4/1 Gridlock Betting Stories & Pool Parties with Kelly In Vegas Interview
The lovely and talented, Kelly In Vegas joined Mitch and Ed, In-Studio, with a fun conversation about her life as a professional bettor, why hangovers hurt more than they used to, and previews the Final Four. Follow on Twitter @KellyInVegas
4/1 Gridlock April Fools Jokes & Sidd Finch
Mitch and Ed discuss the all-time great April Fools jokes, including the Sports Illustrated, "The Curious Case of Sidd Finch"
3/31 Gridlock Final Four & Relegating Tanking NBA Teams with Andy Glockner Inter
Exec Editor of @TheCauldron at @medium, Andy Glockner joined Gridlock to discuss the Final Four, Wisconsin's ability to beat Kentucky, and the implications of relegating the teams in the NBA who are tanking for the draft lottery. Follow on Twitter @AndyG
3/31 Gridlock UNLV and Final Four with Matt Youmans Interview
LVRJ.Com's Matt Youmans joined Gridlock In-Studio with a realistic analysis of the Runnin' Rebels and how the possible departures of Vaughn and Wood won't derail the upcoming season. Also, Matt describes his scenario for the Final Four and how Wisconsin
3/31 Gridlock Final Four & National Championship with Jimmy Vaccaro Interview
Legendary Linesmaker, Jimmy Vaccaro joined Gridlock to recap the crazy ending to Utah/Duke, the build-up for Kentucky/Wisconsin and the potential line for the National Championship. Follow Jimmy on Twitter @JimmyVaccaro
3/30 Gridlock How Wisconsin Could Beat Kentucky
Ed Graney spent all weekend in LA for the West Regional Semifinal and watched both Wisconsin/Arizona up close and remarks on the potential for the Badgers to upset the Unbeaten Wildcats.
3/30 Gridlock Step Yo' Game Up, Hear Me Indiana?
Mitch Moss, Ed Graney and Seat Williams discuss the candidates who need to Step Yo' Game Up, including the state of Indiana and their anti-gay laws as the NCAA Tournament draws near in Indianapolis.
3/30 Gridlock Gonzaga Goes Down, Utah/Duke Debacle Finish
Mitch Moss, Ed Graney and Seat Williams reconvene after a Sweet 16 weekend, as Gridlock begins the conversation on Gonzaga's worst game of the year and the laughable ending to the Utah/Duke game.
3/30 Gridlock Are you sick of the 1 and Done's?
Coming off the news that UNLV's Rashad Vaughn is leaving for the NBA Draft, the reaction by fans is split regarding building a program around players who leave early.
3/27 Gridlock Rashad Vaughn Rumored For NBA Draft
Well, that's the report we got from Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski as both Mitch and Seat get your gut reaction to the possible inevitability.
3/27 Gridlock Arizona/Wisconsin, Notre Dame/Kentucky with Ed Graney Interview
Ed Graney joined Gridlock LIVE from the West Region of the Regional Semifinals in Los Angeles and discussed Arizona vs Wisconsin and Notre Dame vs Kentucky. Follow Ed on Twitter @EdGraney
3/27 Gridlock Elite 8 with Jay Kornegay Interview
Vice President of Race and Sports with Westgate Resorts, Jay Kornegay joined Gridlock to discuss the betting ramifications of the Elite 8 and who they need to worry about by the National Championship game. Follow on Twitter @JayKornegay
3/26 Gridlock NFL Rules & Sweet 16 with RJ Bell Interview
Pregame.Com's RJ Bell joined Gridlock to look at the potential new scoring rules and it's implications on the line/total. Also, RJ goes over the props and matchups for the Sweet 16. Follow RJ on Twitter @RJInVegas
3/26 Gridlock Public Libraries, One Direction, Sweet 16 with Ed Graney Interview
Calling from the Torrance Public Library, in computer booth 12, Ed Graney joined Gridlock to how to re-write and post a column on deadline at a public library. In addition, Ed previews the upcoming games at Staples Center and recalls the sadness surround
3/25 Gridlock Sweet 16 with Prediction Machine's John Ewing Interview's John Ewing joined Gridlock to preview the Sweet 16 matchups and the probable Elite 8 games this weekend. Follow on Twitter @JohnEwing and @PredictMachine
3/25 Gridlock Examining The West Region of Sweet 16 with Ed Graney Interview
Ed Graney, on Assignment at the West Region of the Sweet 16, joined Gridlock to preview UNC/Wisconsin and Xavier/Arizona. Follow on Twitter @EdGraney
3/25 Gridlock Sweet 16 Betting with DonBest.Com's Kenny White Interview
COO of Don Best, Kenny White joined Mitch and Seat to discuss the value in betting the Sweet 16 matchups and how to define a sleeper team who could possibly play and defeat Kentucky. Follow Ken on Twitter @KWhiteyVegas and online HotRoster.Com
3/25 Gridlock Mitch Buys Dog, Loses Dog & Finds Dog on Lorraine's Birthday
It went from fun to horrifying in 3 hours at the Moss household as Lorraine introduced "Mickey" the new dog but it didn't take long for the pooch to split and, until this morning, their World was turned into hysteria.
3/24 Gridlock NCAA Tournament, Kruger & UNLV with Curtis Terry Interview
Former Runnin' Rebel and current Grad Assistant, Curtis Terry joined Gridlock and discussed the Sweet 16, Lon Kruger's Sooners and what he'd tell younger players about leaving school early to play professionally. Follow on Twitter @CurtisTerryJr
3/24 Gridlock Vegas Wants Hockey with Brian Blessing Interview
Host of Sportsbook Radio, Brian Blessing joined Gridlock to promote the Vegas Wants Hockey Q&A with Billionaire Bill Foley at Born And Raised. Follow on Twitter @BrianBlessing
3/24 Gridlock Sweet 16 with Legendary Jimmy Vaccaro Interview
The Legendary Jimmy Vaccaro of the Southpoint, joined Gridlock with a recap of the NCAA Tournament, it's impact on the general sports fan/bettor and discussed the handle on the upcoming Sweet 16 teams. Follow on Twitter @JimmyVaccaro
3/23 Gridlock The Disappointing Mountain West in the NCAA Tournament
Mitch, Ed and Seat warned you. If Fred Hoiberg, Jay Wright, and Bill Self lose early every year, shouldn't they get knocked across the country? The same applies with the Mountain West Conference with another flat NCAA Tournament performance and who is he
3/23 Gridlock Do You Still Love The Madness?
Many people, including Colin Cowherd, feel that March Madness is overblown and that we're being fooled that it's worthwhile entertainment unlike the NBA. Mitch, Ed and Seat take your phone calls to gauge your interest in NCAA Tournament.
3/20 Gridlock Examining the Heart Breaking Goaltend
UCLA's Bryce Alford got away with one and it ended SMU's season on a call that wasn't reviewable from a wild day in the NCAA Tournament
3/20 Gridlock Ranking The Hot Red Heads Graney Knows Best
It's knowledge droppin' time on Graney Knows Best, brought to you by Sporting Life Bar.
Cofield & Company
3/31 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: The new Daily Show dude is caught being a comedian, a Blue Blooded Final Four, Sam Bradford wanted to quit football and more!
3/31 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
The Phillies are going to begin selling hard liqour and wine at Citizens Bank Park. Bad idea or good idea?
3/31 Cofield & Co. Conor McGregor Is Fresh As F***
The UFC held a press conference in Dublin to pump UFC 189, and all hell broke loose. With the Irish screaming curses and insulting Aldo the questions is: Is this really how the UFC wants it's product viewed?
3/30 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Bret Bielema live Tweets his cooking, McDonald's is about to unleash their secret weapon, the college coaching carousel and the Rashad Vaughn news.
3/30 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
The guy at the bar who not only cheers for a power house team, but also tries to muscle into your group; is it fair to ostracize the man? Also, Adam parties with shirtless bikers.
3/30 Cofield & Co. He Gone
With news breaking about Rashad Vaughn hiring an agent, Steve and Adam debate the program's direction. Should Dave Rice be recruiting the one-and-done player? Guys like Tom Izzo have success with multi-year players.
3/27 Cofield & Co. Big 5 at 5
Timofey Mozgov is star in Cleveland, the truth behind "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" and some other stuff Adam and Taylor thought of.
3/27 Cofield & Co. Jesse Temple INT
Jesse Temple from Fox Sports Wisconsin joins the show live from L.A. to discuss the Elite 8 rematch between Wisconsin and Arizona.
3/27 Cofield & Co. Rashad Gone?
Yahoo! Sports is reporting Rashad Vaughn will make the jump to the NBA. Could this be true? Adam & Taylor explore the possibility, and how it would effect UNLV's future.
3/25 Cofield & Co. Big At 5
Topics include: The best bar mitzvah ever of all-time, stupid old people and their resistance to new technology, a baseball player possibly gambling on baseball and Super Smash Bros.
3/25 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
A punk kid is kicked off of a flight for wearing a shirt with an F-Bomb across the chest. Is the kid being a nuisance, or is the flight crew being over the top? Debate ensues.
3/25 Cofield & Co. Brew Crew
Ray Brewer stops by the show. Ray fills the guys in on the latest high school sports news, what the deal is with Stephen Zimmerman, Gorman's possible exclusion from playing Nevada opponents in football and his non-anger towards the Pittsburgh Pirates.
3/24 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Goggle has a car now that people don't have to drive. Will you get arrested for getting in toasted? Bartolo Colon is starting Openeing Day and it's ridiculous. How much would you pay a woman for a first date?
3/24 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
Taylor was foolish and went to a wedding over the weekend, missing all the tournament action. Is Taylor an idiot for going to the wedding, or is it on the bride and groom to schedule better?
3/24 Cofield & Co. Justin Watkins INT
Justin sheds some light on the sentencing of Darren Sharper, and lays out what legal action Dez Wells could take against the Huggins daughters. Plus, could Cofield & Co. drops get trademarked?
3/24 Cofield & Co. Piccolo Chick Won't Go Away
Piccolo Chick gets an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show. After Adam makes a ridiculous argument about fifes and piccolos, the guys get into her visit to the show, how Fallon craps on her and why she gets free swag.
3/23 Cofield & Co. Big 5 at 5
Bill Belichick is hairy, but his woman looks pretty good. There's a chance for you to help UNLV recruit, and it's at a McDonald's. Ben Howland got a new job, and JVT goes to the worst place on Earth.
3/23 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
A conversation about Adam's Rule-Czar attitude is the ETOTD. Adam went nuts and tried to out-manage a team in his softball league. Simple question: Is Adam psychotic?
3/23 Cofield & Co. Monday Tourney Recap
SDSU gets bombed by Duke on Sunday. Does the Mountain West suck now? Meanwhile, Lon Kruger's over there going to the Sweet 16. If only UNLV could shell out the money...
3/21 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
5. Colin Cowherd loves white people 4. Overzealous umping in Spring Training 3. The backlash of the Greg Hardy signing 2. There's no crying in basketball 1. ?
3/21 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
The worst part of March Madness? The repetitive, annoying commercials. Which one is your least favorite? The 'fedora twins' commercial wins Cofield's disdain. What about Adam?
3/21 Cofield & Co. Assisted Madness
Adam Hill has a wonderful theory about the great first day of March Madness: The refs are assisting in the madness. Calling games to aid in the comebacks. He has evidence as well.
3/19 Cofield & Co. Bill Price INT
Bill Price from the New York Daily News stops by. The Mets are going through a rebuild, but are the fans buying in? The latest on the injury to Zack Wheeler, and which 51's prospects could you see come up?
3/19 Cofield & Co. Chase Hughes INT
Cofield sits down with Chase Hughes of CSN Washington. Are the fans losing patience? What's the latest on Bryce HArper? Do the Nats have a chance in the NL?
3/18 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
5. Ridiculous NFL rule changes 4. The NFL hates Famous Jameis 3. The Denver Nuggets 2. Obama's bracket sucks 1. ...
3/18 Cofield & Co. RJ Bell INT
RJ Bell checks in on the eve of tournament action. Kentucky is a slight dog against the field, interesting prop bets and how Vegas can help you with your bracket.
3/18 Cofield & Co. Paul Bessire
With the NCAA Tournament underway, Taylor and Steve hear from the Prediction Machine about some key tournament questions. What are Kentucky's chances to win the tournament? What No. 5 seeds have a chance on a run?
3/17 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Soft Achilles tendons popping everywhere, Dan Patrick replacing Alex Trebek, the despiration of Cleveland and the ludicracy of St. Patrick's.
3/17 Cofield & Co. Al Bernstein INT
Former ESPN 1100 Host Al Bernstein joins Cofield and Adam. Al doesn't agree with the choice to bring back Dave Rice for a fifth year. Al shares his side of the argument, and his thoughts on the rumor of Ben Howland coming to Las Vegas.
3/17 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Our Sports Legal Insider jins the guys at BAR. Ray McDonald is suing his accuser for defamation. Does he have a case? Don't join every bracket pool at your office. It's illegal.
3/17 Cofield & Co. Race Together
Tons of listeners love Adam, and Adam loves his Starbucks. So when he isn't thanked, he feels the need to ask for one. Speaking of Starbucks: How many people of a different race do you know?
3/16 Cofield & Co. Big 5
5. Tebow returns 4. Dickie V violates a woman. 3. ESPN 1100 Bracket Contest 2. John Oliver destroys the NCAA 1. Dave Rice returns
3/16 Cofield & Co. Bracket Issues
Steve and Adam discuss some the issues with this year's NCAA Tournament field: UCLA versus Temple and Colorado State doesn't make the cut due to a weak SOS.
3/16 Cofield&Co. Dave Rice Will Return
News breaks that Dave Rice will remain with UNLV as head coach. Matt Youmans sticks around for a bit to fill in the guys on some of the rumors regarding Ben Howland, Rice's expectations for next season and why Rice got to keep his job.
3/13 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
5. Will Ferrell played all nine positions in baseball. Could you? 4. Failed at boxing? Try UFC. 3. does Chip Kelly care what you think? 2. Taylor doesn't hate Christian Laettner. 1. UNLV misses the postseason again.
3/13 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
The ETOTD is a simple question today: Is the high-five dead, and should it be killed if it isn't? Also, do billionaires accept high-fives?
3/13 Cofield & Co. SDSU vs UNLV Round 3
The Rebels season came to an all too familiar end last night, falling to the Aztecs 67-64. With a full house of Taylor, Adam and Steve the guys react to the loss, and what it means for the program from here on out.
3/12 Cofield & Co. MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson Interview
Mountain West Conference Commissioner Craig Thompson joined Cofield & Company to discussed moving tournament to MGM or AEG arena and reacts to UNLV's unfair advantage comments by Steve Fisher. Also, Thompson explained why he's comfortable with the curren
3/12 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take of the Day
A veteran walks into a store with a dog, and is told to leave. Law says the vet doesn't need to have his dog labeled as a service dog. Dumb law, or on the store to know it?
3/12 Cofield & Co. Dave Rice INT
Dave Rice stops by the set at the T&M to relive the Rebels strong win, look ahead to SDSU and share his thoughts on some of the San Diego media baiting UNLV players for quotes.
3/11 Cofield & Co. UNLV Postgame Special
Steve is live from the concourse of the T&M fresh out of UNLV's strong win over Reno. Steve takes your reaction, is joined by Ray Brewer from the Las Vegas Sun, and Nate Kreckman from Denver joins the show as well.
3/11 Cofield & Co. UNLV Postgame Special
Steve is live from the concourse of the T&M fresh out of UNLV's strong win over Reno. Steve takes your reaction, is joined by Ray Brewer from the Las Vegas Sun, and Nate Kreckman from Denver joins the show as well.
3/11 Cofield & Co. UNLV Postgame Special
Steve is live from the concourse of the T&M fresh out of UNLV's strong win over Reno. Steve takes your reaction, is joined by Ray Brewer from the Las Vegas Sun, and Nate Kreckman from Denver joins the show as well.
3/10 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
5. Jadaveon Clowney is a wimp. Mitch Moss isn't. 4. The Patriots are Satanists. 3. DeMarco erases all things Cowboy. 2. Gore goes to Indy. 1. What the hell Chip Kelly?
3/10 Cofield & Co. Electrifying Take Of The Day
Cofield gets Adam'stake on the racist OU chant that surfaced over the weekend. While Adam doesn't support the kids being expelled, they do have a freedom of speech, but he does support a full boycott of the fraternity. It might work better than an expulsi
3/10 Cofield & Co. Jeff Goodman INT
ESPN College basketball analyst Jeff Goodman stops by the set at the Orleans Arena. Goodman previews the WCC Final, takes the guys around the nation in college basketball and gives his take on UNLV.
3/9 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
5. Boxing vs UFC. 4. Adam hates Gonzaga & BYU. 3. Hardcore College Hoops 2. Tebow returns 1. A mystery...
3/9 Cofield & Co. Jim Boeheim Is Innocent Baby!
Dickie V goes to bat for Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim. Sure head coaches need to show accountability, but Jim Boeheim didn't know what was going on! Ignorance is no excuse baby.
3/9 Cofield & Co. Chip Kelly the Racist
Steve and Adam open the show discussing some of the moves in the NFL over the weekend. The Eagles made a few splashes, trading away LeSean McCoy, letting Jeremy Maclin leave & signing Frank Gore. Stephen A. Smith seems to think Chip Kelly is racist, keepi
3/6 Cofield & Co. Chris Johnston hockey INT
The hockey insider from SportsNet Ca spoke to Cofield about the NHL's take on the LV season ticket sales drive. Things look pretty good. The NHL wants to come!
The Las Vegas Sportsline
LVS 4-1-15 3rd Segment
Matt Youmans and Dave Cokin recap last night's NBA and provide you with the "Play Of The Day"
LVS 4-1-15 2nd Segment
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans discuss the Curious Case Of Sidd Finch, as well as, dig in for Big League Breakdowns.
LVS 4-1-15 1st Segment
Matt Youmans and Dave Cokin begin with a discussion on likely scenarios for several hoop stars with Las Vegas ties. Later, Matt and Dave talk about "Money Well Spent"
LVS 3-31-15 3rd Segment
MLB Breakdowns and the Play Of The Day
LVS 3-31-15 2nd Segment
Derek Stevens talks about his 1 million dollar futures bet with Michigan State.
LVS 3-31-15 1st Segment
Matt and Dave give you the Shot of The Night, Money Well Spent and are also joined by Jeff Sherman from The Westgate.
LVS 3-30-15 Seg 3
LVS 3-30-15 Seg 2
LVS 3-30-15 Seg 1
LVS 3-27-15 Segment 2
LVS 3-27-15 Segment 1
LVS 3-26-15 Seg 3
Matt Youmans and Dave Cokin wrap it up with Play Of The Day
LVS 3-26-15 Seg 2
Matt Youmans and Dave Cokin examine the Friday Matchups in the Sweet 16 and the implications of the Elite 8.
LVS 3-26-15 Seg 1 Jimmy Vaccaro
Southpoint's Jimmy Vaccaro joined Matt and Dave In-Studio to discuss the matchups in the Sweet 16.
LVS 3-25-15 3rd Segment
Dave and Matt wrap up with some more College BBall talk and give you their Play of The Day.
LVS 3-25-15 2nd Segment
The guys give you their Tweet of the Night and We continue with Baseball Previews: Yankees and Phillies.
LVS 3-25-15 1st Segment
Matt and Dave Recap the NIT with Miami and Stanford wins. Money Well Spent and The Shot of The Night. The guys are joined by Nick Bogdanovich from William Hill.
LVS 3-24-15 3rd Segment
Dave and Matt look ahead and preview the Sweet 16 and also give you their Play Of The Day.
LVS 3-24-15 2nd Segment
The Big League Breakdown with the Mets and Twins. Matt and Dave's Tweet of the Night.
LVS 3-24-15 1st Segment
Matt and Dave look back at the Shot of the Night, Money Well Spent and are joined by Jeff Sherman.
LVS 3-23-15 3rd Segment
The Big League Breakdown takes a look at the Marlins and the Brewers. Also the Play Of The Day.
LVS 3-23-15 2nd Segment
Matt, Dave and Jimmy look at the early Sweet 16 Lines.
LVS 3-23-15 1st Segment
Jimmy Vaccaro from South Point joins Matt and Dave as they recap the craziness of the 1st weekend of the NCAA Tournament.
LVS 3-19-15 1st Segment
NCAA Tournament Updates and Jimmy Vaccaro checkis in from South Point.
LVS 3-19-15 2nd Segment
More NCAA Talk and the Tweets of the Night
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