12/17 Gridlock Manny Calls Out Floyd, Again!
Both Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather Jr. contend they should fight for the fans but we know better. However, how important is this fight to you and what are you willing to pay for it now?
12/17 Gridlock UNLV Basketball with Matt Youmans Interview
Las Vegas Review-Journal's Matt Youmans joined Gridlock with a preview of the Runnin' Rebels next five games and how it could define their season. Follow Matt on Twitter @MattYoumans247
12/17 Gridlock Joe Fortenbaugh Interview
Host of Flight 957 on 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area, Joe Fortenbaugh joined Gridlock with his usual brand of high-speed entertainment on all NFL topics such as the Dallas Cowboys and DeMarco Murray and how the NFC and AFC matchup towards the playoffs. Fo
12/16 Gridlock UNLV Guard Cody Doolin Interview
UNLV Runnin' Rebel Guard Cody Doolin joined Gridlock recapping the South Dakota experience, how Coach Dave Rice is fixing the free throw problem and why he wishes he was a four year Rebel.
12/16 Gridlock 49ers & Harbaugh Watch with Matt Maiocco Interview
CSN Bay Area and 49ers Reporter, Matt Maiocco joined Gridlock with no expectations of Jim Harbaugh returning to the Niners, could the Oakland Raiders be his next stop and has San Francisco's window closed? Follow Matt on Twitter @MaioccoCSN
12/16 Gridlock Bleacher Report's Mike Tanier Interview
BleacherReport.Com's Mike Tanier joined with an excellent analysis of Johnny Manziel's debut, the long-term plans for the Browns, and how the Steelers can ruin everyone's plans for the Super Bowl. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeTanier
12/16 Gridlock Jimmy Vaccaro Interview
Legendary Bookmaker from the Southpoint, Jimmy Vaccaro joined Gridlock with a warm story from Christmas past, New College Football Bowl contest and why the Sacramento Kings totals could rise to 270. Follow Jimmy on Twitter @JimmyVaccaro
12/15 Gridlock Same Old Chargers & Peyton's Arm
Mitch, Seat and Ed begin Gridlock with a salute to the teams that never let us down for repeating the same old mistakes, like the San Diego Chargers. In addition, it's the same old Broncos racking up wins but for how long with the limp noodle?
12/15 Gridlock Packers Lose & Other Coaching Blunders
Jordy Nelson needs Lasik surgery for dropping the out route from Rodgers and two NFL coaching blunders from both John Fox and Pete Carroll.
12/15 Gridlock Johnny Manziel and Over Reaction Guy
Mitch doesn't want to be that guy, but what you get is what you see with Johnny Manziel.
12/15 Gridlock Step Yo' Game Up
Mitch, Ed and Seat provide their weekly volatile approach to putting NFL Week 15 in perspective and Brian from Green Valley went over the top...again.
12/15 Gridlock Windows Closing on 49ers, Jim Harbaugh
Following their loss to Seattle, the San Francisco 49ers are out of playoff contention and perhaps the window has closed on the 49ers following Harbaugh's inevitable departure.
12/12 Gridlock The U Part 2 with Billy Corben Interview
Acclaimed Director of "The U" and "Cocaine Cowboys", Billy Corben joined Gridlock to discuss the premiere of "The U Part 2" following the Heisman, from the 1991 Cotton Bowl to Butch Davis and the horrendous relationship with Nevin Shapiro. Follow Billy o
12/12 Gridlock Yahoo! Pat Forde Interview
Yahoo! Sports Pat Forde joined Gridlock with an examination of UNLV's hire of Tony Sanchez, will the Playoff Committee learn from it's mistakes and explains what defines a good job in College Football. Follow Pat on Twitter @yahooforde
12/12 Gridlock NFL Agent Steve Caric Interview
NFL Agent Steve Caric joined Gridlock, an excellent In-Studio Interview, with thoughts on UNLV's hire of Tony Sanchez, describing the mindset of a student athlete, and why Marcus Mariota should go before Jameis Winston in the NFL Draft. Follow Steve onTw
12/11 Gridlock UNLV Fans Sound Off on Tony Sanchez Presser
Mitch and Seat take your calls/texts following the UNLV Football press conference to introduce Tony Sanchez as the new Head Football Coach.
12/11 Gridlock UNLV Football Tony Sanchez Press Conference
UNLV Football introduced Tony Sanchez to be the Rebels new Head Football Coach.
12/11 Gridlock Pregame.Com's RJ Bell Interview
Pregame.Com's RJ Bell joined Gridlock with a comprehensive preview of Week 15 in the NFL. Follow RJ on Twitter @RJInVegas and online Pregame.Com
12/11 Gridlock Fantasy Football Playoffs with Paul Charchian Interview
Your Fantasy Football questions are answered by the expert, Paul Charchian who joined Gridlock to explain why Johnny Manziel has the best upside for available QB's. Follow on Twitter @paulcharchian @fantasyvictory @leaguesafe
12/11 Gridlock PredictionMachine.Com's John Ewing Interview
PredictionMachine.Com's John Ewing joined Gridlock to preview Week 15 in the NFL, as well as, projections for all the College Football Bowl Matchups, including the Top 4. Follow on Twitter @predictmachine @johnewing
12/10 Gridlock Tony Sanchez Hire with Mike Pritchard Interview
UNLV Football Analyst, Mike Pritchard joined Gridlock to discuss the pro's and con's behind the hire and what UNLV needs to do to be competitive.
12/10 Gridlock Hot Stove Baseball with Mychael Urban Interview
Acclaimed Author and MLB writer in the Bay Area, Mychael Urban joined Gridlock to discuss the latest Hot Stove moves, including making sense of the Athletics, Jon Lester to the Cubs and Dodgers.
12/10 Gridlock Saints Slide with Mike Detiller Interview
Legendary College and Pro Football Analyst with WWL in New Orleans, Mike Detiller joined Gridlock with his outspoken views and beliefs on why the New Orleans Saints have been backsliding in 2014. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeDetiller and online MikeDetill
12/9 Gridlock UNLV hires Tony Sanchez with Mark Anderson Interview
Las Vegas Review-Journal's Mark Anderson joined Gridlock with the news of Bishop Gorman's Tony Sanchez will become the new Head Football Coach of UNLV.
12/9 Gridlock UNLV Cody Doolin Interview
UNLV Runnin' Rebel Senior point guard, Cody Doolin joined Gridlock to explain why it's good to have a mix in your non-conference schedule, zone vs man-to-man defense, and balancing Finals week with the Rodeo.
Cofield & Company
12/17 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
A mother gets involved in her sons' TV show, Adam nearly cries over his Bills frustration, the Chicago media has had enough of the Bears and the UNLV football staff is coming together.
12/17 Cofield & Co. Andrew Hawkins' Shirt
Steve & Adam react to some of the backlash to Andrew Hawkins shirt. The guys also visit the controversial cases Hawkins is speaking out against.
12/17 Cofield & Co. Tony Sanchez INT
Steve & Taylor sit down with UNLV Head Football Coach Tony Sanchez. Coach Sanchez expands on his growing staff, and how UNLV will set up the recruiting trail.
12/16 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Steve's "fat shaming" of others continues, there is a Bud Selig World in Milwaukee, DeMarco Murray's hand could be worse than Jerry Jones is letting on and are we really getting excited for Mayweather/Pacquiao?
12/16 Cofield & Co. Justin Watkins INT
Cofield & Co.'s Legal Insider Justin Watkins stops by. Justin breaks down the appeal from Adrian Peterson, the rules in the Aaron Hernandez trial and possible discipline for Andrew Hawkins.
12/16 Cofield & Co. Kobe The Tormentor
Adam and Steve open Tuesday with some Mamba-talk. Is Kobe being a leader, or is he just being a jerk? The guys also hear from Tim Legler and Dan LeBatard on the matter.
12/15 Cofield & Co. Who Won The Heisman?
Is the Heisman a relevant award anymore? Steve and Adam find out just how much the Heisman means to the public. Is it Mariota? Or do people just not care?
12/15 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 4
All the biggest topics of the day, an hour early. What exactly are the Kings doing at head coach? The Jets and Bills both won on Sunday, does that make the guys happy?
12/15 Cofield & Co. The Pot Calling The Kettle Fat
Steve and Adam open Monday reacting to the news that DeMarco Murray will undergo surgery. Are the Cowboys running him into the ground? Also, Chris Christie is destroyed for his "fandom"
12/12 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost has jokes, Keyshawn Johnson is the new Spraytan, Aaron Rodgers and Olvia Munn have rules about intercourse and Michigan is still looking for a new guy.
12/12 Cofield & Co. RJ Bell INT
RJ stops in on Friday to preview the upcoming weekend of NFL games. RJ also gives Adam some key tips about his future broadcasting career.
12/12 Cofield & Co. Chuck The Outlaw
Chuck Ojeda stops in to discuss the upcoming tryouts for the Las Vegas AFL team the Outlaws, and he doesn't miss an opportunity to lecture others.
12/12 Cofield & Co. Jim Livengood INT
Former UNLV AD Jim Livengood stops by the show. Jim reacts to UNLV's newest head football coach and the College Football Playoff final rankings.
12/12 Cofield & Co. Ugly Sports
Adam and Steve open Friday discussing the awful Thursday Night Football match between the Rams and the Cardinals. The talk of that ugly game leads to other ugly things, like Kobe's mouth or the whole Knicks team.
12/11 Cofield & Co. Dave Rice INT
The Rebs coach spoke about Rashad Vaughn's health, the improved play of Jordan Cornish and the big news with UNLV football.
12/11 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 4
Topics include: A morbidly obese dog, the craziness going on at the Winter Meetings, and of course UNLV's future with a new head coach.
12/11 Cofield & Co. UNLV Football's Unique New Identity
How will Tony Sanchez shape his staff? Steve and Adam break it all down, and hear from a few listeners as well.
12/11 Cofield & Co. Innovation At UNLV
Live from Todd English Pub, Steve, with the help of Adam Hill, break down some of the highlights from Tony Sanchez's introductory press conference.
12/10 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Steve and Adam break down the five stories you have to hear. Russell Wilson is a scumbag, Fresh and Easy changed their store layout and Doug Gottieb is ignorant.
12/10 Cofield & Co. Who Is Phil Brooks?
Case Keefer stops by to help the guys figure out why exactly pro wrestler CM Punk was signed by UFC. Adam feels like there might even be a much better prospect out there.
12/10 Cofield & Co. Justin Watkins INT
The sports Legal Insider stops by to help decipher the newest NFL conduct policy, as well as some other issues in the sporting world like UFC and CM Punk.
12/10 Cofield & Co. It's Official
Steve and Adam react to the news officially announcing Tony Sanchez as UNLV's next head coach. The guys take listener feedback, and also revisit Shellgate.
12/10 Cofield Co. UFC fighter Carla Esparza INT
Steve speaks with one of the stars of UFC's new 115-pound women's division. Esparza talks about the female game, rivalries and CM Punk.
12/9 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
The five biggest topics of the day. DeMarco Murray is back in the Big 5, Tony sanchez is the new UNLV head football coach and peanuts in a shell. Also, Taylor with some questionable choices before covering UNLV games.
12/9 Cofield & Co. Potpourri
A little bit of everything in the 4 o' clock hour from listener bets, and basketball challenges to UNLV basketball. You don't want to miss out on the best segment of the day.
12/9 Cofield & Co. Fantasy Bets
Cofield & Taylor revisit a earlier bet between Taylor, Chuck and JVT. Also, the value of nicknames is discussed.
12/8 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 4
Taylor and Steve visit the five biggest topics of the day. UNLV dominated St. Katherines, Jeff Fisher is a troll and the Patriots are unstoppable.
12/8 Cofield & Co. The Big XII Conundrum
The Big XII missed out on the playoffs, in large part because of their own decisions. How do they fix this mess? Steve and Taylor know how.
12/8 Cofield & Co. Reaction To The Playoffs
Taylor Bern in studio. He and Steve react to the first edition of the College Football Playoff bracket. Ohio State is in, and both of the guys agree: it makes no sense.
12/5 Cofield & Co. Big 5 At 5
Taylor Bern joins in to help Adam and Steve break down the five biggest topics of the day. The end of the ECU game was a disaster, Cranberry Sprite is terrible and much more.
12/5 Cofield & Co. RJ Bell INT
RJ joins the conversation as he always does on Fridays, and helps Adam and Steve examine some of the big games of the weekend in college and pro.
12/5 Cofield & Co. Don't Drop The Ball
Steve and Adam are out on the road for the Rebels game against St. Katherine. Th guys open the show with some quick baseball talk, and Carlos Boozer makes an appearance.
12/4 Cofield & Co. Dave Rice INT
Dave Rice joins Steve, and discusses the Rebels' loss to the Sun Devils, updates you on Rashad and Jelan's injuries and the Rebels defensive shortcomings.
12/4 Cofield & Co. Chris Maathuis INT
Chris Maathuis, from Channel 8, joins the show. Maathuis reported that Tony Sanchez is indeed the next coach. Is there truth behind it?
12/4 Cofield & Co. Reaction To ASU/UNLV
Steve, with the help of JVT, reacts to the Rebels 77-55 drubbing at the hands of the Sun Devils. The terrible defense at the three point line and the lack of production from Chris Wood.
12/3 Cofield & Co. University of Transfers
Adam & Steve, live from Born and Raised, react to the latest news that guard Kendall Smith will transfer from the program. Is this on Coach Rice or other reasons?
12/3 Cofield & Co. Brendan Schaub INT
The heavyweight fighter and emerging media star talks about his matchup with No. 3 Travis Browne, his podcast and his pals from his days at Colorado football.
12/3 Cofield & Co. Gilbert Melendez INT
Before he challenges for the UFC title, the No. 1 contender at 155 pounds joined Cofield to talk about his experience on the big stage and always being involved in title fights.
12/2 Cofield & Co. Johny Hendricks INT Part 1
The UFC welterweight champ talks about his recovery from a biceps tear, his time off and managing ruckus in the Octagon.
12/2 Cofield & Co. Johny Hendricks INT Part 2
The UFC champ talks more about staying level headed, his trademark beard and traveling around the sports world in 2014.
12/2 Cofield & Co. Troy Atkinson INT
Cofield & Co.'s legal insider Troy Atkinson stops by, and helps break down some great legal issues. A lady involved in a hit-and-run here in the Valley doesn't turn herself in, and Darnell Dockett is tweeting while serving jury duty.
12/2 Cofield & Co. Jon Saccenti INT
Jon Saccenti joins the show, and the guys get to talking some college football. The College Football Playoff Rankings are released as well, and FSU dropping is something Jon disagrees with.
12/2 Cofield & Co. Brew Crew INT
Ray Brewer from the Las Vegas Sun stops in, and he and Steve discuss the rumors around Tony Sanchez coming to UNLV. Plus, Ray makes a beautiful pitch for UNLV football.
12/1 Cofield & Co. The Big 5 at 4
Steve Cofield, Taylor Bern, and Adam Hill break down the five biggest stories of the day in the Big 5 at 5. MWC commissioner showing a bit too much love to Boise State while Ray and Janay Rice finally speak out about their challenges returning Ray to theN
12/1 Cofield & Co. The next step in UNLV football
Steve Cofield, Taylor Bern, and Adam Hill hear from Las Vegas on what they will expect out of the future of the UNLV program and what changes need to be made to turn around the future of this program.
12/1 Cofield & Co. Bye bye Bobby
Steve Cofield, Taylor Bern, and Adam Hill cover a jam packed Thanksgiving sports weekend capped off by the resignation of Bobby Hauck as the head coach at UNLV Football.
11/26 Cofield & Co. The Big 5 t 5
Steve Cofield and Taylor Bern break down the five biggest stories of the day in the Big 5 at 5. Topics include: Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin stick it to Goodell through theater and Santa gets a bit farty around this time of year.
11/26 Cofield & Co. RJ Bell INT
Steve Cofield and Taylor Bern welcome RJ Bell from a little early this week to cover Thanksgiving NFL right into the NFL Weekend.
11/26 Cofield & Co. Ray Brewer INT
Steve Cofield and Taylor Bern welcome back Ray Brewer from the Las Vegas Sun to give us some context on the UNLV/Reno rivalry as well as some predictions on who will be the Rebel football coach next year.
11/20 Cofield & Co. RJ Bell INT
RJ joins in a day early as well, and he helps Cofield guess Cowherd's Blazing 5 before breaking down Thursday Night Football and more.
The Las Vegas Sportsline
12/17 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are going with home cookin' tonight as the Runnin' Rebels return to the Thomas and Mack for the Play of the Day. Check out which side they are on.
12/17 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans point out why is might be a little far fetch to say on Twitter that Michael Jordan was "10 times" better than Kobe.
12/17 The LVS Shot of the Night bleeds into Bad Beat
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans discuss how rough it can be when the Shot of the Night is the one goal that makes them lose yesterday's Play of the Day.
12/16 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans are gonna make up for the totals bet last night on Monday Night Football with a shot at the moneyline in an NHL match up.
12/16 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans check out the world of twitter and hear from Manny Pacquiao who says that Floyd Mayweather fights are enough to put fans to sleep.
12/16 The LVS Money Well Spent
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans have Jay Cutler to thank for being on the opposite side of Money Well Spent.
12/15 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans stick with Monday Night match up for the Play of the Day, but these guys are not taking a side.
12/15 The LVS Sportsline Clown of the Weekend
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vaccaro can't stop talking about Johnny Football who was the undisputed Clown of the Weekend.
12/15 The LVS Money Well Spent
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vaccaro from the South Point have to call out Johnny Manziel who was on the wrong side of Money Well Spent this week.
12/12 The LVS Two Plays of the Weekend
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans spoil you into the weekend by giving out a second play of the weekend. One tonight and another tomorrow, both in College Basketball.
12/12 The LVS Tweet of the Night & Bruce Marshall INT
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans call on our own Clay Baker for the Tweet of the Night and Bruce Marshall comes on to catch us up on the College Basketball slate.
12/12 The LVS Shot of the Night and Aaron Kessler INT
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans show a little love to James Harden who helped send the Rockets to overtime in today's Shot of the Night.
12/11 The LVS Jim Feist INT Plus...
Brian Blessing didn't quite come through with yesterday's Play of the Day, but the Las Vegas Sportsline is all about redemption so Dave and Matt are coming back with today's pick out of College Basketball.
12/11 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vaccaro head into the world of Twitter while covering some upcoming College Basketball and NBA.
12/11 The LVS Shot of the Night and 4th Down Territory
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans welcome back Jimmy Vaccaro from the South Point to get back to some 4th down territory.
12/10 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin calls on Brian Blessing from 920 The Game to give us the Play of the Day in the NBA to make up for yesterday's Push.
12/10 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Brian Blessing use the Tweet of the Night to discuss what a great venue Las Vegas would be for an NHL franchise.
12/10 The LVS with Brian Blessing
Dave Cokin welcomes in friend of the show Brian Blessing to fill in for Matt Youman and the guys talk some College Basketball with Nick Bogdanovich from William Hill.
12/9 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans decided to lay the points in the NBA with a team that they haven't played yet this season in the Play of the Day.
12/9 The LVS Tweet of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans read a text from Charles Woodson who would rather see Jim Harbaugh at U of M rather than in Oakland.
12/9 The LVS New Segment: Shot of the Night
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans introduce our new segment which was made easy with a buzzer beating three pointer by Blake Griffin.
12/8 The LVS Play of the Day
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans have some faith in an underdog tonight and will take the points for the Play of the Day.
12/8 The LVS Much awaited Clown of the Weekend
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vaccaro make one of the Clown of the Weekend finalists a quarterback that last year looked like he was going to revolutionize the position.
12/8 The LVS Money Well Spent in the Big 10
Dave Cokin, Matt Youmans, and Jimmy Vaccaro discuss the final four teams selected to the College Football playoff, one of them being a great bet for Money Well Spent.
12/5 The LVS Tweet of the night and more picks
Dave Cokin and Matt Youmans hear from Dez Bryant on twitter and he's just as fired on the interweb as he is on the sideline.
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