1/29 Gridlock Super Bowl Champion Joe Montana Interview
Champion and Hall Of Famer, Joe Montana joined Gridlock to preview Super Bowl 49, discuss how the 49ers can fix Colin Kaepernick and to order Papa Johns Pizza early for the big game.
1/29 Gridlock Super Bowl 49 Dhani Jones Interview
Former New York Giant Linebacker, Dhani Jones joined Gridlock LIVE from Radio Row to preview Seattle vs New England and is ready for the big game with HeluvaGood.Com Dips.
1/29 Gridlock Seattle vs New England with Jay Kornegay Interview
Vice President of Race and Sports at Westgate Resorts and Casino, Jay Kornegay joined Gridlock to set the scene in the book before Sunday, working with Cousin Sal, and engaging the props like never before at Westgate Superbook.
1/29 Gridlock Prediction Machine's John Ewing Interview
The Projected Boxscore for Seattle/New England is provided by John Ewing at Listen as John explains how the outcome will be played out, Marshawn Lynch's chances of clearing 100 yards and how Tom Brady could see a dip in stats. Fol
1/29 Gridlock Pregame.Com's RJ Bell Interview
Pregame.Com's RJ Bell joined Gridlock with a comprehensive preview of Seattle vs New England with an intriguing comparison of the numbers. Follow on Twitter @rjinvegas
1/29 Gridlock Tiger Woods Struggling with Ed Graney Interview
Rubbing elbows with the elite golfers in the world, as well as, the co-eds from Arizona State, it's Ed Graney who joined Gridlock to recap Tiger Woods season debut at the Phoenix Open.
1/29 Gridlock 30 Seconds Of Perspective
Mitch Moss, Dug Dugless and Seat Williams take on the hottest sports topics of the day and engage their opinions in less than a minute, thoughtfully provided by Papa Johns Pizza.
1/28 Gridlock Super Bowl 49 Live with Ed Graney Interview
Gridlock Co-Host, Ed Graney joined Mitch Moss and Seat Williams with glorious stories from Glendale, such as, Marshawn Lynch's actions and which QB needs to be dynamic to win on Sunday?
1/28 Gridlock Former New York Giants Coach Jim Fassel Interview
He took the New York Giants to Super Bowl 35 and former Coach Jim Fassel joined Gridlock to preview the Super Bowl, and compares both Brady/Wilson and Belichick/Carroll.
1/28 Gridlock Your Reaction to Marshawn Lynch
The polarizing Marshawn Lynch, once again, did another irrelevant mantra at a Super Bowl media scrum and Gridlock took your calls on how the press is treating this and what the NFL should ultimately do?
1/28 Gridlock 30 Seconds Of Perspective
Brought to you by Papa Johns Pizza, as Gridlock brings you the hottest sports opinions in 30 seconds time on topics like potential NBA Finals matchups, will UNLV's season turn around and what about Jimmy Vaccaro's comments y'day?
1/27 Gridlock Seattle & New England Prop Bets with Fezzik
Steve Fezzik of Pregame.Com joined Gridlock to begin the show with an update of the best and worst value Super Bowl Props out there and how to maintain good value for the final game. Follow on Twitter @FezzikSports
1/27 Gridlock Super Bowl Media Day with Ed Graney Interview
Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist and Co-host of Gridlock, Ed Graney joins Mitch and Seat LIVE from Media Day. Ed provides thoughts on the resonating effects of Deflategate, Marshawn Lynch's time, and how corporate the day has become.
1/27 Gridlock Legendary Jimmy Vaccaro Interview
Southpoint's own, Jimmy Vaccaro joined Gridlock with a volitile, finger-pointing session with Mitch Moss on his Mike Greenberg interview and a little bit of Seahawks/Patriots on Sunday.
1/27 Gridlock 30 Seconds Of Perspective Brought to you by Papa Johns
For Super Bowl 49 Coverage, Papa Johns Pizza proudly presents: 30 Seconds Of Perspective on Gridlock with today's topics including Patriots targeting Richard Sherman, Lakers Byron Scott and how hot Charlotte McKinney's new Carl's Jr. commercial will be f
1/26 Gridlock Patriots Locker Room Scapegoat Found!
Jay Glazer had it first, but Gridlock took the hand off as the NFL has found a Patriots locker room attendant who was caught taking the balls from the officials locker room!
1/26 Gridlock UNLV Basketball with Kevin Bollinger Interview
FOX 5 Vegas Anchor, Kevin Bollinger joined Gridlock following the OT win over Utah State and shared concern at a dwindling Rebel home crowd. Follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinFOX5Vegas
1/26 Gridlock William Hill's Nick Bogdanovich Interview
To preview the action surrounding the Seahawks/Patriots big game, William Hill Race and Sports Books Nick Bogdanovich joined Gridlock. Follow on Twitter @WilliamHillUS
1/26 Gridlock 30 Seconds Of Perspective brought to you by Papa Johns Pizza
Every day of Super Bowl Coverage, Papa Johns supplies great pizza, as well as, Gridlock's 30 seconds of perspective on Ernie Banks, American Sniper and the Pro Bowl.
1/26 Gridlock Step Yo' Game Up!
Mitch Moss and Seat Williams provide their best for the worst in sports, with Step Yo' Game Up!
1/23 Gridlock ESPN Mike Greenberg Interview "My Father's Wives"
ESPN's Mike Greenberg joined Gridlock to discuss his latest novel, "My Father's Wives" and the controversy surrounding the Patriots Deflategate/Ballghazi as we approach the Super Bowl. Follow on Twitter @ESPNGreeny
1/23 Gridlock Deflategate & Ballghazi with Bob Ryan Interview
Boston Globe Columnist Bob Ryan joined Gridlock discussing the controversy amid the Patriots and Deflategate aka Ballghazi. Bob expounds on how the Belichick and Brady pressers didn't cut it and why they only have themselves to blame. Follow Bob on Twit
1/23 Gridlock Lou Williams Is Doing Just Fine
Assume nothing with the Raptors Lou Williams. Floating around the league but apparently has skills few men realize as pictures surface of his 2 HOT girlfriends and they're all one big, happy family. Lou's doing just fine, dude, don't worry about him.
1/23 Gridlock Hope Solo's Career In Flames
Gridlock provides detail and opinion on US Soccer star Hope Solo who hit a new low as she was suspended from the team. Both she and her husband Jerramy Stevens took a team van to a club and Stevens blew a .32 BAC.
1/23 Gridlock 1st Hr. Ballghazi & The Patriots Rarely Fumble
Mitch Moss, Ed Graney and Seat Williams begin the first hour of Gridlock with a review of Tom Brady's explanation and a compelling look at the incredible lack of fumbles by the Patriots at home.
Cofield & Company
1/29 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics today: Comcast could be the worst company ever, the entire Hawks roster makes the All-Star squad, Bruce Jenner is a woman, some of the worst jobs held by Super Bowl players and Josh Gordon's response to his critics.
1/29 Cofield & Co. Ted Sevransky INT
With the Super Bowl on the horizon Ted Sevransky joins the show. Teddy has some great info on a few props for the game, as well as the matchup itself.
1/29 Cofield & Co. The Ugly Truth Behind MarshawnGate
Adam and Steve explore the possibility of the public's issue with Marshawn Lynch being racial. Lynch being labled as certain things, despite his actual good deeds for the community ring eerily similar to Richard Sherman's criticism last year.
1/28 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Selfie sticks at Media Day, Marshawn Lynch and his Skittle commercial, guys who wear flip-flops with jeans, and awesome Go Daddy commercial and UNLV wins again.
1/28 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Sports Legal Insider Troy Atkinson joins the show. Are there legal ramifications to Marshawn Lynch's press conferences? Will there be any legal fallout from DeflateGate? Should the "ball boy" lawyer up?
1/28 Cofield & Co. Lynch Mode
Steve returns, and the guys get into some of the antics that went on during Media Day. Marshawn Lynch made his usual appearance, and it begs the question: What exactly is Lynch trying to prove?
1/23 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics today: Bob Costas is still trying to explain his terrible first pitch in August, maybe a little DeflateGate, the Timberwolves and dying childeren and just maybe the Seahawks do have the best fans.
1/23 Cofield & Co. Things Jeremy Lane Says
Some Seahawk corner, not a member of the Legion of Boom, says Rob Gronkowski is no good, along with a ton of ludicrous statements that Twitter has archived. Also, Adam Hill's dog lives better than most humans.
1/23 Cofield & Co. Kobe's Retirement Tour
With Kobe Bryant likely to miss the remainder of the season with a torn rotator cuff, talk has switched to his "Farewell Tour" next season. Should he really get paid all that money to come back, and be an injured mess all over again? Just retire!
1/22 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics today include: Politicians weighing in on Deflate-Gate, Kobe Bryant's torn rotator cuff, Hope Solo's most current run-in with the law and Hugh Greenwood's heckler.
1/22 Cofield & Co. Andy Johnson INT
Findlay Prep Head Basketball Coach Andy Johnson gives us a call. Coach Johnson fills the guys in on his first season as head coach of the No. 1 team in the country and previews the upcoming matchup with Bishop Gorman.
1/22 Cofield & Co. Tom Brady Adds Fuel To The Fire
Steve and Taylor react to Tom Brady's press conference on Deflate-Gate, and Tom Terrific doesn't exactly make the situation better. In fact, he made it kind of worse.
1/21 Cofield & Co. Geoff Grammer INT
New Mexico beat writer for the Albuquerque Journal, Geoff Grammer joins the guys on set. Geoff sets the guys straight on Craig Neal's calling out of players and highlights some key Lobos.
1/21 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
It's not a show without the Big 5. Topics today: The movies up for 'Best Picture Of The Year' kind of stink, UFC's newest star, Conor McGregor, is rising rapidly and Julian Edleman is not giving you tickets to the Super Bowl.
1/21 Cofield & Co. Grant Rice INT
With Bishop Gorman set to take on Findlay Prep, Gaels Head Coach Grant Rice calls in. Rice fills you in on his talented team, the upcoming match up with the Pilots and his thoughts on the Runnin' Rebels and his brother Dave Rice.
1/21 Cofield & Co. Steve Kim INT
Steve Kim, of UCN Live and, joins the show to dish on the latest rumors surrounding Mayweather vs Pacquiao, and some other big boxing stories.
1/20 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Heat owner takes shots at Cleveland, Colin Cowherd is wrong, the ultimate bracket of snacks (Snacket) and Doug Marrone is the Jaguars new offensive line coach?
1/20 Cofield & Co. Justin Watkins INT
Our Sports Legal Insider Justin Watkins stops by to hash out wha the hell happened with Jon Jones and his "rehab", and what legal steps Jones can take against the UFC.
1/20 Cofield & Co. Doug Baldwin Revisited
Steve and Adam revisit Doug Baldwin's rant and hear from Paul Pierce on the matter. Plus, Richard Sherman stopped by The Herd to defend the "Yeah" guy, Marshawn Lynch.
1/19 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
1/19 Cofield & Co. Nobody Believes In The Favored Seahawks
1/19 Cofield & Co. The Pack Gets Shocked
1/15 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
The most epic form of street justice ever, is Adam happy with his new head coach and is Ray Rice the best husband ever?
1/15 Cofield & Co. Tony Clark INT
MLBPA executive director joins the show. Clark is in town for a charity event hosted by the MLBPA, and the guy's get Clark's take on the MLB Hall of Fame, and even UNLV basketball?
1/15 Cofield & Co. The Bet Is On
JVTs Twitter nemesis Eric Rosenthal of joins the show to hash out a bet about his most recent tweet, :Time Tebow will have a better career than Jameis Winston." Okay...
1/15 Cofield & Co. Cardale Jones Is Back Baby
Cardale Jones decides to stay in college, and some people are mad about the decision? Also, Ray Lewis returns and this time he sounds an awful lot like something familiar.
1/14 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics of the day: Something about a Flowbee, Tim Tebow will end being better than Jameis Winston in the NFL, The Mountain West matchups of the evening and a fired up Dave Rice.
1/14 Cofield & Co. Jay Busbee INT
The guys finish up the UNLV griping to catch up with Yahoo! Sports' Jay Busbee. Jay has some great info on NASCAR's Kurt Busch and his assassin ex-wife?
1/14 Cofield & Co. UNLV Drops A Road Game
The Rebels drop a road game to Boise State, looking terrible in the first half and have now lost 4 out of the last 5. Steve and Taylor visit some of the key moments in the game, including that final possession in regulation.
1/13 Cofield & Co. Marcellus Wiley INT
The former NFl player and host of SportsNation joined Cofield to talk about the Oregon's future, the coaching openings around the NFL and, his new favorite bedding company.
1/13 Cofield & Co. Jeff Eisenberg INT
Yahoo! National College Basketball writer Jeff Eisenberg stops by to talk about, what else? Jeff dishes on the Mountain West too. He's a savant man.
1/13 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics today include: Jim Irsay screwing a loyal fan out of tickets, Mean Tweets and Cardale Jones going to the NFL after just three games?!
1/13 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Our sports legal insider Troy Atkinson stops by to help clear up some questions the guys have. Like how in the world is Jon Jones just spending a day in rehab?
1/13 Cofield & Co. The Best Team Won?
College Football has it's champion: Ohio State. Too bad Adam hill doesn't agree that they're the best team in the country, and Gooch from KOMP stops by to state the Buckeyes' case.
1/12 Cofield & Co. Steve Fezzik INT
Fezzik joins Cofield on Championship Monday to look ahead to the evening National Title Game between the Ducks and the Buckeyes.
1/9 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Porn stars trying to woo Braxton Miller, the worst trilogies ever and George Karl breaks down what is going on with LeBron James and Cleveland.
1/9 Cofield & Co. What Would You Do With A Super Bowl Ring?
A Seahawk loses his Super Bowl ring, and it is found by an NFL agent in a rental car. Adam Hill probably woudn't return it, unless he got something out of it.
1/9 Cofield & Co. Who To Root For?
Steve and Adam open the show with a hardcore discussion about the NFL Divisonal round. It begins with Ravens at Patriots, and the football talk doesn't end there.
1/8 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Topics include: Urban Meyer and Adam's loathing for him, questionable actions from a journalist and football is finally back in Los Angeles?!
1/8 Cofield & Co. Dana White Speaks
Dana White appeared on some network and spoke about the latest news of Jon Jones checking into rehab, and the snafu it has caused. Others around seem to have a problem with the UFC's handling of the situation.
1/8 Cofield & Co. A Little Tinder-Roni
The Atlanta Hawks, in a genius move, host a Tinder night, and it's a success. Steve and Adam explore the wonderful world of Tinder, and why it's so limited in age grouping.
1/7 Cofield & Co. Trouble Is Brewing
Ray Brewer from the Las Vegas Sun kicks off Adam Hill and takes his spot. Ray catches the guys up on all the latest in high school sports, and gets a little UNLV talk in as well.
1/7 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Steve, Taylor and Adam break down the five most important topics of the day: The Jets have a new coaching candidate, Taylor's last meal before prison and repping two teams at a gamewhen they play each other?!
1/7 Cofield & Co. Kenny Sanchez INT
Bishop Gorman High School's newest head coach joins the show. Coach Sanchez speaks on replacing his brother, the challenges of running the best high school program in the country and what the Gorman area needs more of.
1/6 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Doug Marrone is an idiot and the media is figuring it out now, thanks to an old assistant, San Diego State takes on New Mexico tonight and the baseball Hall of Fame has new members.
1/6 Cofield & Co. The Polarizing Stuart Scott
The guys are finally together, and they react to the news of Stuart Scott's passing. Stuart Scott was a polarizing figure in sports, and the guys hear from Dan LeBatard.
1/6 Cofield & Co. Jon "Nose" Jones?
Breaking UFC news about light heavyweight title holder Jon Jones checking into rehab for cocaine. Steve and Adam react to the news as it comes down.
1/5 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
The five hottest topics of the day! Cofield craps the bed over useless bowl games, the coaching carousel just keeps revolving and was it pass interference in Dallas?
1/5 Cofield & Co. John Morgan INT
John Morgan, from USA Today and MMAJunkie, joins the show to discuss the UFC 182 results, what the future holds for Daniel Cormier and the rising star Connor McGregor.
1/5 Cofield & Co. Kansas Runs By The Rebels
Cofield opens Monday with a loss by the Rebels at the hands of Kansas. Matt Youmans hangs out after his show to discuss the multiple defensive lapses by the Rebels, and how the team will move forward.
The Las Vegas Sportsline
1/29 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans coming off a big win last night with Stanford are going with a California match up out of the Big West for the Mastrioni's Play of the Day.
1/29 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vacarro break down the Tweets of the Night while hearing a bit more about what Jimmy is going to have going on at the South Point for the Big Game.
1/29 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vacarro from the South Point have to give credit to Kyrie Irving who picked up the slack for an absent LeBron James dropping 55 against Portland for the Shot of the Night.
1/28 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are turning to the PAC 12 for tonight's Mastrioni's Play of the Day.
1/28 The LVS Bernie Fratto INT
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans usually call on Bernie Fratto for his UNLV knowledge, but this time we call going to get a break down of this weekend's upcoming Super Bowl match up.
1/28 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans have to give credit to Derrick Rose who stuck an impressive late game jump to finally take down Golden State for the Shot of the Night.
1/27 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Ron Boyles are going to make up for last night's Play of the Day that also became a bad beat by giving out an underdog cover tonight in the Big 10.
1/27 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Ron Boyles are pretty open about the fact that there is not much Twitter activity that isn't generic Super Bowl Media Day answers, but they can't deny how many people want to see Marshawn Lynch say ANYTHING!
1/27 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Ron Boyles mention a pretty remarkable play by the Clippers that took a full team effort to get the points and the win against Denver.
1/26 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are putting their faith in a former Rebel and his team to cover tonight for the Mastrioni's Play of the Day.
1/26 The LVS Four Down Territory
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vacarro continue Four Down Territory and reminisce about some of the best and worst Super Bowls they've seen since moving to town.
1/26 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vacarro from the South Point can't pass up a chance to mention an NBA record as Clay Thompson scores 37 points in a quarter to make the Shot(s) of the Night.
1/23 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans coming off a big Play of the Day win are going to go with Erin Rynning's NBA pick for the Mastrioni's Play of the Day.
1/23 The LVS Erin Rynning INT
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans catch up with Erin Rynning from to cover the NBA and help us make a decision on our Play of the Day.
1/23 The LVS Money Well Spent/ Ed Salmons INT
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans come off a big Play of the Day win last night and it winds up being a solid Money Well Spent.
1/22 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are gonna take a shot at the NBA tonight and find out if an NBA All-Star's rant is enough to encourage his team to an underdog victory.
1/22 The LVS 3rd and 4th Downs
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vacarro continue the NFL conversation in 4 Down Territory as the guys take a guess on where the line will end up in the Super Bowl.
1/22 The LVS Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vacarro from the South Point are trying to figure out any many more "Shots of the Night" will hand UNLV another heartbreak loss.
1/21 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are impressed with a Big 10 team that held a team practice yesterday getting ready for tonight's match up so they are willing to lay the 12 points for the Mastrioni's Play of the Day.
1/21 The LVS Bruce Marshall INT
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans catch up with Bruce Marshall from the Gold Sheet to discuss the Runnin' Rebels and how this might be a very good spot for them tonight against New Mexico.
1/21 The LVS Deflate Gate
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans discuss the New England Patriots story where reports say the team intentionally deflated the footballs in the AFC Championship Game. Do you believe it? Do you care?
1/20 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans coming off a win in last night's Play of the Day out of the Big 12 will switch to the Big 10 to take a shot at another winner.
1/20 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans give us a lesson in geography and sociology as part of the Tweet of the Night. Don't worry, they get into some of tonight's match ups as well
1/20 The LVS Money Well Spent
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans witness the Cavs get things under control as they top the Bulls in convincing fashion for Money Well Spent.
1/19 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are willing to lay five points tonight in the Big Ten because it is just so hard to face this team on the road.
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