5/22 Mitch And Pritch Your Reaction To Earthquake In Las Vegas
Mitch and Pritch take your calls and texts on the Earthquake that shook Las Vegas to it's very foundations. Water was splashed, trucks were shaken, lives changed forever.
5/22 Mitch And Pritch Bryce & Bryant's Cubs with Richard Justice Interview
Longtime MLB Writer, MLB.Com's Richard Justice joined Mitch and Pritch to discuss the Chicago Cubs and Kris Bryant's impact, Bryce Harper's tumultuous tear and how the speed of the game has improved, quickly. Follow Richard on Twitter @RichardJustice
5/22 Mitch And Pritch AFL Outlaws Coach Aaron Garcia Interview
Head Coach of the Las Vegas Outlaws and AFL Legend, Aaron Garcia joined Mitch and Pritch to discuss the inaugural year, the transition from player to Head Coach, and when is he going to drive Vince Neil's Lamborghini? Follow the Outlaws on Twitter @AFLOu
5/22 Mitch And Pritch Memorial Day Meat Grilling Power Ranking
Mitch and Pritch discuss the well-defined Meat Grilling Power Ranking from The Big Lead and it is not bode well for chicken and dudes that want to baste everything.
5/21 Mitch And Pritch Your Calls on Bryce Harper: Who's To Blame?
Mitch Moss and Mike Pritchard take your calls and texts on Bryce Harper's ejection last night against the Yankees.
5/21 Mitch And Pritch The Mob Museum's Oscar Goodman Interview
Before he was Mayor Of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman's career as a mafia lawyer was legendary and the notoriety started with the Jimmy Chagra, "Case Of The Century". Oscar joined Mitch and Pritch to discuss his upcoming "Courtroom Conversations" on the Jimmy
5/21 Mitch And Pritch David Letterman Remembered with RJ Bell Interview's RJ Bell joined Mitch and Pritch to discuss the memorable career of Late Night with David Letterman, as well as, NBA Playoff series info and why the Warriors are -1800! Follow on Twitter @RJInVegas
5/15 Mitch And Pritch Man Finds Food Adam Richman Interview
Known Worldwide with "Man Vs Food", Adam Richman joined Mitch And Pritch to discuss his latest book, "Straight Up Tasty", his favorite places to eat in Vegas and other infamous experiences. You can watch Adam's new show "Man Finds Food" on the Travel Cha
5/20 Mitch And Pritch Boxing At The D & Movies with Al Bernstein Interview
Al Bernstein graciously sits In-Studio with Mitch and Pritch to discuss Friday's upcoming bout, Knock Out Night At The D! at the D Events Center, under the stars. Also, Al updates Mitch on several movies he needs to consider.
5/20 Mitch And Pritch KnockOut Night At The D with Al Bernstein
Listen why you must show up early for this Friday Night's Knockout Night At The D! Great Boxing Night Downtown under the stars at The D Events Center!
5/20 Mitch And Pritch Al Bernstein Interview Part 1
Actor, Author and Friend, Al Bernstein joined Mitch And Pritch In-Studio with thoughts on why hockey/soccer fan and boxing fan need a hug. Also, Al recaps the dizzying affair that was Mayweather/Pacquiao and the bright future for the sweet science. Foll
5/19 Mitch And Pritch Bryce Harper's Explosion with Bob Carpenter Interview
Washington Nationals TV Voice, Bob Carpenter joined Mitch and Pritch to discuss the rise and rise of Bryce Harper, his aggressive plate approach and leading by example.
5/18 Mitch And Pritch NBA with Mike Peck Interview
Former Head Coach with Findlay Prep, Mike Peck joined Mitch And Pritch to discuss the emergence of Tristan Thompson with the Cavaliers, as well as, Anthony Bennett's arrested development in the league. Follow on Twitter @CoachMikePeck
5/18 Mitch And Pritch NFL with Joel Corry Interview
Former NFL Agent, Joel Corry joined Mitch And Pritch to discuss the lingering issue in Seattle regarding QB Russell Wilson's value. Follow on Twitter @CorryJoel
5/15 Mitch and Pritch Warriors Analyst Gary St. Jean Interview
Former Golden State General Manager and current Analyst, Gary St. Jean joined Mitch And Pritch to discuss the resiliency of the Warriors in their series against Memphis.
5/13 Mitch And Pritch ESPN's Mark Schlereth Interview
Mark Schlereth joined Mitch and Pritch on why he feels the NFL punishment on Tom Brady and the Patriots was harsh and how the coverup was worse than the cheating. Follow on Twitter @markschlereth
5/13 Mitch And Pritch Do You Like Female Hosts, Anchors?
On today's Hot Routes, Mitch and Pritch hit a nerve as the audience open up about their feelings towards networks using women to host shows and call games.
5/13 Mitch And Pritch Does This Taint Brady's Legacy?
Mitch Moss and Mike Pritchard take your many calls and texts on how Deflategate has affected the legacy of Tom Brady and The Patriots.
5/13 Mitch And Pritch AJ Feely Comments and Your Calls
Mitch Moss and Mike Pritchard go over the AJ Feely comments suggesting a long pattern of cheating from Brady and we take your calls on the enduring effect for the QB.
5/13 Mitch And Pritch Kris Bryant & Bryce Harper Red-Hot stretch
Las Vegans Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper are tearing up NL pitching and Mitch and Pritch talk about the wealth of talent living in Southern Nevada.
5/12 Mitch And Pritch 1st Hour Your Calls On Brady Suspension
Tony Cordasco filling in for Mitch Moss, joins Mike Pritchard to begin the show discussing the NFL's suspension of Tom Brady, the integrity of the league, and was the punishment excessive?
5/12 Mitch And Pritch UNLV Basketball with Matt Youmans Interview
Covering the Runnin' Rebels for the Review-Journal, Matt Youmans joined Tony and Pritch to discuss the latest recruit, Tyrell Bellot-Green, as well as, who should take the final scholarship spot for Coach Dave Rice?
5/12 Mitch And Pritch American Idol Remembered
After 15 seasons, Fox cancelled American Idol and both Tony and Pritch recall their favorite performers who both won and won the hearts of millions.
5/12 Mitch And Pritch 2nd Hour Your Calls on Brady's Legacy
The 2nd Hour of Mitch and Pritch delivers more of your reaction to the 4 game suspension lessening the legacy of Tom Brady.
5/12 Mitch And Pritch UNLV Baseball, Football with Mark Anderson Interview
Las Vegas Review-Journal's Mark Anderson joined Mike Pritchard to talk about how the recent activity at UNLV has made the program look more enticing to local student athletes. Also, Mark described how Tony Sanchez aggressive recruiting nabbed coveted RB
Cofield & Company
5/22 Cofield & Co. RJ Bell INT
RJ gets giddy over a follow on Twitter before giving the guys some great info on the weekend of sports gambling, including, of course, Conference Finals action in the NBA.
5/22 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Troy Atkinson stops by. The guys get an update on the happenings of Aaron Hernandez, find out if the FCC can punish Tiger and get some info on what happens when a plane dumps poop on your Sweet 16 birthday party.
5/22 Cofield & Co. Harbaugh Breakfast Challenge
JVT challenges Cofield to drink a concoction of Reb Dull, Mountain Dew and Tapatio, so Cofield issues his own challenge to Adam and JVT: Gatorade and cereal.
5/21 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Fans crying when they meet celebrities, Floyd Mayweather's perfect gambling record, a review of the Air Jordan XIs, a theft and Bryce Harper.
5/21 Cofield & Co. Frankenslice Revisited
The creator of the Frankenslice has become a celebrity. He is also a disgusting man who likes hot sauce in his Mountain Dew.
5/21 Cofield & Co. Letterman & James Harden
JVT, Taylor and Steve discuss the final farewell of David Letterman, and get to the real star of the week: the beloved James Harden and Steve's Rockets.
5/21 Sebastian Maniscalco INT
JVT is joined by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, who is performing over the weekend at The Venetian.
5/20 Cofield & Co. These Damn Kids!
Ray Brewer joins the show. Steve and Adam get his expert opinion on kids in the work place. Steve and Adam agree with BBW: kids don't belong at the presser, or in any professional setting for that matter.
5/20 Cofield & Co. Goodbye David Letterman
Steve and Adam bid farewell to David Letterman who is leaving his show. The guys also get into Australian politics.
5/20 Cofield & Co. The First Overall Pick
With the NBA Lottery in the books, Steve and Adam discuss the possibilities of who the first overall pick will be. Who will the Lakers select? The 76ers?
5/19 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 4
The five hottest topics of the day an hour early! Topics incldue: Trusting John Calipari, water guns and Boy Scouts, the Frankenslice and more.
5/19 Cofield & Co. The Cookie Straw That Broke The Back
JVT takes you into the life of a barista and why exactly one would flip out over a straw made of cookies. Also, a story about Kevin Garnett headbutting a wall.
5/19 Cofield & Co. Tweets & Appeals
Cofield opens Tuesday in a sad state over an ESPN 1100 tweet, and the guys discuss Robert Kraft's folding under the power of the almighty shield.
5/18 Cofield & Co. Big 5 at 5
5/18 Cofield & Co. What Did You Watch?
5/15 Cofield & Co. MJ beats LeBron in 2015!
Will Adam Hill see any NBA action this weekend? Probably not. Taylor Swift is here. And the poll that has 34% of respondents saying Michael Jordan would beat LeBron James in 1-on-1 in 2015.
5/15 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Rockin Rio in town, The Money Team causing a ruckus, punishment in the WNBA, Tom Thibs is out and the Warriors are Steve's favorite to win it all, but he thinks the Cavs will win.
5/15 Cofield & Co. Justin L. Watkins INT
Legal Insider Justin L. Watkins sheds some light on possible legal action the NFLPA can take against Roger Goodell, and repercussions of the "F Her In The P" dude who got fired and more.
5/15 Cofield & Co. Colin Knows Women & Television
Colin seems to think that the Kardashians are the first women to make the man look like a buffon on television. Steve and Adam embark on naming every single TV sow before the Kardashians that did just that.
5/14 Cofield & Co. Jorge Posada Cornered
Taylor and Steve open Thursday with a recap of a Playboy Playmate's appearance on Mitch & Pritch. The guys also visit Jorge Posda's comments on A-Rod. Posada backtracked saying he was cornered by the questioning. Ok bro...
5/14 Cofield & Co. LeBron Crushed By Star Rapper
Ok, it's Froggy Fresh who laid the smack down on King James. But the disses were pretty strong.
5/14 Cofield & Co. Chris Wood's Rep With NBA Scouts
Taylor and Cofield talk about the fan reaction to Chris Wood's foolishness before he announced for the NBA.
5/14 Cofield & Co. Dave Rice INT
UNLV Head Basketball Coach Dave Rice joins the show to discuss the great Coaches vs Cancer even going on this weekend, and the newest faces on the Rebels squad.
5/13 Cofield & Co. Grab Bag
Cincinnati luring a recruit with Chipotle, the death of American Idol and Corey Kluber dishing it.
5/13 Cofield & Co. Big 5 at 5
Topics include: The death penalty for JVT, AJ Feeley's story about the cheating Patriots, Ted Wells schooling Don Yee and Bobby Bowden.
5/13 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
A popular meme "F Her In Right in The *****" is still a craze and a media member schools some drunk fans who tried it on live TV. Enter Adam Hill who doesn't have a problem with it.
5/13 Cofield & Co. Women On Sports Talk Radio
Mike & Mike will add Molly Qerim as a third voice for the popular morning show. Problem? For some, yes, since it's a female voice. Steve and Adam ask you what you think and react.
5/12 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: The peak of boxing, the seriousness of Deflategate mania, firing the ballhandlers, fans of NEw England and more!
5/12 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
Brought to you by Renewable Energy Electric: JVT's 5 Most Ridiculous Theories By Patriots-Backers
5/12 Cofield & Co. Will Carroll INT
Will Carroll from Bleacher Report joins the show. Bryce Harper could be the best player in baseball, Tim Lincecum's good start, Noah Syndergaard's chances and much more baseball talk.
5/12 Cofield & Co. Tom Brady's Legacy
With the Deflategate punishment levied Steve and Taylor turn to Brady's legacy. Is it tarnished? Does it matter? Is there an asterisk by those Super Bowl titles? Some media members sure think so.
5/11 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: The many forms of LeBron James, Everett Golson's many choices to play football, UNLV Basketball's newest memeber, Tom Brady's suspension and more.
5/11 Cofield & Co. NBA Playoffs!
Steve and Adam take a break from Deflate-Gate talk to revisit thee wild weekend of NBA Playoff action. Three buzzer-beaters, cursing and offensive fouls galore!
5/11 Cofield & Co. The Hammer Falls
Huge news breaks as the show opens: Tom Brady was suspended four games for his role in Deflate-Gate! Fair punishment? Steve and Adam react, and take your calls!
5/8 Cofield & Co. Grab Bag
Steve and Adam visit a possible new member to the UNLV basketball team, figure out Jeopardy nerds are just that and Pacquiao is a degenerate.
5/8 Cofield & Co. Raise The Cup
Steve, Adam and JVT discover the single greatest hockey ballad of our generation.
5/8 Cofield & Co. Tom & Jim
Jim Gray asks Tom Brady the tough questions in regards to the Wells Report. Steve is impressed by Jim's line of questioning and Adam is not.
5/7 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: The newest edition to UNLV Football, La'el Collins newest home, Bartolo Colon the FATlete, Cavs video-gate and more.
5/7 Cofield & Co. Bill Simmons Defense
Bill Simmons appeared on the Dan Patrick Show to take up the defense of his beloved Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.
5/7 Cofield & Co. Get Rid Of The No
Budweiser has a weird slogan about "getting rid of the no" in your night. Not a good slogan for an alcohol company.
5/6 Cofield & Co. Craig Calcaterra INT
The MLB insider from talked about the Red Sox shortcomings. He also addressed how good the Astros, Dodgers and Mets can be.
5/1 Cofield & Co. Big 5 at 5
Topics include: NHL in Las Vegas is a lock, Cardale Jones is heading to Akron. the most anticipated fight in boxing history, and much more.
4/21 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
Brought to you by Renewable Energy Electric: Darren Rovell says 10 Kris Bryant cards were sold for $5,500 each. Taylor doesn't think that's true. It's not.
5/1 Cofield & Co. RJ Bell
RJ Bell joins the show to preview a giant weekend of sports. RJ has info on the Manyy/Floyd fight, the Kentucky Derby and more!
4/24 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
Brought to you by Renewable Energy Electric: Cofield seems to think Fremont Street and the Strip is going to hell. Half-naked street performers?! Enough!
4/21 Cofield & Co. Language Issues
First, Reggie Miller does not know what a pun is at all. Does anybody in the Company even know what a pun is? Then, the guys delve into the Bryan Price tirade about reporters reporting.
5/5 Cofield & Co. Richard Deitsch INT
Richard joins Steve to discuss the fiasco of Mayweather/Pacquiao, the TV coverage, credential-gate and little bit on the NFL Draft and Kentucky Derby.
5/1 Cofield & Co. Shane Mosley INT
Former boxer Shane "Sugar" Mosley joins Steve and Adam down at radio row. Sugar fought both Manny and Floyd, and he gives a fighters' take on the match-up.
4/20 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Mike Pritchard sticks around for Big 5. Topics include: Happy 4/20! Tipping etiquette for prostitutes, Tim Tebow returns and more!
5/1 Cofield & Co. Scared Little Man
Mike Tyson calls Floyd a "scared little man" then backtracks from the comments. Do Tyson and Floyd have beef? Also, the guys delve into the issue of Las Vegas protecting Mayweather.
The Las Vegas Sportsline
LVS 5-22-15 3rd Segment
The Play of the Day.
LVS 5-22-15 2nd Segment
The LVS Tweet of the Night.
LVS 5-22-15 1st Segment
Marco D'Angelo joined Matt and Dave to talk MLB.
LVS 5-20-15 3rd Segment
The LVS Play of the Day and MLB rundown continued.
LVS 5-20-15 2nd Segment
The MLB Rundown for the day.
LVS 5-20-15 1st Segment
Rob Pizzola joins Dave and Dana to talk MLB Modeling and Bet percentages.
LVS 5-14-15 3rd Segment
Matt and Dave rundown the MLB card and give you their Play of the Day.
LVS 5-14-15 2nd Segment
The LVS Tweet of the Night
LVS 5-14-15 1st Segment
South Point Horse Handicapper Patrick McQuiggan joined Matt and Dave to preview The Preakness.
LVS 5-13-15 3rd Segment
The NBA, NHL and MLB Rundowns.
LVS 5-13-15 2nd Segment
The LVS Tweet of the Night.
LVS 5-13-15 1st Segment
Andrew Lange from Sports Memo joined Matt and Dave to talk MLB and we look back at yesterday's FanDuel League.
LVS 5-12-15 3rd Segment
NL Rundown and The LVS Play of the Day.
LVS 5-12-15 2nd Segment
Tweet of the Night and the AL Rundown.
LVS 5-12-15 1st Segment
Jeff Sherman from The Westgate joins Matt and Dave to talk NBA, Golf and Deflategate.
LVS 5-11-15 3rd Segment
AL Rundown and the Play of the Day.
LVS 5-11-15 2nd Segment
The LVS Tweet of the Night and the NL Rundown.
LVS 5-11-15 1st Segment
Erin Rynning joins Matt Youmans and Dave Cokin to talk NBA Playoffs and we give you the "Clown of the Weekend".
LVS 5-8-15 3rd Segment
AL Rundown and the LVS Play of the Day.
LVS 5-8-15 2nd Segment
Tweet of the Night and the NL Rundown.
LVS 5-8-15 1st Segment
Wes Reynolds joined Matt and Dave to talk MLB. Shot of the Night and Money Well Spent as well.
LVS 5-7-15 3rd Segment
The MLB Rundown and the LVS Play of the Day.
LVS 5-7-15 2nd Segment
The guys go to Twitterland for their Tweet of the Night.
LVS 5-7-15 1st Segment
Alex B. Smith joins Matt and Dave to talk NHL Playoffs. Is Alex really a Blackhawks Homer?..Find out here.
LVS 5-6-15 3rd Segment
American League MLB Rundown and the Play of the Day.
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