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Video: This Game-Winning TD Was Called Back Because the QB Raised His Arm


Cathedral High would end up losing this game 16-14 because this 56-yard touchdown run was called back because quarterback Matthew Owens raised his hand in celebration when he realized he was going to score.

That had to be one of the stupidest things ever done by the referees of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association has ever done.

Those idiots ruled the half-second arm raise as taunting and took away the game-winning score and penalized Cathedral 15 yards.

Kenneth Owens, Matthew's father, also feels that the flag was ridiculous telling the Boston Herald,

"He raised his hand because he knew was going to the pinnacle.   To take the touchdown, to put that much anxiety on an 18-year-old after that performance, somebody has to tell me how do you do that and call yourself just from a football standpoint."  

The rule in question was adapted from  the NCAA's rulebook and forbids "unsportsmanlike conduct or any act that interferes with orderly game administration."

Oh.  Well, in that case.  Owens raising his arm clearly was unsportsmanlike because no sportsman would ever celebrate a game-winning score. 

Except this one. And this one.  And these guys.

Every official on that game should be fired because they clearly don't understand how sports work.

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12/06/2011 1:42PM
Video: This Game-Winning TD Was Called Back Because the QB Raised His Arm in Celebration
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