3/2 Gridlock Tark's Memorial: Chris Herren Speech
The Jerry Tarkanian Memorial at the Thomas And Mack was both moving and elegant. One of the key speakers, Chris Herren told a riveting story of how Coach Tark impacted his life and will continue to play a significant role for many to follow. Twitter @C_
3/2 Gridlock "How Madden Ratings Are Made" with Walt Hickey Interview
FiveThirtyEight.Com's Walt Hickey joined Mitch and Ed to explain his 3-part report on how the Madden/EA Sports game is perfectly designed to evaluate a player's assets and misgivings through tests and film. Follow Walt on Twitter @WaltHickey
2/27 Gridlock Former Rebel & Canyon Springs HC Freddie Banks Interview
Former UNLV Runnin' Rebel and Canyon Springs Head Basketball Coach, Freddie Banks joined Gridlock to discuss the amazing run his Pioneers had with just one returning starter. Freddie also provides great memories of Jerry Tarkanian and how he got the nick
2/27 Gridlock ESPN Anchor Kenny Mayne INT
Mitch Moss and Seat Williams catch up with ESPN Personality and former UNLV Student-athlete Kenny Mayne who is preparing to be the emcee of this weekend's tribute to Jerry Tarkanian.
2/27 Gridlock NBA with Yahoo! Marc Spears Interview
NBA Writer for Yahoo! Sports, Marc Spears joined Gridlock to talk about the emerging playoff teams and the impact of Derrick Rose's injury to the Bulls. Also, Marc provide outspoken views of altering the playoff seeding and remembers the Life of Earl Llo
2/26 Gridlock Is Dave Rice's Job Safe? Matt Youmans Interview
Las Vegas Review-Journal's Matt Youmans joined Gridlock to discuss UNLV Basketball and it gets real when asked if he thinks Coach Dave Rice's job is safe? Follow on Twitter @MattYoumans247
2/26 Gridlock Mayweather vs Pacquiao with Pregame.Com's RJ Bell Interview
RJ Bell joined Gridlock to discuss the betting ramifications regarding Mayweather vs Pacquaio with odds, trends and value all from a Vegas perspective. Also, RJ explains scenarios of how the Nevada sportsbooks could look at taking wagers on the Oscars, i
2/26 Gridlock The Dez Bryant Mystery Video
Mitch, Ed and Seat discuss the issues behind the alleged video of Dez Bryant doing something that he's being blackmailed over has caused a panic in Dallas and on Gridlock. We take your phone calls on Dez and if we're rushing to judgement.
2/26 Gridlock Musical Sports Impressions
Taking a page from Jimmy Fallon and Christina Aguilera's exceptional Musical Impressions; Mitch, Ed and Seat have a sports version of their own in front of a live, studio audience on Gridlock.
2/25 Gridlock Defending the 76ers with ESPN's Doug Kezirian Interview
SportsCenter Anchor and host of NBA Tonight, ESPN's Doug Kezirian joined Gridlock to defend the Philadelphia 76ers philosophy of "Tanking" for picks, as well as, thoughts of the Bulls investment on Derrick Rose and dimmed optimism for the Lakers. Follow
2/25 Gridlock Boxer Adrien Broner Interview
3-time Champion Boxer, Adrien Broner joined Gridlock to promote his upcoming Nationally televised bout against John Molina Jr. and his thoughts on Mayweather vs Pacquiao.
2/24 Gridlock Mayweather vs Pacquiao with Winky Wright Interview
Former Champion, Winky Wright joined Gridlock with thoughts on the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, how Manny could pose problems for Floyd, and who he would bet on come May 2nd. Follow on Twitter @RealWinkyWright
2/24 Gridlock Better Call Saul's "Nacho" Michael Mando Interview
Great Actor, Michael Mando, from Better Call Saul joined Gridlock to discuss the terrific response to Season One, playing "Nacho Varga" and how a bullet wound turned his life around in his 20's. Follow him on Twitter @MandoMichael
2/23 Gridlock - Bob Arum INT
Manny Pacquiao's promoter joined the guys to talk about a rematch clause, the fight coming along too late, his prediction on the fight and what types of celebs will be allowed in for free.
2/20 Gridlock Mayweather vs Pacquiao May 2nd!
Could it be? Is it a possibility that Floyd Mayweather will indeed fight Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand on May 2nd? Gridlock takes your calls/texts on the merits of the Fight Of The Century.
2/20 Gridlock Chargers/Raiders in L.A.? with Nick Canepa Interview
The Godfather, Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune, joined Gridlock to discuss the potential relocation of the Chargers and Raiders to Southern California with a privately funded Stadium in Carson, California. Follow Nick on Twitter @SDUTCanepa
2/20 Gridlock NBA Trades with Yahoo! Marc Spears Interview
NBA Writer with Yahoo! Sports, Marc Spears joined Gridlock to make sense of the NBA following the dizzying affair of the trade deadline. Who makes their teams better and why were certain moves made, Marc breaks it all down on Gridlock. Follow him on Twi
2/19 Gridlock Tammy Meyers Suspect Arrested Update
Mitch, Ed and Seat discuss the latest updates regarding the Tammy Meyers road rage killing and the apprehension of the suspect, who was arrested Thursday afternoon.
2/19 Gridlock Your Reaction to $300,000 Dinner
Mitch, Ed and Seat go into detail surrounding the $300,000 dollar restaurant bill, during the CES convention. Luckily, the calls/texts poured in revealing another side to how the money is distributed between the waitstaff.
2/18 Gridlock 1st Hour: Rebels Lose To Boise St, Dimming The Lights 4 Tark
Mitch, Ed and Seat joined forces on Thursday following UNLV Basketball's tough loss to Boise State and Gridlock talked about the game, as well as, Southern Nevada dimming the lights for Jerry Tarkanian last night.
2/19 Gridlock Pregame.Com's RJ Bell Interview's RJ Bell joined Gridlock to explain the posted NFL season win totals and a look at certain odds concerning the Oscars. Follow on Twitter @RJInVegas
2/18 Gridlock ESPN's Marcellus Wiley Interview
SportsNation Host and Host of Max and Marcellus on ESPN LA, Marcellus Wiley joined Gridlock with a recap of NBA All-Star weekend, the dunk contest, the Lakers season and thoughts on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Get a hold of @Casper and @MacellusWiley
2/17 Gridlock "Wrestling For My Life" Shawn Michaels Interview
One of the greatest professional wrestlers of the modern era, Shawn Michaels joined Gridlock with tales and lessons learned from his book, "Wrestling For My Life". Follow Shawn on Twtter @ShawnMichaels
2/17 Gridlock Sport Science with John Brenkus Interview
Mitch Moss and Seat Williams love ESPN's Sports Science and host John Brenkus joined Gridlock to explain how his company BASE Productions allow audiences to experience the science behind sports greatest plays and it's stars.
2/16 Gridlock Jerry Tarkanian Tribute: Mark Wade Interview
Former UNLV Runnin' Rebel Mark Wade joined Gridlock with a terrific remembrance of Jerry Tarkanian.
Cofield & Company
3/2 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
5. Hockey players fornicating with wives 4. Bruce Jenner needs blue tooth 3. NFL guy says he can beat Rousey 2. Ndamukong Suh 1. ...
3/2 Cofield & Co. Rousey and Tyson
With another victory Ronda Rousey is drawing comaprisons to Mike Tyson. Can you really compare the two? Tyson took over boxing when heavyweights were at the peak. Rousey just dominates a division that isn't deep in the least bit.
3/2 Cofield & Co. The Scapegoat
One of the biggest, if not the only scapegoat for UNLV's season has been sophomore Chris Wood. Following Saturday's win over Wyoming, the criticism continued, and Steve has had enough!
2/27 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
5. Rex Ryan buys a new truck 4. Manny Pacquiao's entrance music 3. Dale Hansen just gets it 2. Darnell Dockett mentors children 1. ?
2/27 Cofield & Co. Adam Hill Drops In
Adam is in L.A. for UFC 184. Adam and Steve gab about Rousey vs Zingano, Rosey vs Ring Girl and hockey?
2/27 Cofield & Co. Addiction
Is addiction an illness? The discussion continues on Cofield & Co. with a visit from Sports 920's Brittany Anderson. Having once faced her own struggles, Brittany gives a small glimpse of what it's like to relapse, and what it must be like for Josh Hamilt
2/27 Cofield & Co. Larry Shyatt INT
The Cowboys coach talks about Larry Nance Jr, his veteran squad and his program's philosophy.
2/27 Cofield & Co. Dave Rice INT
UNLV's coach talks about the difference between a player and a coach getting a technical foul, defensive inconsistencies and how to stop Wyoming's Larry Nance Jr.
2/26 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Ronda Rousey gets into it with a ring girl, the annoying squeak of basketball shoes, a bench player for National Player of the Year and Josh Hamilton: Addiction or disease?
2/26 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Sports Legal Insider Troy Atkinson stops by. Troy has the latest in the Aaron Hernandez trial, possible legal ramifications in the elusive Dez Bryant video scenario and Adrian Peterson's return!
2/26 Cofield & Co. Geoff Grammer INT
Geoff Grammer of the Albuquerque Journal joins the show. Geoff sheds some light on the recent news of voting for MW Conference awards, the job status of Lobos head man Craig Neal and updates from around the Conference.
2/25 Cofield & Co. Marshawn the Movie
The guys had Oscar fever for one extra day, and how could you not with Marshawn Lynch: The Movie coming out soon? The guys dissect the trailer, and show you what true movies are.
2/25 Cofield & Co. The Dez Bryant Video
Rumors are floating around about a possible video tat could hurt the reputation of Dez Bryant. What could be on that video? There are rumblings that it involves an alleged assault.
2/25 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Some DJ that loves NASCAR and feet, Larry Sanders of the Bucks speaks out on his disappearance, Hope Solo is saved, and more on the Dez Bryant video?
2/25 Cofield & Co. Another Stadium In L.A.
Another stadium plan comes to the surface in L.A., and this one was approved! It seems like it's a race between three teams to get to the City of Angels. Who's going to win?
2/24 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Kobe appearing on Kimmel, A-Rod is being a pain for the Yankees, Adam Hill insults a man's grandfather, Urban Meyer is stuck on a boat and more!
2/24 Cofield & Co. Ray Brewer INT
Steve Cofield and Adam Hill check in with Ray Brewer from the Las Vegas Sun to discuss the NHL's future in Las Vegas and the Runnin' Rebels upcoming match up with Utah State.
2/24 Cofield & Co. Birthday Cards & Possible Racism
The guys are live from Born & Raised, and begin the show with some birthday card ettiquette, and the anchor in Cleveland who didn't know what "jigaboo" meant.
2/23 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics of the day: Sean Penn could be racist, Eddie Murphy is still pretty bitter about David Spade's joke, Bill O'Reily could be a liar, and Dez Bryant could have a damning video floating around.
2/23 Cofield & Co. Bill Foley INT
Steve Cofield and Adam Hill welcome the mastermind behind the Vegas Wants Hockey campaign, Bill Foley who is on to discuss his plans to bring an NHL team to Las Vegas.
2/23 Cofield & Co. I've Still Never Seen Anything Like It
UNLV wins a game without Rashad Vaughn! Is there anything like it happening around the country? Could it be possible that this UNLV team is improving?
2/20 Cofield & Co. Justin Watkins INT Pt. 2
Justin Watkins swings by the Findlay Toyota Studios. The guys get to hashing out the UFC's attempt at harsher penalties for failed drug tests, and the latest on the "gang war" between two families.
2/20 Cofield & Co. Justin Watkins INT Pt. 1
Justin Watkins is all-in for the NHL coming to Las Vegas, and updates the guys on how the season tickets are selling. Justin also elaborates on the legal proceedings behind Kurt Busch's DV case, and some of the ramifications behind the UFC's push for more
2/20 Cofield & Co. Another NASCAR Feud
Danica Patrick gets into it with Denny Hamlin after a wreck on Thursday night. Is Patrick going at Hamlin physically okay? Or, is this just another instance of NASCAR drivers being way too aggressive.
2/19 Cofield & Co. Grab Bag
Cofeld & Co.'s Grab Bag is full of wonderfulness and merriment. Stick your hand inside and see what you get.
2/18 Cofield & Co. Hot Stove
With baseball season coming up, Adam and Steve gt to some hardcore Hot Stove talk. Pablo Sandoval is fatter than usual, and A-Rod issues a hand written apology. Why?
2/17 Cofield & Co. Big 5 at 5
Topics today: A questionable storming of the court, dim the lights for Tark, a sad development in the Spray Tan saga and how the turn out at the Thomas & Mack tomorrow could look like.
2/17 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Our Sports Legal Insider Troy Atkinson joins the show. There are new developments in the road rage shooting here in Vegas, legal ramifications of ARod's apology letter and more.
2/17 Cofield & Co. I've Never Seen Anything Like It
Taylor and Steve discuss the shortcomings of this year's UNLV squad, the constant lapses on defense and the injuries that have recently plagued the team.
2/16 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics of the day: Rashad Vaughn's injury and how it might have been prevented, running with the bulls, and tragedy here in Las Vegas that could effect you.
2/16 Cofield & Co. Mark Warkentien INT
New York Knicks Player Personnel Director, and former UNLV assistant Mark Warkentien joins the show. Mark shares some great stories from the Tarkanian days, and his thoughts on the current UNLV squad.
2/16 Cofield & Co. SNL or ASG?
Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary show blew the All-Star game out of the ratings water. What did you watch? Eddie Murphy's 73 second return, or Russell Westbrook's 41 points?
1/30 Cofield & Co. Steve Fezzik INT
Steve Fezzik joins Steve and Adam live at the SLS. Fezzik has some great insight on some the prop bets for Super Bowl Sunday, including number of penalties.
1/30 Cofield & Co. Paul Bessire INT
Steve is joined by Paul Bessire from Prediction Machine. Paul uses the machine to project the outcome of the Super Bowl, and a few of the prop bets around town as well.
1/29 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics today: Comcast could be the worst company ever, the entire Hawks roster makes the All-Star squad, Bruce Jenner is a woman, some of the worst jobs held by Super Bowl players and Josh Gordon's response to his critics.
1/29 Cofield & Co. Ted Sevransky INT
With the Super Bowl on the horizon Ted Sevransky joins the show. Teddy has some great info on a few props for the game, as well as the matchup itself.
1/29 Cofield & Co. The Ugly Truth Behind MarshawnGate
Adam and Steve explore the possibility of the public's issue with Marshawn Lynch being racial. Lynch being labled as certain things, despite his actual good deeds for the community ring eerily similar to Richard Sherman's criticism last year.
1/28 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Selfie sticks at Media Day, Marshawn Lynch and his Skittle commercial, guys who wear flip-flops with jeans, and awesome Go Daddy commercial and UNLV wins again.
1/28 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Sports Legal Insider Troy Atkinson joins the show. Are there legal ramifications to Marshawn Lynch's press conferences? Will there be any legal fallout from DeflateGate? Should the "ball boy" lawyer up?
1/8 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Urban Meyer and Adam's loathing for him, questionable actions from a journalist and football is finally back in Los Angeles?!
1/28 Cofield & Co. Lynch Mode
Steve returns, and the guys get into some of the antics that went on during Media Day. Marshawn Lynch made his usual appearance, and it begs the question: What exactly is Lynch trying to prove?
1/8 Cofield & Co. Dana White Speaks
Dana White appeared on some network and spoke about the latest news of Jon Jones checking into rehab, and the snafu it has caused. Others around seem to have a problem with the UFC's handling of the situation.
1/23 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics today: Bob Costas is still trying to explain his terrible first pitch in August, maybe a little DeflateGate, the Timberwolves and dying childeren and just maybe the Seahawks do have the best fans.
1/8 Cofield & Co. A Little Tinder-Roni
The Atlanta Hawks, in a genius move, host a Tinder night, and it's a success. Steve and Adam explore the wonderful world of Tinder, and why it's so limited in age grouping.
1/13 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Our sports legal insider Troy Atkinson stops by to help clear up some questions the guys have. Like how in the world is Jon Jones just spending a day in rehab?
1/6 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Doug Marrone is an idiot and the media is figuring it out now, thanks to an old assistant, San Diego State takes on New Mexico tonight and the baseball Hall of Fame has new members.
1/5 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
The five hottest topics of the day! Cofield craps the bed over useless bowl games, the coaching carousel just keeps revolving and was it pass interference in Dallas?
1/2 Cofield & Co. Taylor Bern INT
The smug Taylor Bern joins the show to, ya know, be smug and stuff. I guess he has some knowledge on the Kansas-UNLV game, but who cares about that?
12/17 Cofield & Co. Andrew Hawkins' Shirt
Steve & Adam react to some of the backlash to Andrew Hawkins shirt. The guys also visit the controversial cases Hawkins is speaking out against.
12/10 Cofield & Co. Justin Watkins INT
The sports Legal Insider stops by to help decipher the newest NFL conduct policy, as well as some other issues in the sporting world like UFC and CM Punk.
The Las Vegas Sportsline
3/2 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are going to put their faith in a home favorite out of the Big 12 conference for the first Play of the Day of a big week.
3/2 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Yomans cover twitter and discuss a great piece from Bernie Fratto commemorating the career of Jerry Tarkanian.
3/2 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans witnessed an impressive upset from BYU over the weekend and a late game lay in was good enough to be the first Shot of the Night brought to you by Spartan Arms & Range Supplies of Las Vegas.
2/28 The LVS Patrick McCaw INT
Chuck Ojeda had a conversation with UNLV Freshman guard Patrick McCaw following his impressive 21 point game that led to a home victory for the Runnin' Rebels against Wyoming.
2/27 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans coming off a big Thursday win for the Play of the Day and looking to end the week strong with a pick out of the NBA.
2/27 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are in agreement with LeBron James that they should not be trying to recruit his son at ten years old.
2/27 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans give a tip of the cap to King James who dropped 42 last night against the Warriors earning him the Shot of the Night.
2/26 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are going to go with an underdog out of the West Coast Conference for the Play of the Day.
2/26 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans see that David Ortiz is pretty vocal on Twitter about his disdain for the new pace of play rules in Major League Baseball.
2/26 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans discuss a pretty impressive upset in the Mountain West Conference as Fresno State takes down Wyoming for the Shot of the Night.
2/25 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Ken Thomson are looking to add to a bit of a hot streak they're having for the Play of the Day and are going to take a Big 12 match up in College Basketball.
2/25 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Ken Thomson from check out the world of Twitter and discuss some troubling news on Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton.
2/25 The LVS Money Well Spent
Dave Cokin welcomes in Ken Thomson in for Matt who discuss a disappointing second half for UNLV which put them on the wrong side of Money Well Spent.
2/24 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Brian Blessing are looking to add to the Play of the Day win steak with a college basketball match up involving the Runnin' Rebels.
2/24 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Brian Blessing check out the world of Twitter and discuss the number of season ticket deposits already sold for Las Vegas' potential NHL team.
2/24 The LVS NHL in Vegas
Dave Cokin welcomes in Brian Blessing from our sister station 920 The Game to cover the conversations that Bill Foley has had with multiple sports shows around Las Vegas.
2/23 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans looking for a strong week of picks for the Play of the Day and have decided to go with a college basketball match up going down at the Garden.
2/23 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans have been very impressed with the improvements from Chris Wood and both can understand why the conversation on Twitter points to him leaving for the NBA.
2/23 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans think that Pat McCaw's performance against New Mexico is well worth a Shot of the Night winner. Also Jay Kornegay from the Westgate Sportsbook joins the conversation.
2/20 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Teddy Sevransky are looking to make it two in a row for The LVS Play of the Day and are going to go with the first total of the year in the NBA.
2/20 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin, Teddy Sevransky, and Chuck Ojeda get into some Oscar odds from a group of guys that haven't quite done enough research to give that kind of prediction.
2/20 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Teddy Sevransky from give the Shot of the Night award to Chris Paul after a big win against the Spurs.
2/19 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin looking to take advantage of a bad spot and is willing to lay up to 11.5 points in college basketball match up in Utah.
2/19 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin continues his conversation with Bruce Marshall and switches over to the NBA, but first talks about details the Boxing Hall of Fame through twitter.
2/19 The LVS Bruce Marshall INT
Dave Cokin covers the college basketball and NBA slate with Bruce Marshall from the Gold Sheet.
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