at the two. It gives Dave Rice two seniors on the floor at once, which can't be overlooked since the rest of the lineup is very young. As the two Seagears can provide Doolin just one of many scoring outlets to find off of penetration. Vaughn would be a great SF in this lineup. Vaughn can get to the basket, he can hit a triple, he can rebound and he can pass. Vaughn would be Rice's most versitile threat, and he provides a third ball handler for the Rebels on he floor.

Goodluck Okonoboh will provide the Rebels with the rim protector they so desperately need after the departure of Khem Birch. Okonoboh will pair nicely with Chris Wood, who Rice says has grown over the summer and is pushing seven feet. Wood is a big who can space the floor with his shot, and should be able to use his size down low. Should Wood learn to play closer to the basket the front court of the Rebels can be a handful to deal with for any team they face in 2014.

There is no lack of talent for the Rebels in 2014. Should Rice use a different lineup from this one the talent will still be there. Guys like Cornish or McCaw are highly touted in their own right. No matter who is on the floor for the Rebels the excitement will be at a peak for Rebels fans who are watching.

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.

Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest is set to take place tomorrow, July 4 at Coney Island. The 98th edition of the contest will be shown on ESPN2 starting at 11:30 a.m.. ET. Last years winner and seven time champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut is the man everyone will be looking to beat. Betting is open on the event, the over/under has been set at 70 hot dogs. Can Chestnut eat his way to victory again tomorrow? Do you think you could cram down 68 hot dogs? Watch Chestnut claim last year's title in the video above.

Art Davie, original creator of the UFC, was in studio today to talk about his new book "Is This Legal." In the book Davie explains the struggle he went through to put together the mixed martial art event, and the long road of breaking it into the mainstream. The book is a great read giving a behind the scenes look at what it took to create such a controversial event with different styles of fighting. The book is on sale now at Amazon, or you can go to Make sure you go and check it out.

Also don't forget starting this Saturday-Sunday, July 5-6th, is the UFC Fan Expo at Mandalay Bay Resort. Some of the top names in the sport will be on site with exhibitions, fighter autograph and training sessions, fan-inspired special events and competitions. This is a great event for all ages to come out and get familiar with the sport. For more info and tickets visit

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT for more sports news and entertainment.
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ICYMI: 7/2 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5

Missed out on Cofield & Co. or any of your other favorite ESPN1100/98.9 FM shows? Get to the ESPN 1100 Podcast page where you can find each of your favorite shows! Check out Wednesday's edition of Cofield & Co.'s Big 5 At 5!

The Newest McCarthy Flick
Photo via: Millionaire's Concierge

NO 5: Melissa McCarthy Has A New Movie

McCarthy's new movie Tammy comes out Friday, and it looks terrible. Just like Kevin Hart did, McCarthy is cashing in on her success. Tammy will probably do extremely well at the box office, but I won't be one of the people spending my cash to watch this dreadful flick. The last movies I saw with McCarthy were "The Heat" and "Identity Theft", Both had me asleep by the 30-minute mark. So excuse me if I'm harsh on McCarthy, but Tammy is a never go for me.

NO 4: Warren Sapp Strikes Again

Sapp made the Twitter-sphere buzz with his lack of a tip on a recent trip to a sports bar. The bill was $70 and Sapp didn'tt tip a cent because the waitress allegedly called him and his boy, "boys." Now, there's no indication of the context or if she used the term in a racially demeaning way. Maybe Sapp was justified, but he never brought up the issue of race! So what's the deal? Sapp seems like a huge douchebag and acts like the world owes him a favor. Sapp owes us a favor. Rethink your post-football profession big fella.

NO 3: Luis Suarez Is Going to Barcelona?

Would I spend the money on Luis Suarez? Hell yeah. Last year in the Premier League, Suarez netted 31 goals in 33 appearances for Liverpool. During its first game against Costa Rica, a 3-1 loss without Suarez, Team Uruguay looked desperate for a whiff of the goal in the second half. With Suarez back, Uruguay faced England and walked away with a 2-1 victory. Suarez placed a great strike behind English goalkeeper Joe Hart in the 84th minute. Barcelona is making the right move trying to pry Suarez from Liverpool's hands. Barcelona hasn't won a Champions League Final since 2011, and Suarez will be a great piece to push them farther.

NO 2: The Dreadful Lance Stephenson

Stephenson rejected the Indiana Pacers latest offer of 5-years, $44 million dollars, so it looks like it'll be tough to keep the guard around. A look at Stephenson's play will tell you that he's worth more than $8.8 million per year. Stephenson's a great rebounder for a guard, can knock down shots from beyond the arc, and has shown improvement in his mid-range game. Stephenson should be looking for more than $8.8 million. Rajon Rondo and Steve Nash are both earning more than Stephenson? Please.

NO 1: Carmelo Goes A Courtin'

I don't blame him one bit. This is probably Carmelo Anthony's final shot at seriously contending for an NBA title. If I am Melo, I'm letting every team that wants to, wine and dine me. Anthony is a talented player, and his services will make any team better, especially a team that seems to be that one piece away from a title. In a league like the NBA, where titles hold so much weight, if Melo wants to be considered one of the greats, he needs a ring. Why not listen to what every team has to offer?
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Video: Vegas is giving UFC stars swanky rooms with dirty hot tubs?

Early check-in fees. Resort fees. $14 beers. How can Las Vegas insult tourists anymore? How about giving high rollers like UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman a suite with a filthy hot tub.

During the latest edition of UFC's Embedded series, we see Weidman's exhiliration over expensive Vegas digs, but the mood is dampened when he sees chicken bones and ketchup packets in his outdoor hot tub (0:42 mark).

Wondering where it is? The location was already sniffed out on Twitter.
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Ball Park Frank's 2014 World Cup Rant

From the Mind of Ballpark Frank

Now that the USA and Mexico are out of the World Cup the question seems to be will people here in the United States still watch? The World Cup finals on July 13th will be watched by over one billion people. It's the biggest audience for any sports event on TV in the world by far. The Super Bowl is the biggest thing in America but doesn't come close to the World Cup on a global basis. The TV ratings for this World Cup have been huge especially when the USA played. We've seen huge crowds watching in Chicago, New York, Kansas City and all over the country. People that don't normally watch soccer have jumped on the bandwagon and embraced this team. It seems like Sports Talk Radio on a National and Local level have talked about soccer more in the last two weeks than they have in the last ten years. Soccer has dominated the conversation at work, in bars and all over social media.

The United States and Mexico both made it to the round of 16. The USA came out of the Group of Death and Mexico just barely made it into the tournament. Neither team and big expectations going into the World Cup but both exceeded expectations. People were glued to televisions all over the country. Everyone had thoughts and opinions on what was happening. Sports Talk Radio host questioned everything from calls in the games, to player substitutions and just about everything else they could. Often times it was clear that they had no idea what they were watching but at least soccer was getting discussed. It all started before the tournament did when Landon Donovan was left off the USA team by coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Klinsmann was questioned, doubted and chastised by people all over the country for leaving Donovan off the team. People that hadn't watched a game since the last World Cup four years ago questioned the move. People that never watched a game period seemed to question the move. Never mind that Klinsmann is the best thing to ever happen to team USA, people that know nothing about soccer had no trouble questioning the coach. Maybe it was because Donovan was the only player on the team that they knew by name. Maybe they remembered his incredible fast break down the field that helped Team USA make the round of 16 four years ago. Maybe it was because they heard some talking head on TV say Klinsmann was making a mistake. Whatever the reason, at least people seemed to care for a change. Although when you really think about it, it's laughable that so many people thought they knew more than Klinsmann does.

It's also interesting that so many people were so shocked that both the USA and Mexico made it as far as they did. Both teams made the round of 16 in the last World Cup but for some reason making it this time around seemed like a greater achievement. Maybe it has something to do with the explosion of social media over the past four years. Maybe it's because Klinsmann told people that team USA couldn't win and Mexico almost missed making the tournament. The reality is that they both did make it out of pool play and into the knockout round and people talked about it and they watched. But now what?

Is this the push that soccer needed to gain momentum and become as popular here as it is in the rest of the world? Will sports talk radio host have to take a crash course in soccer so they sound like they have some idea about the game instead of sounding like the average person talking about nuclear fusion or brain surgery? No, we're a long way from that. Soccer fans will continue to watch and the casual fan will find something else to do. Many will jump on the next bandwagon that rolls by. I think the TV numbers will be better than four years ago but far from the games that featured team USA and maybe less than the games that Mexico played in. Some people will throw parties and gather together but I doubt that tens of thousands of people will fill parks and stadiums around the country like they did when team USA played this year. More kids will join youth soccer leagues and maybe they will stay with the sport when they become adults. Soccer has had surges before. In 1981 when Major League Baseball went on strike the North American Soccer League was selling out stadiums all over the country. I was at Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park in Chicago when the Chicago Sting sold out those venues. Soccer had arrived. Then baseball returned and soccer took a back seat again. When the USA Women beat China in 1999 after Brandi Chastain scored her infamous penalty kick a professional women's league started. Four years ago behind Landon Donovan and team USA's success once again soccer fans said that the sport had finally arrived here in the states. Once again after the games were over soccer was put on the back burner.

Soccer is growing. It is getting bigger. There are places where it's huge. The Seattle Sounders draw more people than the Mariners do. The teams in New York, Chicago, Portland, LA and other cities are doing well. As a hockey fan it pains me to say that I do believe soccer will be bigger than hockey in 5 to 10 years. As ABC, ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports and other stations show more games more people will become exposed to the game on a more consistent basis. As the Hispanic, Asian and other communities grow in the United States more people that grow up with the game will mean more fans for the future. With more radio, TV, print media and social media coverage the sport will continue to grow. Pele called soccer "The Beautiful Game". To most of the world it is. It may never be the number one sport here but it is getting bigger and gaining more fans and viewers. The World Cup fever will die down but soccer is clearly on the rise. As a fan I'm glad. The more popular it gets the more games I'll get to watch. Maybe there will even become a day when star players will come here to play in their prime instead of at the end of their careers. Pele and David Beckham have come to America to play soccer but both were well past their prime. Kilnsmann wants his players to go overseas to gain experience playing against the best players in the world. From a team standpoint that is absolutely the way to go. But wouldn't it be nice if someday players actually come here to play against the best competition. Don't hold your breath for that to happen. We already have the best baseball, football, basketball and hockey players here. A lot of Americans think that we have the best of everything. When it comes to soccer that's not true but we're getting better.

This World Cup has had everything. From great goals, to awesome saves, to incredible passes. It's also featured more diving than a community pool, own goals (that's where a team scores a goal against themselves in case your not sure what that means), horrible calls by the referees and even one of the best players in the world biting an opponent. Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini. It was the third time he bit someone during a game and he was also suspended once for racism. He said he won't do it again. He was talking about the bite, not sure where he stands on racism these days.

I will be watching the rest of the World Cup along with over a billion people world wide. If you watch it I hope you enjoy it as well. If not, I guess soccer will welcome you back in four years. In case your wondering the current favorite to win the Cup now is Brazil at around 3-1. Germany, Argentina and the Netherlands are all around 4-1. France is around 6-1, Belgium and Columbia are around 12 to 15-1 and Costa Rica is the longest shot at 30-1 or more. As always shop around for future odds because they can vary from book to book. Thanks for checking in, I'm Ballpark Frank and that's my take on it.

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Gridlock Post Show Follow Up

Missed Gridlock or any of your other favorite ESPN 1100/98.9FM shows? Check out our podcasts loaded daily to listen to interviews and more. Also follow us on Twitter at ESPN1100 for updates and giveaways.
Ronda Rousey joined the show today to talk about her upcoming fight at UFC 175 against Alexis Davis this weekend. Rousey also talked about the UFC Fan Expo happening this week in Las Vegas and her upcoming movie roles in The Expendables 3 and the new Entourage movie. You can listen to the entire interview with Ronda on our ESPN 1100/98.9FM Podcast.

Team USA might have lost against Belgium yesterday but the performance by Tim Howard was incredible. USA's Howard made 16 saves, setting a World Cup record on Tuesday, and is without a doubt the MVP for Team USA in the 2014 World Cup. Belgium took the 2-1 win over Team USA in overtime, but the match might have ended differently if Howard had more help from the rest of his team.Need more Howard greatness? Check out the video above to watch Howard score a goalfrom across the field.

Daniel Colman is the winner of the 2014 WSOP #57. The 23-year old took home his first bracelet and a prize pool of over $15 million from the event here in Las Vegas. The Prize pool was the second highest amount in WSOP history making for an exciting event. Colman has caught some heat since the win after refusing to do the post event interview with ESPN and other media sources. WSOP staff had to force Daniel to take pictures and appear to be excited about winning the $15 million.

Today on the show we asked listeners if they thought Daniel was immature for not doing the interviews with ESPN. Was Colman obligated to respond to ESPN after his win? Or is he okay skipping out on the press and the pictures?

Want more Gridlock? Tune in Monday-Friday 11am-2pm PT. on ESPN 1100/98.9FM for more sports news and entertainment.

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Video: Out of Control State Trooper Arrests Bengals' DE Sam Montgomery

Sam Montgomery must've been shocked to find himself in handcuffs, being berated by a South Carolina police officer. The cause? A speeding ticket.

The Bengals defensive end was stopped by Officer R.S. Salter for allegedly doing 89 mph in a 55 mph zone. Montgomery was very cooperative with the officer, but was still arrested.

The 24-year-old didn't respond well to Salter's repetitive military-style demands.The entire incident was captured by a dash camera in the patrol car. The video shows a police officer completely out of the control.

Montgomery was allowed to phone his mother, explain the situation and get his car picked up from the highway. But even Mom was baffled that Montgomery was arrested over a speeding ticket.

After being released from jail, Montgomery was fined $355, and faces a July court date in Laurens County, South Carolina.

Following the incident, Officer Salter was suspended pending an internal investigation.

"Salter's behavior during the traffic stop of Mr. Montgomery was not representative of professionalism displayed by our troopers and officers every day around the state."

In the video, you can see that Salter's drunk with power. I don't know what's worse, Montgomery allegedly speeding, or the police officer making a U-turn on the highway and going at least 140 mph just to catch up to the NFL player. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Was Officer Salter wrong? Does Montgomery do something to provoke the situation?
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Video: Watch Tim Howard Put The U.S. On His Back With 16 Saves

The United states was ousted by Belgium today 2-1 in extra time. While the score 2-1 doesn't seem like a blowout, without goalkeeper Tim Howard that 2-1 loss turns into a 5-1 drubbing. The U.S. strggled mightily on the defensive end, but Howard kept his cool as best as he could.

Here's to you Tim Howard. The Man of the Match.
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