Mitch & Pritch
7/2 Mitch And Pritch Merits Of Analytics with Pregame.Com's RJ Bell
Mitch and Pritch are joined by Pregame.Com's RJ Bell to talk about the merits and validity of Analytics in sports.
7/2 Mitch And Pritch Fox 5 Vegas Ted Pretty Interview
Chief Meteorologist Ted Pretty joined Mitch and Pritch to explain the heat behind the temperatures and why July may not resemble June.
7/2 Mitch And Pritch H1 Lakers Adrift, Fan Reaction, Hot Routes
Mitch and Pritch hour one begins with shock as LeMarcus Aldridge left the Lakers meeting disinterested and we take your calls/text.
7/2 Mitch And Pritch H2 RJ Bell, Analytics Debate
Mitch and Pritch Hour 2 features an interesting conversation with Pregame.Com's RJ Bell on the validity of analytics in Sports and that debate rolls over until there is no clear winner in site
7/1 Mitch And Pritch Coyotes To Vegas? Brian Blessing Interview
Mitch and Pritch, joined LIVE In-Studio with Mr. Hockey, Brian Blessing to examine the New York Post story regarding the Phoenix Coyotes being bought by Bill Foley and relocate to Vegas.
7/2 Mitch And Pritch H3 Laura Bassett vs Bill Buckner, Ted Pretty Interview, One
England's Laura Bassett's mistake cost them a Women's World Cup final and Mitch and Pritch take your calls on where it ranks on the all time sports mishaps. Talk about the weather with Fox 5 Vegas Ted Pretty and one last ride before the weekend.
7/1 Mitch And Pritch H1 Women's World Cup, Brian Blessing Int, Hot Routes
Mitch and Pritch begin Hour 1 with a recap from the Women's World Cup where USA advanced and does anyone care? Brian Blessing provides insight behind the New York Post story regarding NHL in Vegas and can Favre return for another Hot Route?
7/1 Mitch And Pritch H2 Harbaugh & Colin, Chris Christie, NFL Travel Assitance
Mitch and Pritch begin Hour 2 with a gleeful yet painful going-over of the Jim Harbaugh interview with Colin. Later, Chris Christie is acting like a fat moron and Pritch tries to open up about certain women's roles within certain NFL teams.
7/1 Mitch And Pritch H3 NBA Free Agency, Keeping Cool In LV, One Last Ride
Mitch and Pritch rolling along in the 3rd hour with several stories already from the first day of NBA Free Agency. Later, Mitch reads the numerous responses of listeners methods of keeping cool in the Vegas sun before the hop on board for One Last Ride.
6/30 Mitch And Pritch Lakers In Free Agency with Arash Markazi Interview
ESPN Los Angeles Arash Markazi joined Mitch and Pritch to reveal the needs and urgency for the Lakers now that Free Agency erupts.
6/30 Mitch And Pritch H1 NBA Free Agency, Smoot Point, Hot Routes
Mitch and Special Guest Star, Dug Dugless began Hour One with Clay and Mitch going over the "What If's" as NBA Free Agency approaches. Later, Mitch and Dug go over Fred Smoot's asinine comments, and get into motion for Hot Routes.
6/30 Mitch And Pritch H2 Arash Markazi on Lakers, Doug At 50, ESPN Contracts
Mitch and Dug are joined by ESPN Los Angeles Arash Markazi who updated us on the Lakers Free Agency urgency. Later, Mitch provides a questionnaire for Doug so we can all know how a 50 year old man survives. And then examine the latest contract status at
6/30 Mitch And Pritch H3 Bubble Soccer, Airline Horror, One Last Ride
Mitch and Dug go over a large array of unique sports, debating their merits, from Ferrett legging to Bubble Soccer, which is available in Las Vegas. Later, a story of an airline horror that will curl your hair and still time for One Last Ride.
6/29 Mitch And Pritch H1 Russell Wilson, Stanton's injury, Hot Routes
Mitch Moss is joined by special guest star, Dug Dugless and to begin the 1st hour, both discuss a fun day at Pai Gow as Mitch lost big. Later, discuss the options for the Seahawks with Russell Wilson. Also, Giancarlo Stanton's injury and then we run for
6/29 Mitch And Pritch H2 Fugitive Captured, #9 pick NBA Draft, NHL Worries
Mitch and Pritch with special guest star host, the one and only Dug Dugless bring it in for Hour Two with an update on the captured fugitive Mr. Sweat. Later, examine what the Celtics were willing to do to get the #9th pick in the NBA Draft. And what so
6/29 Mitch And Pritch H3 Bernie on Darko, HR Derby Facade, One Last Ride
Mitch and Dug begin the third hour joined by guest, Bernie Fratto on the NBA Draft mystique behind the Pistons drafting Darko in 2003. Later, discuss the oddball new rules for Home Run Derby and hop on for one last ride.
6/25 Mitch And Pritch Vaughn & Wood with UNLV Coach Dave Rice Int
Runnin' Rebel Head Basketball Coach Dave Rice joined Mitch and Pritch to discuss the adulation towards Rashad Vaughn's future with the Milwaukee Bucks and remains hopeful for Chris Wood's next step as a Free Agent.
6/26 Mitch And Pritch NBA Draft Recap with Yahoo! Marc Spears Interview
Senior NBA Writer with Yahoo! Sports, Marc Spears joined Mitch and Pritch during a perilous journey over the Brooklyn Bridge with thoughts on Lakers drafting D'Angelo Russell and were the Knicks right about Porzingis? Follow Marc on Twitter @SpearsNBAYah
6/26 Mitch And Pritch H1 Knicks Fans, Nance Meet Kobe, Hot Routes
Mitch and Pritch kick off Hour One with a bang recalling the anxiety of Knicks fans over the Porzingis pick. Later, go over the Larry Nance Jr. 3 year old tweet about Kobe #Rapist and then go deep for Hot Routes.
6/26 Mitch And Pritch H2 Chris Wood Draft Party, Coach Dave Rice Interview
Mitch and Pritch in the 2nd hour, take your calls and reaction to Chris Wood's ill-fated draft party at Caesar's Palace. Later, joined by UNLV Runnin' Rebel Head Basketball Coach Dave Rice.
6/26 Mitch And Pritch H3 CFB Games Of 2015, Marc Spears, One Last Ride
Mitch and Pritch begin the third hour with the first look at College Football Games Of The Year from the Golden Nugget. Later, talk with Yahoo! Marc Spears recapping the NBA Draft and hop on for One Last Ride.
6/25 Mitch And Pritch H3 Youmans on Vaughn/Wood, NBA Draft Picks, One Last Ride
Review-Journal's Matt Youmans joined Mitch and Pritch to preview the NBA draft and the landing spots for former UNLV Rebels Rashad Vaughn and Chris Wood. Later, Mitch gives you his first round picks and then hop on for One Last Ride.
6/25 Mitch And Pritch H2 BYU to Big 12, RJ Bell, 2nd Rounders, Wood/Vaughn
Mitch and Pritch in the 2nd hour, discussed how BYU is lobbying for Big 12 entry and then joined by RJ Bell to talk NBA Draft betting. Later, Mitch explores the world of 2nd rounders and how things might have been if they landed earlier in the NBA Draft.
6/25 Mitch And Pritch H1 Drafting PG, Carp on NHL, Hot Routes
Mitch and Pritch begin the first hour by comparing the need for point guards vs centers in the NBA Draft. Later, joined by LVRJ.Com's Steve Carp on NHL Expansion and then it's time for Hot Routes.
6/25 Mitch And Pritch Vaughn & Wood with Matt Youmans Interview
Las Vegas Review-Journal's Matt Youmans joined Mitch and Pritch with an in-depth analysis of two UNLV Runnin' Rebels in the NBA Draft, Rashad Vaughn and Chris Wood, and where they're projected to go and why. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattyoumans247
Cofield & Company
7/1 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
Cofield hates Gooch from KOMP, but so does Adam so it's cool. Answering the phone while dropping a deuce is called into question before Chris Johnston of SportsNet joins the show from Canada to discuss the NY Post report on the NHL in Vegas.
7/1 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
Troy Atkinson joins the show to explain the case behind the latest NHLer caught with drugs, and how to move forward 60 days after the Jon Jones incident. Plus the Electrifying Take of the Day!
7/1 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
The guys relive the nightmare that was the show before, and get into the NY Post story about the Coyotes coming to Las Vegas. NBA Free Agency is beginning and the guys also react to the latest news, and UFC talk!
6/30 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
Mitch Moss is a straight up complainer, and the crappy Kings continue to just be crappy. Russell Wilson's contract is a hot topic, so Chuck Powell from KJR in Seattle popped on. Then Dutch the intern makes his presence known...
6/30 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
A guest laden Cofield & Co. continues with an appearance from the Las Vegas Sun's Ray Brewer, and his confidence in the UNLV Football squad. The ISIS flag makes an appearance for the Electrifying Take of the Day. Then, tons of odds in the Eye on Sports ga
6/30 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
The guys argue about something concerning The White Walker and LaMarcus Aldridge's free agency meeting. To settle the argument Ari Tempkin from ESPN Radio San Antonio joins the show. Plus, the Lobster Roll from McDonald's?
6/29 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
Steve Weatherford spits the truth and people don't like it, Kobe's way too intense to have friends but at least he made up with Larry Nance Jr. Speaking of the Lakers, Jimmy Butler could be on his way! Plus, Grab Bag.
6/29 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
The guys revisit the NBA Draft, including Chris Wood's path to the NBA and Vaughn vaulting up to No. 17. Memphis was a team rumored to have interest in both Wood & Vaughn so Peter Fleischer of Fox 13 in Memphis joins the show to discuss. Plus, Steve Fezzi
6/29 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Taylor is in on Monday. Giancarlo Stanton is out for over a month, and that bums Steve out, but the rookie class cheers him up. Bob Costas makes a controversial joke about pointing at God, and awesome alternate mascots for UNLV.
6/26 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
Big 5 includes JVT being a complete jerk, gay marriage is legal and Jaylen Rose's terrible player comparisons during the NBA Draft. Chris Wood's tragic fall from the first round to not being drafted and the Grab Bag!
6/26 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
The Friday Food Fiesta is in full swing with a heated debate about food eating policy. Then the guys revisit Andy Benoit's comments on women's sports. Larry Nance Jr. calls Kobe a rapist on Twitter and RJ Bell!
6/26 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Adam is in for our Friday Food Fiesta. The guys react to the results of the NBA Draft. Rashad goes 17th and Wood goes...never. The Knicks draft a Euro 4th overall, and the people react!
6/25 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Cofield and JVT preview everything NBA Draft, leading into the draft itself. What's the latest on the Lakers and Jahlil Okafor? Is George Karl getting fired? Plus, Rashad Vaughn and Chris Wood's fates hang in the balance.
6/24 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
The Big Five at 5 and NBA Draft talk.
6/24 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
Steve and Adam discuss Conor McGregor's prediction and what Jose Aldo's injury means for the UFC 189 card. Also, the Electrifying Take on "Diddy Gate" and the Eye on Gambling.
6/24 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Steve and Adam talk the chances of the Lakers signing DeMarcus Cousins and what the potential offers could be. Also, NHL columnist Scott Burnside joins the show to discuss the NHL in Vegas and the new stadium. Plus, MMA talk.
6/23 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
Big Five includes Taylor's anger towards a local news anchor, the latest trade rumors in the NBA and Cofield's neighbors. Plus, more from Harry Reid and the Grab Bag.
6/23 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
Sports legal insider Justin Watkins joins the show to update the guys on the legal process for Sean Combs and how Brady's appeal might play out. Then the Electrifying Take of the Day: Is it a crime to find women's sports boring?
6/23/ Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Steve and Taylor visit the conspiracy that is getting rid of the Confederate flag. Meanwhile, Sean Combs is getting arrested for assaulting people with a kettle bell. It begs the question should parents be allowed to watch practices.
6/22 Cofield & Co. The Confederate Flag issue is "complex?"
Cofield, Taylor and JVT discuss the issue of the confederate flag being flown all over the south. A texter also says UNLV has a racist history.
6/22 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
Walter White makes an appearance at EDC where no one knew who he was, and some kid gets fired from their job at a movie theater for being an idiot. The "debate" concerning the Confederate flag begins, and of course the Grab Bag!
6/22 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
Turns out Pete Rose gambled on baseball when he was a player as well. Kills his chances for reinstatement right? A-Rod will get his 3K hit back once he donates to a charity of some sort and Steve Fezzik joins the show.
6/22 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Steve and Taylor recap everything U.S. Open. Did Justin Johnson choke away his victory? Is it one of the worst choke jobs in sports? What about the greens? Were the complaints by Gary Player and others warranted?
6/19 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
The Big 5 discusses the meaning of Trap Queens, strangers at the bar and more. The guys also get into a discussion about Father's Day, and Friday Food Fiesta! Plus, the Grab Bag.
6/19 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
Taylor and JVT get into a little Good Idea/Bad Idea. Bryce Harper pulls a hammy, so should we be concerned? The Royals cheating has been exposed concerning the All-Star ballot. Brittany Anderson joins for the Electrifying Take of the Day, and RJ Bell!
6/19 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Taylor Bern and JVT take over the show while Steve and Adam go missing. The guys discuss Day 2 of the U.S. Open, Tiger's struggles and the tragedy in Charleston.
6/18 Cofield & Co. Wednesday's tragedies
Adam discussed the frustration of how horrific incidents like the Charlestion church murders almost immediately turn into a polarizing debate instead of something that bonds us against evil.
6/18 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
An awesome Big 5 that includes the U.S. Open and it's acceptance of pot smokers, and Steve defecting from breakfast or something. The Grab Bag closes out the show, and Hulk Hogan has a sex tape!
6/18 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
Hardcore NBA Draft talk begins in the second hour, including Rashad Vaughn's rising draft stock and Jahlil Okafor's falling stock. Plus, our Electrifying Take of the Day on the best things in the MLB and Teddy Sevransky from!
6/18 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Adam and Steve open the show with one of the most poorly researched flubs in radio. Then Corey Crawford has a problem not saying "F***". Mike Blasky from the Bay Area News Group joins the show to discuss the atmosphere in Oakland, and angry voicemail!
6/18 Cofield & Co. The Mitch Moss cab company rant
Mitch flipped out over the cab vs. Uber fight. He told stories about his trip to Miami and fired back at a local cabbie who said he'll never listen again
6/17 Cofield & Co. Adam Hill explains why he won't answer emails
If Mr. Hill thinks your subject is stupid, you jsut won't get an answer. Simple as that. JVT unloads on Hill.
6/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 3
An enigmatic Big 5 At 5 takes place that includes Donald Trump and men urinating on themselves, Adam and Steve discuss the futures of the Warriors and Cavaliers, and the Grab Bag!
6/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 2
Ray Brewer stops by for a bit to lend his expertise in attire at country clubs and NBA basketball. Plus, the Electrifying Take of the Day sheds some light on JTV's stuttering in his updates, and Eye on Sports Gambling.
6/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 1
Adam is back to gloat about his prediction of the Warriors title, and the guys take your calls on LeBron the Loser. Do you have sympathy for him and what he went through with this team? Is he selfish for not staying no the court longer after Game 6?
6/17 Cofield & Col. Albert Hall INT
The VP of Las Vegas' NBA Summer League joined JVT to talk about the incredible talent expected to play here in July and all the promotions planned.
6/16 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: J.R. Smith, face pizza, Dan Gilbert's troll attempts and not big basketball.
6/16 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Troy offers his insight on the St. Louis Cardinals hacking scandal and what to do when someone snubs a cig in your face,
6/16 Cofield & Co. Good Idea/Bad Idea
Nick Young cheats on Iggy, something about sex in a car and much more on the newest addition to the Cofield lineup.
6/15 Cofield & Co. Grab Bag
The stories of the day that couldn't make it into the "meat" of Cofield & Co.
6/15 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
The five biggest topics of the day, with a Cofield & Co. twist?
6/15 Cofield & Co. Beloved TV Characters
A very well liked character from GoT is killed in the season finale, leading to utter chaos. Steve asks the question: Is there another TV show character who was loved this much?
6/15 Cofield & Co. Good Idea/Bad Idea
Taylor Bern's only contribution to the show: Five stories, only one question, good idea or bad idea?
6/12 Cofield & Co. Cleveland Criers
Steve and Adam take a look at some Cavs fans who whined a bit too much about the officiating in Game 4, including the awesome Cleveland weatherman and two KOMP personalities.
6/12 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Police cracking down on a lemonade stand, Draymond Green's grandmother, LeBron's ween and the best radio caller of 2015.
6/12 Cofield & Co. Piece of Burger Guy
Steve found his favorite person of 2015: the Piece of Burger Guy. Too bad the guy didn't realize he was going to be arrested shortly after his 15 minutes of fame.
6/12 Cofield & Co. DiveGate
LeBron falls and cuts his head open in Game 4 of The Finals. Bogut thinks LeBron dove into the camera, and other believe he faked the injury. Adam sets the record straight.
6/11 Cofield & Co. Grab Bag
Some of the best stories of the day that were left on the cutting room floor Cofield & Co.
6/11 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Adam's adventure at the Playboy, along with his chances at landing Olivia Munn, badass 16-year-old LeBron James, and much more.
6/11 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
Steve pays his respects to the late Dusty Rhodes, and Steve shares his own story of hard times: Steve had his identity stolen, and now he is in crushing debt.
The Las Vegas Sportsline
LVS 7-2-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day. Minnesota +135
LVS 7-2-15 2nd Segment
We visit the land of Twitter for the Tweet of the Night and we start the MLB rundown.
LVS 7-2-15 1st Segment
Ian Cameron who went 4-0 last week in the CFL joins Matt and Dave to talk this weekend's games.
LVS 7-1-15 3rd Segment
The MLB rundown and The LVS Play of the Day Dodgers -135
LVS 7-1-15 2nd Segment
We visit Twitterland for the Tweet of the Night.
LVS 7-1-15 1st Segment
Tony Miller from the Golden Nugget joins Matt and Dave to talk Friday Football Showdown and some of the College Football Games of the Year.
LVS 6-30-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day. San Diego -120
LVS 6-30-15 2nd Segment
We visit the land of Twitter for the Tweet of the Night and we start the MLB Rundown.
LVS 6-30-15 1st Segment
Jeff Sherman from The Westgate joins Matt and Dave to talk Greenbriar Classic Odds.
LVS 6-29-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day.
LVS 6-29-15 2nd Segment
The Tweet of the Night, The Clown of the Weekend and We begin the MLB rundown.
6-29-15 LVS 1st Segment
We wrap up up the Primm Valley Desert Shootout with Brian Blessing. We also talk NHL in Las Vegas.
LVS 6-26-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day.
LVS 6-26-15 2nd Segment
The LVS Tweet of the Night and Paul Stone joins us to talk about the released Golden Nugget Lines.
LVS 6-26-15 1st Segment
The Golden Nugget put out their 1st College Football Lines. What do the guys think of them?
LVS 6-25-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day.
LVS 6-25-15 2nd Segment
We travel to the land of Twitter for The Tweet of the Night and rundown the MLB slate.
LVS 6-25-15 1st Segment
Ian Cameron from Sports Memo joins Matt and Dave to talk CFL Opening Day Lines.
LVS 6-24-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day. Cubs even
LVS 6-24-15 2nd Segment
The LVS Tweet of the Night and we start the MLB rundown.
LVS 6-24-15 1st Segment
Andrew Lange of Sports Memo joins Matt and Dave to talk MLB.
LVS 6-23-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day. Angels -120
LVS 6-23-15 2nd Segment
We go to the Land of Twitter and start the MLB rundown.
LVS 6-23-15 1st Segment
Jeff Sherman of The Westgate joins Matt and Dave to discuss the Odds on the Upcoming British Open.
LVS 6-22-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day
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