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UNLV Looks To Gain Momentum After Strong Road Win

Coach Dave Rice
Photo via: Miami Herald

UNLV coach Dave Rice had a specific game plan going into South Dakota: limit the Coyotes' 3-point shooting. The Coyotes' top three shooters Tyler Larson, Brandon Bos, and Casey Kasperbaur were shooting at 40% or above from the arc.

Although the Rebels were ranked top 10 in the country holding their opponents to less than 36% 2-point shooting, they had been allowing their opponents to shoot 36.2% from the arc, ranking 261st in the country.

The Rebels' three bigs Goodluck Okonoboh, Chris Wood, and Dwayne Morgan committed three fouls apiece in the first half, forcing Rice to play small with Patrick McCaw at the four position and Jordan Cornish at the five.

"I didn't envision that we were going to have the three bigs that we have with three fouls in the first half," he said. "But at the same time, it gave us an opportunity to go small, to utilize some of the skills that we have in terms of guarding out on the perimeter."

Rice continued, "I think the biggest thing is that every game has been a challenge for us, every game has brought new opportunities and experiences for our guys and I thought we did a great job."

The Rebels limited South Dakota to 2-for-17 (11.8%) from the arc on Saturday.

"The thing I was most proud of was just the fact that our number one emphasis, there are a lot of emphases, but our number one emphasis was that from a defensive standpoint taking away 3-point shots."

The Rebels came out with a victory on the road defeating the Coyotes, 75-61.

They had a full week of practice to prepare for the road trip to South Dakota, whereas this week they have two days to prepare for Portland on Wednesday in the Thomas & Mack.

"We have quite a few tough games coming up, starting with a very good Portland team on Wednesday. They're always tough, they're going to be well organized and they're going to play through their big men," senior point guard Cody Doolin said on Monday.

The Portland Pilots (7-2) are returning four of their starters from last season. During league play, the Pilots lost their leading scorer Kevin Bailey (16.5 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 2.2 apg) for the final seven games to a leg injury, in which they went 2-5. As if that didn't hurt them enough, three games later they lost their starting point guard Alec Wintering (7.7 ppg, 4.5 apg, 2.3 rpg) to a season-ending leg injury. They went 0-4 without Wintering. The Pilots have experience on the perimeter in the return of the 6-5 senior, Bailey and the 5-11 sophomore, Wintering along with junior starting point guard, Bryce Pressley. They also have an experienced and sized frontcourt with 6-11, 235-pound senior Thomas van der Mars, 6-10, 240-pound fifth-year senior Riley Baker, and Volodymyr Gerun, a 6-10, 250-pound senior.

After three days to prepare for Portland, the Rebels will have two days before they face No. 14 Utah out of the PAC-12 in the MGM Grand Showcase on the Strip on Saturday, December 20th. The Rebels will then take on another PAC-12 team, Arizona at home in the Thomas & Mack on Tuesday, December 23rd.

"We're having to play a few more games a little closer together, which we're probably going to have to get used to going along with that you have to worry about recovery, eating right, and getting hydrated," Doolin said. "So it's going to be a big couple of weeks for us here."

It will also be important for Wood to remain focused on staying in the low post. Rice does not want to eliminate his jump shot entirely, but he did stress how important it is for Wood to be productive on both ends, needing his points in the post, rebounds, and blocks.

"Right now, I feel like I have one go-to move so I feel like I'm good on that," Wood said. "But in terms of staying in the post, I'm trying to learn more." When asked what his go-to move is, Wood laughed and said, "I can't say it." So that will be something to look for.

Rice is also adamant on making sure this team is focusing one game at a time. "I have confidence in the ability of our group to do that," he said. "I've got two 5th year seniors in Jelan Kendrick and Cody Doolin who have been through it before and understand that."

Kendrick and Rashad Vaughn are both back at full strength with no aggravation from their injuries.

The Rebels' matchup against the Pilots tips off at 7:30pm at the Thomas & Mack. ESPN Radio 1100/100.9FM will broadcast the game live with Jon Sandler and Robert Smith on the call.
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The Colts Won't Win A Super Bowl & Andrew Luck Is To Blame

A Familiar Pose. Luck Pumping His Fist Celebrating Yet Another Close Win
Photo via: ESPN

Impossible right?

Andrew Luck single-handedly is the Indianapolis Colts offense. Indianapolis has scored 49 touchdowns this season, and Luck has accounted for 41 of them, both through the air and on the ground. Indy averages 421.4 yards of offense per game; Luck averages almost 340 yards per game rushing and passing combined. How in the world, with eye-popping numbers like those, could Andrew Luck be the one holding back this team?

He's too good.

You see, Luck's play constantly propels the Colts forward, and masks some of the greater flaws on the team. Not just on the field, but off it as well.

Which is what is truly holding this team back.

A constant theme of the Chuck Pagano/Andrew Luck era is the fourth quarter comebacks. Since being drafted Luck has nine fourth quarter comebacks under his belt, 12 total game winning drives. The difference between this team from the first half to the second is night and day, and that falls on Chuck Pagano and his staff. His teams are woefully unprepared time and time again, relying on his stud quarterback to bail him out with a heroic drive. Week 14 against the Browns was a perfect example. Against a Cleveland Browns team that was anemic on offense to say the least, the Colts fall behind 21-7, and score with no time left to snatch away a victory.

This is a winning formula?

Then there are the losses. Though Luck has won 11 games in his first two seasons, and is on pace to win 11 yet again, the losses have been awful. All four Colt losses this season have been to teams currently in the playoffs. Three of those four losses have been blowouts. Though Week 1 against the Broncos was only a 31-24 loss, don't let the final score fool you, as the Colts were down 31-10 with 10 minutes left in the fourth. Add to that list a 51-34 drubbing at the hands of Pittsburgh and a 42-20 mauling by the Patriots, and you've got nothing to look forward to when the playoffs arrive.

Yet the Colts keep winning, with Andrew Luck leading the way, keeping the seats of his head coach and GM Ryan Grigson relatively cool with his heroics. People look and see three consecutive double-digit win seasons, they see back-to-back AFC South titles.

That's not what I see.

I see a team that is constantly unprepared on gameday. I see a general manager who traded away a first round pick for a running back that is frankly not good, yet forces his head coach to play him. The same general manager who signed free agents like LaRon Landry to a four-year, $24 million contract. (Landry is now on special teams by the way) The same GM who went and signed Josh Cribbs when the team's best running back broke his ankle, and guys like LeGarrette Blount and Ben Tate were available! The same flippin' GM who refuses to address a terrible offensive line, except when he signs right tackle Gosder Cherilus, who checks in with a 94.1 Pass Blocking Effciency from Pro Football Focus. He ranks 42nd out of 57 tackles rated.

It's clear that one thing will hold the Colts back from winning a Lombardi Trophy. It's actually the one reason why they might win one in the future.

Andrew Luck makes a lot of things great happen on the field. He also covers up some of the biggest flaws this team has, and until those flaws are exposed I don't see this team winning a Super Bowl anytime soon.

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Amir Khan's Domination Could Make Him Floyd Mayweather's Next Fight

A dominating performance is an aspiring outcome for any of boxing's top fighters, but those types of conclusions are steadily doing damage to the sport. As the field of marquee welterweights continue to age, it's reaching a point of desperation to appoint the next generation of boxer ready to carry the torch. More importantly, finding a talent who won't need the recognition built from a Pacquiao or Mayweather bout in order to be seen as a viable contender. It's becoming more and more difficult to find worthy contenders for the sport's biggest names because the fighters of the welterweight division are either so far superior to the field or they are one of the top fighters who can't manage to make a super fight happen. What is the next wave of welterweights going to look like? Are we going to have more of the field who just appear as if they can compete or more upper echelon fighters who may not think it's worth the risk to fight one another?

It's unclear yet which category Amir Khan falls under as he made his way into the ring Saturday to fight Devon Alexander for the WBC Welterweight Title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Having never met Pacquiao or Mayweather in the ring, Khan holds small degrees of separation between the two by sharing a former trainer with Manny and defeating a couple of the same opponents as Floyd. Khan's focus now is creating a name that does not require the association of the division's top two names and Saturday night's victory may have gotten him one step closer.

The conversation leading into this match up acknowledged the winner as the next suitable challenger for Floyd at 147 lbs. As part of the co-main event back in May when Khan met Luis Collazo, Amir's performance made the idea of Khan being Mayweather next potential opponent a tremendously unappealing concept. Specifically in the style in which the fight would happen after Khan spent twelve rounds finishing combinations against Collazo only to wrap him up and push down on the back of Collazo's head to exhaust him going into the later rounds. Not a tactic that would ever work against Mayweather because he would never allow Khan inside to execute that type of game plan.

To the contrary, Khan was masterful in his unanimous decision victory against Alexander showing no signs that he would have to push down on the head of his opponent to force exhaustion. Instead, Khan reenforced his own argument on how styles make fights and he may possess the style that could give Floyd the most problems.

So, is this the fight that fans have been waiting for? Khan vs. Mayweather? No one could possibly make that argument when Paciquao and Mayweather have never met in the ring. Yet Amir Khan's domination of Devon Alexander may turn him into the lead contender for the top fight of 2015 which simultaneously turns him into another obstruction in the way of the super fight between Paciquo or Mayweather. Khan's performance found a way to frame him as the real deal in the welterweight division, but someone needs to tell him that this is the wrong time for him to make such a strong case as conversations between Manny and Floyd seem to be heating up again.

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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 15

(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT -- Cowherd's picks revealed at 830a PT.)

Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield FALCONS +2 Steelers - L Dolphins +7.5 PATRIOTS - L Packers -4.5 BILLS - L TITANS +3 Jets - L CHARGERS +4 Broncos - L
Winn Navy -15 Army - L PATRIOTS -7.5 Dolphins - L EAGLES-3.5 Cowboys - L SEAHAWKS -10 49ers - PUSH Bengals PK BROWNS - W
Cowherd (830a line) Packers -4.5 BILLS- L COLTS -6.5 Texans - W Cowboys +3.5 EAGLES - W 49ers +10 SEAHAWKS - PUSH CHARGERS +4 Broncos - L
Brittney C Bengals PK BROWNS - W PANTHERS -3.5 Bucs - L Packers -4.5 BILLS - L Cowboys +3.5 EAGLES - W PATRIOTS -7.5 Dolphins - W
Teah FALCONS +2 Steelers - L Dolphins +7.5 PATRIOTS - L Packers -4.5 BILLS - L BEARS +3 Saints -L EAGLES -3.5 Cowboys - L
Brittany A COLTS -7 Texans - PUSH RAVENS -14 Jaguars - L GIANTS -6.5 Washington - W PATRIOTS -7.5 Dolphins - W Packers -4.5 BILLS - L
JVT Raiders +10 CHIEFS - L FALCONS +2 Steelers - L Buccs +3.5 PANTHERS - W SEAHAWKS -10 49ers - PUSH Cowboys +3.5 EAGLES - W
Ray Brewer Army +15 Navy - W Texans +7 COLTS - PUSH Washington +6.5 GIANTS - L RAVENS -14 Jaguars - L Steelers -2 FALCONS - W
Taylor BROWNS PK Bengals - L COLTS -7 Texans - PUSH PATRIOTS -7.5 Dolphins - W Saints -3 BEARS - W 49ers +10 SEAHAWKS - PUSH
Adam Hill FALCONS +2 Steelers - L Washington +6.5 GIANTS- L TITANS +3 Jets - L Broncos -4 CHARGERS - W Packers -4.5 BILLS - L
Chuck Vikings +7 LIONS - W Steelers -2 FALCONS - W Jets -3 TITANS - W Bengals PK BROWNS - W Raiders +10 CHIEFS - L

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Chuck 44 29 2 44
Taylor 42 31 2 42
Cofield 39 33 3 39
Brewer 40 34 1 40
Chris Winn 37 37 1 37
Cowherd 36 33 1 36
Adam Hill 35 38 35
Brittney C 34 40 1 34
Teah 31 43 1 31
JVT 32 39 4 32
Brittany A 32 38 5 32
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Beat The Gridlock Week #15

Beat The Gridlock Week #15
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams / 49ers/Seahawks under 38 Mitch Moss / Bengals pk Ed Graney / Titans/Jets under 42


Seahawks -10
Eagles -3.5 Bears +3

Chargers/Broncos under 51
Falcons/Steelers under 55.5
Panthers -3.5


Bills +4.5
Bengals pk
Texans +6.5
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Gridlock's Week #15 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #15 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NFL) Bengals +1 (NFL) Patriots 7.5 (NFL) Cowboys +3.5
(NFL) Titans +3
(NFL) Bills +4
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Navy -15 (NFL) Dolphins/Patriots under 48 (NFL) Redskins/Giants over 47 (NFL) Bengals +1 (NFL) Jets/Titans under 42
Ed Graney (NCAAF) E Washington pk (NCAAF) New Hampshire pk (NCAAF) Villanova pk (NCAAF) Army/ Navy over 56 (NFL) Broncos -4.5
Clay Baker (NFL) Patriots -7.5 (NFL) Giants -7 (NFL) Broncos -4.5 (NFL) Cowboys +3.5 (NFL) Steelers -3.5
Sean McGhie (NFL) Packers -4 (NFL) Panthers -3 (NFL) Broncos -4 (NFL) Falcons/Steelers under 55 (NCAAF) Army/Navy over 56

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #15 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss
34-35-1 total
Seat Williams
37-33 total
Ed Graney
34-33-3 total
Clay Baker 35-28-2 total
Sean McGhie
35-32-2 total
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Yet Again The NCAA Makes Us The Sucker

According To The Committee Winning By 53 Is Enough To Drop Three Spots
Photo via: TCU 360


That was the word thrown around at the Westgate on Sunday as the first College Football Playoff bracket was being unveiled before our eyes. If this board was going to keep its credibility the first bracket needed to remain unchanged, after all, the Top 4 teams all won in convincing fashion on Saturday.

However, asking anything affiliated with the NCAA to be credible turned out to be too much to ask.

Thus, there we stood watching TCU somehow plummet from the third spot in the rankings to sixth, and Ohio State jump from outside looking in, to the final spot in the playoff.

Are you kidding me?

Sorry folks, but the board not only got it wrong, they showed that big names and money are what drive this new playoff.

It begins and ends with TCU. Since the rankings were revealed I only hear one reason as to why TCU was dropped: No Big XII Championship.

If that was a key reason as to why not only TCU, but Baylor as well, had no chance to make it then why even rank TCU in the Top 4? TCU's 48-10 dismantling of a mediocre Texas gave them enough clout to jump undefeated Florida State the week before. Yet, after a 55-3 drubbing of a two-win Iowa State team, they drop not only out of the Top 4, but into the sixth spot behind Baylor! A team that the selection committee basically told every week, "We don't care about head-to-head."

So, now that the final week is here all of the sudden head-to-head matters?

When committee chairman Jeff Long was asked by Rece Davis what changed about TCU's resume:

"Once we saw the body of work, it was really about Ohio State's movement up. Their performance on the field; that made a difference to the committee to move them up, so it was about Ohio State, not TCU."

It was about the money, Jeff. It was about Ohio State bringing larger numbers of viewers to the TV screens, and bringing even more people down to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.
The problem wasn't TCU's resume; 5th in FPI with a +26.5 point per game differential, which was 1st in the FBS. Wins over Nos. 4, 15, 20 and 7 in the country were not enough? You want to point to the loss to No. 5 Baylor as the one smear on a great resume? I'll point right back to Ohio State's ugly loss to an awful Virginia Tech team in Columbus. Double overtime to beat a mediocre Penn State squad? Please.

From here on out there is no purpose to the selection show every Tuesday since we now know that those rankings mean absolutely nothing. The NCAA fooled us again.

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Choosing To Be Amateur

E-Sports Is Rising In Popularity Quickly
Photo via: TweakTown

Imagine being present at the beginning of a new sport before it reaches mainstream popularity. To witness an organization with promising potential go from its amateur unknown existence to massive appeal. What advice would you give those in charge of the sport to make sure they emulated the most successful sports empires? It's not simple enough to merely copy what the NFL has done to become an entrepreneurial juggernaut. Even the most talented business minds couldn't follow the formula exactly so it would be faster to start by pointing out the mistakes you should avoid. Here's a quick one: never purposely to give the NCAA control over your sport.

A slowing growing new addition to Collegiate Sports (E-Sports) must make a similar decision on whether it should be recognized as a sponsorship based University sport. The most troubling part is this new concept sport is already associated with a billion dollar video game industry and it wants to be governed by the same decision makers that control college basketball and football. Nick Wingfield of the New York Times witnessed the growth of the sport and sighted universities like Harvard and Florida State who have on campus video game teams that have reached numbers as high as 10,000 athletes. These gamer-athletes are building to a point where they could be earning nearly 30,000 dollars in tuition money as the top winner in next year's North American Collegiate Championships. Now these video game teams want to build up their programs so the Universities recognize them as athletes with the same scholarship potential as football and basketball.

While there are initial benefits to getting Universities involved in building facilities where students can hone their gamer skills, why would these Gamers turn over control of the income generated by making it officially part of the school's sports program?

If E-Sport athletes haven't looked into what happens with the mainstream sports around them, they may have missed that it's best to keep the Universities out of it. NCAA control means that you abide by the rules and regulations of an amateur collegiate athlete and that means it's time to start handling over the right to earn all that prize money.

The ground breaking unionization of the Northwestern Football team was a step in the right direction for college athletes, but if video Gamers already have a competition structure that doesn't depend on the NCAA don't choose to put them in charge of the profits. This is a moment where the a rising sport can gamble on itself, but creating their own structure separate from the NCAA where they don't have a cap on their earnings. While a lot of mid level Gamers-athletes would happily trade the chance of earning extra income playing video games if it meant that they get a full ride scholarship, the top level talent who might be able to earn more than tuition fees are losing those rights. Set your own standards, build your own system away from University control. If the sport needs advice on why that might be a good idea, Jameis Winston, Todd Gurley, and Johnny Manziel would be happy to explain why.

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Company vs. The Chicks Picks Contest Week 14

(lines from Westgate Superbook FRI Noon PT -- Cowherd's picks revealed at 830a PT.)

Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Cofield BOISE -22.5 Fresno - L Ohio St +4 Wisconsin -W TITANS +1 Giants - L EAGLES -1 Seahawks - L Falcons +12.5 PACKERS - W
Winn Alabama -14.5 Missouri - W CHARGERS +3.5 Patriots - L Colts -3.5 BROWNS - L LIONS -10 Buccs - W PACKERS -12.5 Falcons - L
Cowherd (830a line) Chiefs Pk CARDINALS - L DOLPHINS -3 Ravens - L Colts -3.5 BROWNS - L Patriots -3.5 CHARGERS - W Seahawks +1 EAGLES - W
Brittney C Wisconsin -4 Ohio St. - L Seahawks +1 EAGLES - W Patriots -3.5 CHARGERS - W Texans +6 JAGUARS - W 49ers -8 RAIDERS- L
Teah Oregon -14.5 Arizona - W K-State +7 BAYLOR - L Alabama -14.5 Missouri - W Chiefs -1 CARDINALS - L 49ers -8 RAIDERS - L
Brittany A Arizona +14.5 Oregon - L OKLAHOMA -21 Okie St. - L K-State +7 BAYLOR -L Iowa St. +34.5 TCU - L Colts -3.5 BROWNS - L
JVT Arizona +14.5 Oregon - L GTech +3.5 Florida St.- W WASHINGTON +3 Rams - L Chiefs -1 CARDINALS - L Seahawks +1 EAGLES - W
Ray Brewer Ohio St. +4 Wisconsin - W Florida St. -3.5 GTech - L LaTech +9.5 Marshall - W Ravens +3 DOLPHINS - W Texans -6 JAGUARS - W
Taylor Fresno +22.5 Boise - W Steelers +3 BENGALS - W Texans -6 JAGUARS - W Ravens +3 DOLPHINS - W EAGLES -1 Seahawks - L
Adam Hill Ravens +3 DOLPHINS - W BENGALS -3 Steelers - L Buccs +10 LIONS - L Rams -3 WASHINGTON - W VIKINGS -5.5 Jets - W
Chuck Arizona +14.5 Oregon - L Patriots -3.5 CHARGERS - W
Giants -1 TITANS - W
Panthers +10 SAINTS - W EAGLES -1 Seahawks - L

Wins Losses Ties Pts
Chuck 40 28 2 40
Taylor 40 30 40
Cofield 39 28 3 39
Brewer 38 32 38
Chris Winn 36 34 36
Cowherd 34 31 34
Adam Hill 34 34 34
Brittney C 31 38 1 31
Teah 31 38 1 31
JVT 30 37 3 30
Brittany A 30 36 4 30
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Beat The Gridlock Week #14

Beat The Gridlock Week #14
GRIDLOCK Seat Williams / Colts -3.5 Mitch Moss / Seahawks +1 Ed Graney/ Chiefs -1


Vikings -5.5
49ers -8 Texans -6

Rams -3

Chiefs -1

Seahawks +1

Packers -12.5
Cardinals +1
Chargers/Patriots over 51
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Gridlock's Week #14 Football Picks

Gridlock's Week #14 Football Picks

Mitch Moss (NCAAF) Ohio State +4 (NCAAF) Ohio State/Wisconsin over 52.5 (NCAAF) Alabama/Missouri over 48.5

(NCAAF) Kansas State +7
(NFL) Colts -3.5 2-3
Seat Williams (NCAAF) Arizona +15.5 (NFL) Rams -3 (NFL) Cardinals +1 (NFL) Seahawks +1 (NFL) Chargers +3.5 3-2
Ed Graney (NCAAF) Tennessee Chattanooga -4 (NCAAF) Villanova -6 (NCAAF) Eastern Washington -9.5 (NCAAF) North Dakota State -17.5 (NCAAF) Illinois -2.5 4-1
Clay Baker (NFL) Steelers +3 (NFL) Colts -3.5 (NFL) Chiefs -1 (NFL) Seahawks -1 (NFL) Patriots -3.5 3-2
Sean McGhie (NFL) Colts -3.5 (NFL) Texans -6 (NFL) Patriots -3.5 (NCAAF) Florida State -4 (NCAAF) Ohio State -4.5 3-2

Each week the guys from Gridlock will be putting up their top #5 picks. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see who had the best picks.

Gridlock Week #14 Football Pick Results
Mitch Moss
34-35-1 total
Seat Williams
37-33 total
Ed Graney 4-1
34-33-3 total
Clay Baker 3-2 35-28-2 total
Sean McGhie 3-2
35-32-2 total
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Lie, All Day.

Rehabbing From A PR Hit Could Be Similar To AP's Rehab From An ACL Injury
Photo via:

The positive sides of Adrian Peterson's image have been extremely overlooked during his absence. For starters, the training regimen he demonstrated during his Nike Combat Apparel commercials were impressive acts of perseverance during the rehabilitation possess. If a six time pro bowler can overcome a potential career ending injury, he should be ready for his next challenge. That task, convincing the NFL that he has shown, as Roger Goodell put it in his letter to Peterson, "…meaningful remorse for your conduct."

Imagine AP using that same Nike Combat work ethic when preparing for his appeal hearing in front of arbitration. If he took the process as seriously as his rehab from his ACL tear, the latest Nike commercial may look something like this.

Show motion shot of Adrian Peterson entering the Vikings training facility. Instead of reaching for his Nike Combat Apparel to get ready for practice, he directs himself right in front of the bathroom mirror focusing eye contact on the prime time fantasy pick in front of him. With sounds of Air Supply and Chicago's "It's hard for me to say I'm sorry," playing in his head, he strengthens a quivering lower lip that is perfectly timed with a single tear rolling down his cheek. In the most submissive voice he can muster he asks the arbiter and NFL executive vice president for football operations Troy Vincent to please let him to return to the NFL, his son's fantasy football team is collapsing without him.

[Enter Nike Swoosh]

Riveting isn't it!? Because if Adrian Peterson's hardships have taught us anything, it's that showing false remorse for your actions is far more important that possessing authentic ones. That there are benefits to being less open about admitting to smoking a little weed when the commissioner you work for is more prone to looking the other way when it's in the best interest of protecting the shield. In other words, don't tell the whole truth because the NFL doesn't want to hear it, but if you are forced to tell the whole truth make sure you have committed to the training necessary to show the proper remorse. Day two of Adrian Peterson's appeal continues on Thursday, has he put in the work to take remorse to the next level?

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Pregame Look: UNLV vs ASU

The Rebels Travel To Tempe For Their First True Road Game Of The Season
Photo via:

The Runnin' Rebels will have their first true road test of the season as they take on the ASU Sun Devils tonight in Tempe, AZ. Last year, Jahii Carson of ASU scored a career-high 40 points leading the Sun Devils to an 86-80 victory in the Thomas & Mack.

Quick flashback: The Rebels had five players score in double figures, including Roscoe Smith who scored 18 points and had 21 rebounds. The Rebels actually out-rebounded ASU 55-48 and outscored them 18-12 in second chance points. What hurt the Rebels down the stretch were crucial missed free throws, in which they were just 15 of 29 from the FT line, 10 of 19 in the second half.

ASU lost their top three scorers in point guard Jahii Carson, shooting guard Jemaine Marshall and center Jordan Bachynski from last season's team. Coach Herb Sendek's 2014-15 team is made up of three returning starters and seven transfers from either a Juco or another D1 program. One of the transfers is a familiar name to the Runnin' Rebels basketball community, Savon Goodman whom was released from the team last season following an off-court legal incident. He is still awaiting eligibility to play by the NCAA.

The Rebels are coming off of a 75-59 win against Albany at home this past Saturday where they played their most complete game on both ends of the floor thus far. "I feel like mentally, we're in a good place. We just have to keep working and keep progressing. We've got a lot of young guys so this is new for them", says Jelan Kendrick. Kendrick continues, "the upper classmen, including myself, it's our job to continue preparing everyone for the long haul of the season. It's still early in the season so we are still developing and still trying to make sure we get everything where it needs to be."

Experience plays a big role when it comes to road games and with a roster made up of five freshmen, three of which are starters, this will be a huge test for the young Rebels team. Head coach Dave Rice tried to simulate the road experience by playing a closed scrimmage at an undisclosed location at the start of the season. Granted there were no fans in the stands for the closed scrimmage, Rice wanted to simulate the players having to get on a plane and travel to someone else's home court.

"There's no substitute for a regular season game, but I think also going on he road and playing in Brooklyn, even though it's a neutral site, I think those are all part of the experience."
Rice continues, "I just think we've got to be ready. I do think that now two exhibition experiences and 5 games in, we're more prepared. But again, it's going to be a huge challenge against a team that's very good."

The Rebels have gotten off to slow starts in both the closed scrimmage and in the Coaches vs Cancer tournament in New York. Rice is adamant on making sure this team starts halves better in order to build momentum. "We've got to start the first half better, we've got to start the second half better. Those are just momentum swings, one way or another depending on how we start and the kind of intensity that we play with. Sense of urgency is probably a better phrase."

Rashad Vaughn Will Hope To Keep His Offensive Momentum Going Against ASU
Photo via: Review-Journal

Freshman guard, Rashad Vaughn found his rhythm again after a quiet performance in New York, where he scored a total of 14 points combined in both games.

"Before every game, I try to come in with a game plan for myself on how I'm going to start scoring. Whether it's in the post or taking a 3, whatever it is, I try to come with a plan on how I'm going to get my first couple of buckets to get it going", says Vaughn. He also credits point guard, Cody Doolin in facilitating him to be in the right spots in order for him to get better looks on the floor.

The game will be televised on the PAC-12 network at 5pm PT, along with a live radio broadcast with Jon Sandler and Robert Smith on the call on ESPN Radio 1100/100.9FM.

Update: Per Matt Youmans of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, sophomore guard Kendall Smith did not travel with the team to Arizona as he plans to transfer. Smith has been benched with an ankle injury the last three games, but was practicing with the team this week.
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